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Work experience

Oct 2008Apr 2009

Business Development

Gatan Inc.

Business/Product development in totally new market segment.  Automated microscopy for High Content Analysis

Aug 2005Oct 2008


Gatan Inc.

Led Company to gowth in revenues and profits well above industry average.

Grew revenues at more than 25% per year from 2005-2008 while maintaining operating profits above 25%.

Jun 2004Sep 2008



Manufacturer of entry level scientific grade digital CCD cameras for life science microscopy




Managed the creation of new software applications and a team of more than 25 engineers focused on customer systems solutions.

Jul 2003Sep 2005


Designer and manufacturer of high-end digital CCD cameras for life science microscopy marketGrew company into new product market applications.

In this position I was charged with redefining the focus of the  Company from a supplier of high end digital cameras only, to one providing solutions for specific custmer applications including imagers, microscope hardware and software.


VP Sales and Marketing and Customer Support


International sales and marketing manager, distribution/sales channel manager




Michigan State University


Monmouth College


Tom Balutis

Tom and I worked together at Gatan where I was President and he was CFO.

“I have known Tom for eight years as both a colleague and when he was my direct supervisor. As a colleague, I was deeply inspired by his drive, determination and knowledge of how to build a business. I observed him and worked shoulder-to-shoulder as he made a number of personal sacrifices towards achieving this cause. Yes, we did achieve a goal of tripling the size of our company within this time, while actually enhancing the profitablilty. Tom was not only an excellent business partner, but was, and still is, a good friend. He is known for his ability to find ways to relate to everyone in his organization, regardless what their position or rank is. He makes everyone feel as though they have an important role to play. I've also known Tom as my direct supervisor. When he made this transition, there was absolutely nothing lost in the realtionship. I would be more than happy to provide additional details of the times I have enjoyed with Tom.” January 16, 2009

Sander Gubbens

Sander was VP of Engineering for 2 years while I was President of Gatan, Inc.

“I have known Tom since he joined Gatan in 1995 as Director of Sales and Service NFTA and Asia. Gatan by that time was long from a start-up but struggling to transition itself to a clearly organized, well run company. Tom immediately impressed me with his vision, enthusiasm, unrelenting drive, and his ability to reach out to others and build strong relationships. I left Gatan in 1997 lured away by the then booming semiconductor capital equipment industry. Tom kept his nose to the grindstone, steadily took on more responsibility and by 2005 had climbed to the CEO position. When I returned in 2006 as VP of Engineering, Gatan's revenues had grown multifold and Gatan had become a well organized, professionally run organization. I am convinced this was directly due to Tom's strong focus and leadership across the company's disciplines. Today Gatan is the undisputed market leader in all of its product lines and its financial performance is easily among the very best of its peers, in fact among all companies. Tom is a great colleague and boss and I have always enjoyed working with him. I am glad to team up with him again in both current and future opportunities.” February 3, 2009

Gene Yazbak

I can enthusiastically recommend Tom Connelly. I first met Tom in 1999 when he addressed a Roper Industries Presidents meeting. At the time, he was the V.P. of Sales and Marketing for Gatan. I was most impressed with his thorough understanding of his markets, products and customers and his ease in speaking about them authoritatively. It was immediately evident to me why he had had such great success growing The Company's revenues and profits: he combined readily apparent technical expertise with very strong business and interpersonal skills and the result was that it was easy for customers to recognize why Gatan products were worth premium prices. His success required him to negotiate a delicate balance as he created demand for his products amongst the end-user community while holding prices through difficult negotiations with his OEM customers: diplomacy and listening skills were the essential ingredients for his long-term success. It was very evident to me that Tom would make a great President for Gatan. Sure enough, before long he was doing a great job in that position as he did subsequently leading Photomterics and QImaging. Along the way, Tom always went out of his way to give credit where credit was due. He built and led some great teams and was always proud to be the first to recognize their good work. Sincerely, Gene Yazbak October 22, 2009Gene Yazbak (President - Infrared Optics at II-VI Incorporated) worked with Thomas at Gatan Inc..

Michael Felsmann

I hired Michael and trained him first as Area Manager Asia-Pacific and subsequently as the Managing Director of Gatan's German office and as Operations Manager for Europe.

“Tom hired me in 1997 as Asia Pacific Area Manager for Gatan, responsible for growing the business in APR. From the very beginning I was impressed by his commitment to the job, his outstanding work ethic and his interpersonal skills. Tom is a person who thinks about the big picture and creates visions, based on his own ideas and discussions with colleagues. With outstanding support from Tom in every aspect, both technical and commercial, we were able to grow the business by more than 50% after a bit more than 1 year in times of economic downturn in Asia. In the years after, APR growth continued because Tom supported and participated extensively in my efforts to find the right local people and guide them towards further expansion of the regional business. Tom’s interpersonal skills are exceptional. He is able to motivate and guide people towards a common goal, because he is not only convincing but also appreciates everybody’s individual efforts as part of the team working to reach a common goal. This management style made him one, if not the most respected person in the company and all employees loved to work for him. Next to his interpersonal and leadership skills Tom has a great detailed technical understanding of our products and is able to translate complex technical issues into a clear language and to bring issues to the point. I also learned a lot from Tom’s commercial and negotiation skills: He is able to point out the features / benefits of a product in a very convincing way. He knows the competitors and how to fight them. In tough price negotiations he always found a way to make it a win-win situation for both sides. Tom’s wide application knowledge help him to understand customer needs. With an outstanding work ethic Tom also has a total commitment to finish a job. This commitment and emphasis on closure are important for a business leader and Tom focuses on successful execution of tasks. Tom is a very positive thinking person and his positive attitude coupled with his ability to offer solutions to problems has helped the company through very difficult business situations. It was always a great pleasure to work for and with Tom and I value him as a colleague and a good friend. The 6 years I worked together under/ with Tom was definitely the most enjoyable time of my business career and the time where I learned and developed most under his guidance, in my business career. Tom was an outstanding asset for our company and a major part of our company growth in the last years is based on Tom’s efforts. Every future company, Tom will be working for must be congratulated because the combination of his interpersonal, leadership, commercial and technical skills and his loyalty makes him an exceptional asset.” January 28, 2009


Obtain a challenging position in general management or in Sales/Marketing management preferably with a privately held company with revenues >$15-20MM/yr


Fly fishing.


Sales and Marketing ManagementGeneral (P&L) ManagementI'm interested in finding an opportunity with an early to mid-stage startup as a General Manager or Business Development manager. Also have strengths in Sales/Channel management, Marketing and customer Support.