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I am looking for an opportunity that will allow me to bring my various skills to bear on the advice given.  I also hope that I can help improve the profitability of my new "employer" by showing them, and their existing advisers, how to broaden their offering. 


I am a passionate advocate for Independent Financial Advice and, given my background. find the principles of TCF to be second nature.  I have an inate ability to "cut to the chase" in terms of client needs and fully understand the interreaction betwen taxes, and accept that tax, in the main, cannot be "avoided"..  For the vast majority a change in taxation strategy simply changes the nature of the tax liability or defers it.

Having "manned" a technical support desk it worries me how many advisers are completely out of touch with legislation and its relevance to advice.  By comparison it has always been my objective to ensure that my clients, and, latterly, clients of members of three networks, navigate the taxation maze succesfully.

I have extensive practical experience in the following areas:

Personal Financial Planning

Corporate Financial Planning

Inheritance Tax Planning

Tax Mitigation



Income Protection (Group and Personal)

Critical Illness (Group and Personal)

Pension Transfers

Work experience

Nov 2007Present

Senior Financial Consultant

Tenet Group/My Future Finance
Nov 2007Present

Senior Financial Consultant

Tenet Group/My Future Finance

I am an Independent Financial Adviser providing advice to members of theTenet Group and their clients in specialist areas such as:


Pension Transfers

Retirement Options

Protection, personal and corporate



Oct 1994Nov 2007

Senior Financial Consultant


I provided "holistic" financial advice to individuals and corporate bodies in the following areas:



Debt Management


With my help this company moved from the lounge market to the corporate market, which significantly increased it's profatibility.

Oct 1994Nov 2007

Senior Financial Consultant


I was a holistic financial planner recruited to a business that originally provided advice to Teachers.  I was instrumental in moving the business into Corporate Financial Planning through seminars to business owners.  We had several major successes, based upon my knowledge and gift for lateral thinking:

1. A retiring Director saw his Pension increase from £96,000 to £550,000 and allowed his Company to relocate to Wakefield with a corresponding increase in turnover and profitability.

2. A recruitment Company saw the Pension provision for its Directors increase to £180,000 per annum.

3. Three private clients saw their Inheritance Tax liabilities reduce to zero.

4. Directors of a company with excess cash removed it at 10% tax rather than commit it to Pension.

5. Several Company Directors benefitted from a net annual increase in income of more than £6,000.

Jun 1990Oct 1994

Friends Provident Life Office

I promoted Friends Provident's products to Independent Financial Advisers in West Yorkshire, showing them how products matched their clients' expectations, and helping them to have the confidence to move into more sophisticated markets.

Oct 1976Jun 1990


Lloyds Bank

I started at Lloyds as a "trainee bank manager" and fulfilled many roles, mainly customer facing.  In my time with Lloyds it was drummed into me that the customer was "king".

In Lloyds Halifax they relied on my mathematical skills to calculate charges and interest payments to their largest clients.  In spite of two increases in Grade I still had the responsibility for these calculations because the Regional Manager did not trust them to anyone else, in fact I had to arrange my holidays around the "quarter days".   


Sep 1968Jun 1976

Blaydon Comprehensive


Lateral Thinking
Trust and Taxation
Pension Advice