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Work experience

May 1998Present

Collections Officer

Wright County Human Services

I have worked for Wright County Human Services for 21+ years and have held the title of Collections Officer for the past 13 years.


Jan 2009Present

Business Management AAS

North Hennepin Community College

Two year Associate of Applied Science in Business Management was chosen to increase knowledge and skill to be applied to my current position.


Section 1:

NHCC Web Tools Portfolio Project to show three web tools and their uses.

Facebook: Facebook is a social networking site that almost everyone is familiar with.  Facebook allows you to keep in touch with family, friends, or a business that you are interested in.  You can place as much, or as little, information about yourself or your business online for others to see.  This site takes some getting used, but overall is very easy to use.  Facebook is a useful tool because it is very well known to many people, family and friends can keep in touch, and probably most importantly a business can use it for free advertising to get their name and product out to many people at once.  A disadvantage of Facebook is you are only allowed to create one account within Facebook; this mean if you have a personal page you cannot also have a business page, but every page must be controlled under your personal account.  The advantage to a social networking site is knowing what to put on it.  As a business, you can promote your name and what you do for everyone to see.  As a person, you can add pictures and stories so friends and family can keep up in one location.  Privacy is an issue for some and tweens and teens must be monitored to be sure of adequate safety is in place.  I feel the advantage of using Facebook for business far outreaches uses of a personal nature.  Facebook has an extensive help feature to get you through most features of this tool.

Google Docs:  This is a Google tool that allows you to upload documents to a public viewing location to allow access for personal use from multiple computers, allows access from others that may need to collaborate on a project, or simply used as a back up storage solution for anyone who has internet access.  You can control access by only allowing specific people access to each document or marking a document private for personal use.  This is a very easy tool to use and Google has very good instructions to help you on your initial trial of this tool.  This tool is useful because it is a timesaving tool because document management is much easier when there is only one document being updated either by one person or multiple people.  It is a convenience tool for people with multiple work sites, creates efficiency for group collaboration such as students or a project team, it is an easy location for family members to plan a family reunion where everyone has access to one document, it reduces email overload because documents no longer are emailed between people, or it can be used as a document generation tool for those that may not have access to a word processing package.  Google documents allows folders to be created so documents can be organized how you want them.  This tool gives me an advantage because it is an alternative to the usual way people do business.  I am more efficient and I can help others to be more efficient because of knowledge of outside resources.

Here is a link to a video showing the ease of use for Google Docs.

Picasa 3 from Google:  Picasa 3 is a Google tool for your photos.  This is a download software program that displays photos already on your computer.  Your original photos are preserved.  There are so many things you can do with Picasa 3 including simple editing, make a collage, add captions and tags, map your photos (called geotag using Google Maps), upload your photos to an online album or to blogger, and make a YouTube video.  You are allowed 1 GB of free space for uploaded photos to the web for sharing with others.  As with other Google apps, the help section is great.  This program is very easy to use.  Storage of pictures on your computer and sharing is becoming easier all the time.  To be able to edit and do so many fun things with your photos will place this tool high on many people's useful programs.  Not only is this tool useful for personal photo collections, but many companies would be able to use this program to share photos with their employees for events and happenings of their people.  If you need extensive help for your photos or you believe yourself to be a professional, this program may not have enough features for you.  However, for the average person this program ease of use makes it really fun to have fun with your photos.  The advantage of being able to use this tool is adding photos to your personal blog, your family album, or your company page.  This allows you to showcase family fun or business photos showing your best work.

Here is a link to a video showing the multiple uses of Picasa 3.

Section 2:

NHCC Web Tools portfolio project to include two ideas on building my web tools portfolio for the future.

In the future I would like to explore ideas for web tools that may include website design, logo creation, and e-commerce sites.  Another possibility is exploring YouTube and making a video to add to a website.  These tools would enhance a possible business interest I have in opening a doggie daycare, kennel, grooming, and treats venture.  Even though my dream business is an actual site built business, it will be enhanced by using websites for promotion and sales.  Some sites that I have reviewed are,, and  As a business owner, another option to explore is the hiring of employees using the internet.  It is a personal advantage to know how to use these tools prior to starting a business venture.  There is enough "learning the hard way" when opening a business that any additional knowledge obtained beforehand is money in the bank.

A second idea of building my portfolio for the future is sometimes you need to have fun.  During class I researched tools such as for ideas on cooking for my family and which is a travel site for reviewing places to visit.  Some other ideas for leisure are for music playing enjoyment and thoroughly testing out picasa3 for having fun with my personal pictures.  Prior to taking this class, I really did not think to use any of these sites as tools to make my life easier, more fun, or to enhance a business.  My advantage is having the ability to search out what is needed to do the job, whether it be for work or for enjoyment.