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Work experience

Apr 2009Present

Internet Strategy Consultant

Kellogg Web Strategy

Kellogg Web Strategy provides website design and development services to businesses and organizations. The company's current staff is myself and 2 developers who I supervise and project manage. We use Adobe CS4 programs, the Drupal Content Management System, LAMP configuration for development, and Subversion for version management. My roles are sales, user experience, website design, project management. I meet with clients, analyze the business/organizational goals, determine project scope, define requirements and specifications, and document these for the project team. I design the look and feel and begin the development process, then hand-off to my Drupal PHP developers for further development. Currently, our clients include DeVoe Automotive Group, Pavese Law Firm, IndieFilm3D, Citizen's Crime Watch, Possibilities Unlimited and Ceramic League of Miami.

Jul 2009Present

Website Administrator

DeVoe Automotive Group

DeVoe Automotive Group has over 10 websites with a variety of needs and production schedules. I develop and update the content and manage the Internet marketing effort, utilizing design, email marketing, HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash/Actionscript and graphics programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver CS4, Photoshop CS4 and Fireworks CS4. I use Reynolds & Reynolds Contact Relationship Management and Dealer Management Systems, Autoexact, Cobalt Content Management System, CMS and other backend information systems integrated in the website process.

Apr 2010Present

Technology Instructor

Skyline College

At Skyline College, I currently teach any of the following classes: Programming Logic and Design, Scripting, Computer Database Applications, Computer Applications, Operating Systems, College Orientation, Freshman Orientation. As part of these courses, I teach students about programming workflows, logic, database theory and application, MS Office, MS Visio and Access, Windows XP and 7, and the command line.

Sep 2009May 2010

Adjunct Instructor

Hodges University

Hodges University is a premier private university in the State of Florida. As an adjunct instructor at Hodges University, I tought CAP1000 Computer Applications, Introduction to Web Design, and Graphic Communications and Introduction to Mac. I have instructed on the principles of graphic design and its rich history, and have taught Adobe CS4 graphics programs and HTML handcoding using Dreamweaver CS4. The Computer Applications class  introduces students to the Microsoft Office 2007 suite, including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Access and instructs them in the fundamental skills required in each application.

Sep 20062009

Internet Strategy Consultant


Website strategic analysis and brand development, web site lead generation, user experience, information architecture and analytics analysis. Defining goals and planning methods to meet them through website user interface design, development and marketing. We use Adobe CS4 programs, the Drupal Content Management System, LAMP configuration for development, and Subversion for version management. My roles were sales, user experience, website design, project management. I lead meetings  with clients, analyzed the business/organizational goals and strategies, assessed the competition, determined project scope, defined requirements and specifications, and documented these for the project team. On many sites, I worked closely with the client to design the user experience and then handed-off this approved deliverable to developers for development.




Graphic design and website design firm. Worked on projects including print advertisements, brochures, publication design, websites, ad banners, CD/DVD labels, other product packaging. Clients included: SmartSound Software, CNN Imagesource, Rimax USA, First Choice Pet Products, Digital Cinema Report, Jacaranda, among others.


Art Director

Phillips Business Information/Knowledge Industry Publications

Publication design of special advertising sections and custom publishing magazines for Film&Video and AVVideo Multimedia Producer.


Art Director

Clarion Marketing

Art Director. Design of catalogs, brochures, displays, premium items and coupons for consumer products. Clients included Uncle Ben’s, Cadbury Beverages, Proctor and Gamble, Kraft, and McNeil, among others.




Boston University

A strong concentration in art history, social sciences and communications.


Nick Dager

Nick is also a client, and has been a website client since 2002. I managed and created the initial website design for and also the most recent website redevelopment of the same site. His most recent venture,, is also one of my websites.

Neil Giarratana

Neil is president of Lucidus, the company at which I was most recently employed as an Internet Strategy Consultant. I reported directly to him. I also reported to another manager, Rich Hahn, who you may also contact.

"For the past three years, there are exactly two pages that are the top two pages on the site. They are two blog posts you about inserting an image and one about taking a screenshot on windows. Really great stuff... just google 'easiest way to create image from print screen'." - May 4, 2011Neil Giarratana, CEO, Lucidus

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Google Analytics Individual Qualification (IQ)


LinkedIn References

“I worked with Danielle at Lucidus from 2006-2008. Druing that time, Danielle wore many different hats for Lucidus because of her great analytical and strategic thinking skills. Along with that she is a person of outstanding integrity and trustworthiness. Her honesty and dedication make her a great asset to any team.” May 27, 2009 Matt Goodwin, Client Services Manager, Lucidus

“Danielle is an asset to any company that needs an intelligent, hard working and knowledgeable professional in the internet or marketing industry. Her attention to detail and experience in design, marketing, SEO and a good ear for listening to what the client wants exceeds all others. I have known and worked with Danielle for over 6+ years and I could not ask for a better friend, mentor and peer.” May 25, 2009 Chaz Chumley, Senior Application Developer, Lucidus Corporation

“Danielle is the consummate professional. As an Internet Strategist, Danielle delivered high quality assessments of client websites that were insightful and well researched and developed recommendations that improved the client’s internet presence. As a web applications tester, she has consistently delivered thorough reviews and detailed items that needed resolution for the Drupal and ColdFusion based websites Lucidus produced. She worked very well with the team and garnered respect from the developers with her knowledge and preparedness. She was asked to assume several additional roles at Lucidus and had accepted each role with a tremendously positive attitude and enthusiasm. Never one to sit idly by, Danielle is quick to offer suggestions for operational improvements in a professional and collaborative manner. I would highly recommend Danielle to any organization looking to improve their online presence and would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with Danielle again.” May 25, 2009 Richard Hahn, Vice President Operations, Lucidus Corporation managed Danielle at Lucidus

“Danielle is extremely detail oriented with the needs, desires, and wants of the customer always at the forefront of her mind. Nobody is a better client advocate than Danielle. Danielle brings with her an impressive arsenal of web development, web design, training, and testing skills that are more than a huge asset for any team. Danielle is slow to anger, fun loving, and easy to work with. Danielle possesses a diversity which makes her ready for any work from client pitches to web productoin.” April 10, 2009 Devon Hubner, Systems Administrator, Lucidus Corporation

“I know Danielle since a few years as a very competent, helpful and exceptional friendly contact from an internet discussion forum about web related issues. Whenever I have seen work done by her, I was impressed! Not even the design was always outstanding, also the used techniques were always adequat and up2date. Michael” January 6, 2008 Michael Lohmar, System Analyst, BASF IT Services was with another company when working with Danielle at Lucidus Corporation

“I have worked as a photographer with Danielle Mickey as graphic designer on numerous projects over a period of years. Danielle is a true professional, and really “knows her stuff”. Her sense of design is head-and-shoulders above most in her field. There is no substitute for the kind of expertise shown by Danielle: a wonderful combination of raw talent combined with years of experience in her field. Danielle’s splendid graphic design capabilities, now combined with her exceptional computer skills and web knowledge, make her exceptionally qualified for her present position. I recommend Danielle wbolehartedly.” March 6, 2008 Sandy Levy, Owner, Visual Impact Photography & Virtual Tours


To create success for a company as a business analyst or information architect, using my experience in project management to keep it all running smoothly.


  • Project Management Software: MS Project, Google spreadsheets, TeamworkPM, OmniGraffle, Basecamp, Protoshare, Harvest, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio. Can manage projects utilizing multiple technologies: CRM, ERP, Business Process Management, Issue management, portals.
  • Requirements/Specifications Gathering: Conducted needs assessment, gathered specifications, determined project scope, defined use cases/user stories, wireframes, flowcharts, user profiles. Defined quality attributes, interfaces, constraints, system and technical requirements, and other nonfunctional requirements. Lead requirements analysis and verification. Ensured requirements are comprehensive, feasible, documented, unambiguous, and verifiable. Have a passion for quality and high standards.
  • Management: Managed a distributed, cross-functional team on multiple projects simultaneously throughout the software development life cycle.Can manage issues, risk, scope, resources and assets. Have managed stakeholder expectations and the flow of communications relating to the project with team through production. Managed production schedules, projections, specifications, and budgets.
  • Project Planning: Planned, budgeted and managed data and site migrations. Managed the needs of both client and internal staff or contractors. Can manage integrated and interdependent project plans. Created RFQs, RFPs, SLAs.
  • Documentation: From planning to development to launch. Ensure follow-through of others on all tasks. Able to  make, find and use: agendas, reports, plans, estimates, change logs, resource requests, kick-off packages, art specs, release forms.
  • Scheduling: Coordinated day-to-day workflow and overall timeline to meet scheduled scope, budget.Budgeting/Earned Value: Managed actuals to estimates on projects and controlled variances.
  • Problem Solving: Troubleshoot issues on projects and remove roadblocks, seeking to identify issues early.
  • Leadership: Lead and facilitated teams to determine project scope, through implementation of project strategy, determining tasks, priority, architecture.
  • Programming: XHTML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Perl, PHP, SQL.
  • Content Management: Joomla, Drupal, Cobalt, Wordpress. Themeing, programming and administration.
  • Database: Design, theory and SQL.
  • Software: MS Office. Adobe CS4: Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Acrobat. Komodo Edit, Notepad++, TextWrangler, Jing, iShowU, Skype, DimDim, Acrobat Connect.

About Me

I am a Technical Project Manager and User Experience Architect. I am very experienced in technology, information architecture, user experience and programming and exploring the manner in which information systems must integrate with the objectives of a business.


  • Continuing learning in human computer interaction, information visualization and user experience
  • Study of UX through forums, blogs and books, including Alan Cooper, Whitney Hess, Jesse James Garrett, Kristina Halvorson, Dan Brown, Nathan Curtis and Robert Hoekman 
  • Acquiring PMP project management certification