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Daron Mitchell

Responsibly driven, fueled by ambition.

Self Summary

A humanitarian, and a go-getter with the passion for healing through art. My goal is to build a solid foundation of life molded by both trial & error, while instilling the values of decency, and progression with the accumulation of infinite knowledge presented. At the age of 27, I have been presented with numerous opportunities to experience what it takes to achieve that goal, and I've also worked various places around the country in means of support on the journey. In most cases, failure isn't much of an option, and dedication provides the necessary tools to deconstruct any barrier that may block the path being traveled. With a "never say die" attitude, seasoned with a bright & glowing personality, what some may call supreme optimism is just the image of success in one's own heart and mind.

Work experience

Jan 2016Feb 2017

Package Handler

FedEx Grounds

Main job description: TRAILER LOADER

Jul 2013Nov 2014

Site Manager

Express Freight Handlers, Inc

Main job description: LUMPER

Other duties include:

  • Data Entry -
    • Log purchase orders into Microsoft Excel on a daily basis
Sep 2011Dec 2012


Yellow Brick Pizza

Main job description: COOK

Other duties include:

  • Server - 
    • Occasionally the front of house will get too busy and need extra food runners from the kitchen.
  • Dishwasher
    • With a small staff and a full dining room, keeping up with dishes is VERY important.
  • Bar back
    • Occasionally the bartenders will need a hand with upkeep of clean glasses for beverages & placing orders.
  • Organization of walk-in freezer
    • Making sure foods are readily visible, and all kegs are organized.
  • Maintaining a clean building exterior
    • Killing weeds around the building, sweeping up cigarette butts, picking up any loose trash, etc.
May 2007Jun 2009

Sales Associate

Champions Fun Center

Main job description: SALES ASSOCIATE

Other duties include:

  • Ride Operator -  
    • Operate various rides/activities available to customers including go-karts, batting cages, and mini golf.
  • Bowling alley attendant
    • Oversee the customers in the bowling alley; occasionally operate additional maintenance to the ball feed/pin grab.
  • Ticket counter/Prize distributing
    • Customer service at the front counter.
  • Campus cleaning
    • Maintaining a clean campus, inside & out; sweeping, picking up trash, wiping down various games, etc.
Apr 2005May 2007

Warehouse Assemply Line

Kawasaki Motors Plant

Main job description: ASSEMBLY LINE

Other duties include:

  • Assembly
    • Fastening A-arms to the frame's suspension at fast paces
  • Maintaining organized work space
    • Keeping the work area in order for even flow
  • Use of power tools/machines
    • Hollowing out A-arms with heated drill machine for smooth spacer placement, and bolting the suspension in place on frames


Bobby Silver / Co-owner / Yellow Brick Pizza

(614) 406-4979

Thomas Lindquist / Regional Manager / EFH, Inc

(330) 398-4233

Chris Cast / Project Manager / Trounce Group, Inc

(831) 713-8287


Jun 2009Dec 2009

Software Engineering

Institute of Production & Recording


Jul 2013Present

Electric Pallet Jack Operator

Operation of electric ride-on pallet jacks