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Work experience

Jan 2010Present

ED Receptionist/Dietary Aide

Hancock County Memorial Hospital

As PRN Dietary Aide I mainly do the dishes and set up the drinks and desserts/salads for the patients.  I have also been helping the Dietary Manager with some of her data entry. 

The ED Receptionist includes admitting patients, either in the ER or if they are admitted to the floor, escorting patients or guests, answering phone calls and being available to the nurses. 

I have also helped out the Diabetic Educator on promoting our Prevention of Diabetes Program that the hospital offers. 

Helped Medical Records with scanning of documents into Electronic Health Records.    

Sep 2009Apr 2010


Britt Food Center

I was working Part-time at the local grocery store.  I have previously worked there, and was welcomed back by several of the customer, employees and managers.  I enjoy working with people and the grocery store has given me many opportunities to visit with people from the community and surrounding communities.

Dec 2003Jun 2009

Production Line


Have done a few different jobs on the production line.  I have been chosen for these areas due to my organizaion, attention to detail and attendance.  I am currently laid off as of June 11, 2009, due to lack of work/reaction to harsh chemicals which has disappeared due to not being in that environment.  This has given me more time for my medical coding studies. 

Oct 2003Dec 2003

Monson and Sons Trucking

Worked Customer Service, payroll, and dispatching. 

Jul 1992Oct 2003

Quality Auditor

Suntron Corp.

Checked the quality of circuit boards for numerous companies that we built for.  Made blueprint maps of the circuit boards.  Have held other numerous jobs there also, due to the quality and organization skills I exceed in.

May 1992Jul 1992

Customer Service

Britt News Tribune

Typed articles, answered phones, proofread. 

Jul 1988Jul 1991


Wilsons Super Valu

General grocery store duties.  This was my High School job. 


Jan 2009Present

Medical Coding Certificate

Kaplan University-Online

I currently finished taking the Online Medical Coding Certificate classes. I am preparing myself to take the CCA Exam for Certification in Medical Coding.

Aug 1991May 1992

Clerical/Word Processing Diploma


West Hancock High School


Data Entry
I love to do Data Entry.  At my Dietary Job at Hancock County Memorial Hospital, I am entering data from the Dietary Area.  I have also been designated to enter data for some of the Special Projects area of Dietary, which relieves the previous person doing this, as she has taken on another position,which requires more duties on her part.  Have been asked if I would like to do more in this Data Entry Field at HCMH.  Of course I would love to. 
I do lots of computer work for our home business and bills.  I am always learning new things and willing to learn new things with the computer. I know Word, Excel and Spreadsheets.  I have set up several Spreadsheets for our own home use. I am always trying to organize things to make them more feasible and easier to remember.  I really enjoy the office feeling.  For the last few years, I have been taking care of my elderly mother, which entitles me to prepare her for medical appointments, medication, and general duties that she is not capable of doing.  I have learned alot in the hospital setting in those few years.  The docotors and nurses appreciate me, when it comes to giving them her information, which includes printable medication list, Blood pressure log and diabetic log.  This is why I have chosen the Medical Coding Field. 


I am excited to want to work in a hospital or clinic setting.  I have learned alot over the past few years and would like to continue in this setting.

I am currently looking for a job that is in the hospital setting but would like to succeed in the Medical Coding area.  I enjoy talking to people and have really gotten a liking of the elderly after taking care of my mother and her illnesses.

I want to be able to work with the peers I am coding for and get to know them on a personal basis. 


Jackie Eckels

Jackie, the Assistant Manager, trained me in the position I hold at the grocery store.  I worked there a couple years ago and due to my full time job I was not able to fulfill the part-time job.  I have again, recently gotten rehired there on a part-time basis, mainly evenings and weekends.  There was very little retraining involved, which only included the "new" computer system. 

Dean or Christine Higgins

I have helped Dean and Chris when needed for their walleye fishing tournament trail.  They usually can rely on me to help out at the last minute and quickly learn what it is that they need me to do.

Laurie Burgardt

Laurie has been a wonderful Insurance Agent for my family and my mother.  Her and I work well together when it comes to trying to find out what is best for insurance needs.  She has seen what I have done for my mother and she has recommended me to be on the West Hancock Ambulance Crew, whom she has been a volunteer for the last 15+ years.  She has helped me iin making the decision to go into the medical coding profession, by knowing that I can succeed in it.