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Community Involvement

Bicycle Transportation Alliance

    Membership Chair on the Board of Directors

Neighborhood House

    Designed and delivered a Community and Brand Awareness Campaign


I create inspired teams and outstanding customer experiences. By fostering an atmosphere of mutual respect and fulfillment, I align organizational activities and customer desires to create  powerful and mutually beneficial relationships capable of transcending typical market forces.

 I am seeking work at the strategic level within a customer-focused business, interested in leveraging an innovative, value-added culture to grow market share and profitability.

By harnessing our combined strengths and taking a deeply values based approach, I believe we can make your enterprise significantly more successful.  If  you are looking to strengthen your culture, foster innovation, grow sales or improve employee morale and retention,  I can deliver results, add value and help move your organization towards a more desirable future.

Work experience

Mar 1998Aug 2011


Bike Gallery

I accepted the role of President in 2006 after serving as Operations Manager and Events Manager. Bike Gallery operates 6 stores and generates over $12 million in annual sales.  While at Bike Gallery I achieved the following:

  • Increased the productivity of the buying staff, enabling Bike Gallery to move from 5 to 2.5 full time equivalents, while growing sales from $8 to $12 million annually.
  • Implemented an inventory control system that delivered 3% higher gross margins, improved inventory turn rates and strengthened cash flow.
  • Transitioned the warehouse from a manual receiving process to a bar code system, reducing labor costs and inventory shrinkage by $50K annually.
  • Negotiated lease savings of $25K.
  • Oversaw the development and management of the annual budget, sales forecasting, and inventory planning process.
  • Saved $100K annually by integrating and consolidating the activities of the marketing department including branding, community outreach, and merchandising.
  • Moved the business towards a consolidation of vendors, resulting in stronger, more strategic partnerships, increased market leverage and $120K in savings and rebates.
  • Managed communication and integration of cross-functional teams to ensure that brand values and the company mission were driving decision making and behaviors at all levels of the organization.
  • Led strategic planning processes and the development of company mission, vision, and values.
  • Led development of behavior-based recruitment, hiring and training programs for all middle and upper management level positions.
  • Maintained and strengthened the service culture company wide.
Jul 1992Sep 1997

General Manager


 As General Manager I was responsible for staff recruitment, development and training, managing purchasing, and vendor relationships, scheduling,  work flow design, and menu development.  I  supervised  all daily operations and maintained a close working relationship with the business owners.  While at Besaw's I achieved the following:

  • 15% increase in overall customer volume.
  • 25% increase in total sales.
  • 30% increase in total wine sales through the implementation of special events and promotions.
  • Enhanced menu design and seasonal offerings.
  • Increased repeat business by integrating customer feedback directly into the menu development process.
Jun 1990May 1992

Chef Instructor

Western Culinary Institute

As a Chef Instructor I taught hospitality business management within a comprehensive Culinary Arts curriculum leading to a one year professional certificate.  I designed and delivered lectures and educational materials focused on  purchasing, inventory management, and cost control.  I also managed all purchasing programs, vendor relationships, and general supply of raw materials to various production facilities, and classrooms.  While at Western Culinary I achieved the following:

  • Designed a professional curriculum focused on purchasing, inventory management and cost control.
  • Delivered lectures and supervised hands-on activities for up to 25 students per learning cycle.
  • Tracked and recorded student progress and achievement through written assignments and practical exams.
  • Ensured that all facilities had adequate supply and quality of raw materials within budgetary constraints.



Portland State University

This certificate program is focused on skills and processes associated with optimizing organizational work-flow resources to attain top performance.


Recruiting, Training and Development
I use a collaborative and team oriented approach to identify key characteristics and behaviors.  Once candidates have been selected, I implement a systematic on-boarding process based on mentoring and development of priority relationships and skills.
Customer Relationship Managment
Through applied communication and technology, I integrate customer desires into the fabric of organizational goals and priorities, resulting in increased customer retention, loyalty and referral business.
Strategic Communication
I combine a powerful command of language with keen insight into organizational priorities to ensure that inter and intra-company communication is aligned with strategic objectives.
I inspire teams and individuals by connecting others with their own passion for achievement and  professional growth.