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BA in Business Administration with Post Degree Studies from Harvard, Wharton (USA) and IESE (Spain). Experience and success as much in the country as International, in the conduction of businesses in national and multinational leading companies, in the areas of: Business Development, Marketing, Commercial, Consultancy, Operations Start Up, and Investment Management. Proven success and leadership exceeding the objectives by the analysis, vision and handling of the relations in the long term. Results oriented and with general vision of the business. Ability verified in resolution of complex problems, taking the initiative from the project.

Work experience

Director Marketing & Strategy

Report to General Manager

nCustomer Care-Call Center: I designed and implemented the strategy and processes to improve customer communication and relationship experiences. I was in charge of a Call Center (Integral Experience Center) with 250 direct agents and 80 indirect agents to attend in case of an interruption or overflow (back up); I made and implement the concept “One Contact”, with different attention, support and skills levels of the customer agents to achieve a successful goal Customer Care Srategy. It’s necessary to mention that for example customers were Hospitals, Public Services or other sensitive industries that need an excellent “state of the art” service and also high speed resolution conflicts. In addition, I also implemented in our branch network, Multimedia Boxes to complement the integral customer relationship approach. To have a proper management view of that I was the Project leader of a CRM and business intelligence software implementation to have a centralized view of all the information about every single event that the customer had with the company, and after that, the use of that information to build every contact in an opportunity: first of all we achieve a deep customer knowledge, to offer new products, deliver information, resolve a conflict or other customer issue, to build long term relationships and generate new business.

nI designed and implemented the business strategy along with the Commercial and Marketing Plan

nI fixed the policy of price with the purpose of maximizing the yield of Telefónica, arriving in some headings to 30 % respect to the competition

nI assured the development and integration of our own products and solutions and third parties,

nI developed and implemented commercial agreements with Supermarkets, Commercial Centers, Television channels and Sport Organizations, to position and to commercialize products/ services of the company, by an amount of 20 million

nI coordinated the relations with the other Areas of Marketing of the Telefónica Group, obtaining a coherence and unification in the positioning of mark and corporative identity.

nI assured the professional development the RRHH within the Marketing Direction, by means of the academic and professional formation, selecting talents it nails for excellent positions.

nI reduced to the Operative Expenses 30 %.

nI created and implemented a "Recovery Income Plan" obtaining an increase of 20 %

nI designed the new Customer Service structure (call centers and commercial offices)

nI developed a Strategic Alliances Program innovating the way of commercialization of integral solutions, obtaining the market recognition

nI created the Corporate Magazine “En Línea” or “On Line” that obtained several prizes: Better Institutional Publication, Better Specialized Magazine, nomination Mercurio Prize 2002, 2003 and 2004

Director Marketing Strategy & Communications


Director Marketing Strategy & Communications

Reporte to CEO – Senior Managing Partner

§Design and implementation of the KPMG business strategy to improve its market share, revenues and media coverage

§Design and implementation of the Marketing Plan and Media Plan

§Global research to discovered potential opportunities in our market

§Knowledge Management leadership

§Strategic Alliances

§CRM implementation management

§Client Care Program

§Key Clients and Targets


Post degree

Harvard Business School 2003

nManagement Techniques

IESE / Harvard Business School. España2002-2002

nAMP, Advanced Management Program

AT&T School of Business/ Wharton University. USA1994-1995

nBA, Business Administration. AMP, Advanced Management Program

Universidad de Ciencias Empresariales y Sociales 1992-1993

nBA Business Administration

Bank Boston Foundation1988-1991

Business Administration and Finance