Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2009 - Present

Test Team Lead - Team 2

Highrise Consulting Inc

Team lead for test Team 2 on an NIH government contract.

Testing Extramural Grants management systems through all cycles of SDLC

Further down the line will work on setting up the Automation Harness using HP's Quick Test Professional.

Oct 2008 - Apr 2009

QA Engineer

Worked as a Test Engineer with Visual CV. Involved with Ruby on Rails code testing, web-app testing, and automation via Watir.

Apr 2008 - Dec 2008

Senior QA Engineer / Business Analyst

Preventive Medicine

A medical IT startup company that specialzes in an interactive online application that helps Insurance providers aid their covered customers in preventing terminal illnesses. My duties were that of a QA Engineer / Business analyst, I was first involved in gathering requirements and augmenting them for use case purpouses. I then created use cases within our wiki environment, afterwhich I created intricate flow diagrams which would later be exported as xml files and parsed into Lisp backend loigc code. From there my QA duties would take over and I wrote test plans, test cases, and testing requirements. My QA Lead and I have built the QA environment from the ground up. I was responsible for the performance / load testing tool Tsung (on our Unix server image Open-source), installing and configuring the GUI for Tsung on the Linux server image, and also all of the automation duties dealing with Quick Test Professional. I also installed and administered our bug tracking and test case management tool Spiratest as well as tied it into the Jira development tracking environment. My area of concentration lately has been ramping up on Quick Test Professional and building a few data driven regression suites for the company.

I'll miss everyone at Preventive Medicine, it was a great team of very talented and dedicated IT professionals.

Aug 2007 - Apr 2008

QA Engineer

Prematics Inc

Prematics is a medical IT stratup that deals with electronic prescription software for doctors to avoid serious health risks of drug interaction, as well as to shorten the time it takes for the doctor to write perscription with more accuracy and cleanliness. My duties consisted of testing both the Hanheld (PDA) as well as the online portal version of the application. We extensively tested different types of drugs, medical rules, and interactions. I was also in charge of scoping out the automation for the portal application as well as creating the regression suite. I helped the company purchase Compuwares Test Partner and trained the QA engineers on my team on how to use the tool for automation. Prior to that my team and I were also invoved in automation the handheld version of the application using a tool called Countdown. Some other duties also involved upkeeping and administering the company wide ticketing and bug tracking system Trac (Open-source)

Aug 2006 - Jul 2007

QA Engineer

Coram Inc

A medical home infusion services company with a wide range of IT solutions for those particular services. Helped with the in-house product testing by writting test plans, and requirements tracibility matrices. Automated a wide variety of proucts from the Corporate site to infusion specialty IT products. Headed the team in testing a nationwide Label printer changeout by following the full SDLC of the new requirements. Certified in Saleslogix CRM development and administration. Helped with the company roll out of the CRM through use of Citrix. Trained all the existing account managers on use of the SalesLogix CRM. Built in new functionality into the CRM using Visual Studio with VB.Net being the language of choice. All in all it was a very great experience working for Coram.


Jan 2006 - Present


Art Institute of Washington

Studied a range of art mediums from traditional painting, sketching, and typography to 3D animation, non-linear editing, image manipulation, and web development. Area of expertise was study of 3D packages like Autodesk 3DSmax, compositing tools like Adobe After Effects, and Non-Linear editing with Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premier Pro. Also learned some Flash for web develpment and 2D animation.

Jan 2003 - Dec 2006


Studied all areas of Computer science from basics of Perl scripting, Visual Basic, C++, VB.Net to more advanced levels of the same languages. Also some studies in HTML, CSS, DHTML, and SQL. Picked up some basic database creation and manipulation knowledge.



Bug Tracking Administration

Have experience setting up and adminestering the following bug tracking packages: HP Quality Center, Confluence Jira, Bugzilla, Trac, Inflectra Spiratest.

Regression Automation

Well versed with various market leading tools for QA automation. Among them being HP Quick Test Pro, WinRunner, Compuware Test Partner and QA Center, Selenium, Test Complete, Eggplant, RIA Test; and some exposure to Rational Robot and Borland Silk.    



SalesLogix CRM Administrator / Developer


Compuware Test Partner / QA Center