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Awards, Recognition and Press

  • Horizon Interactive Award, 2008, Best in Show, Xerox (n-tara Interactive)
  • Aurora Award, 2006 Gold, The Journey
  • Telly Awards, 2006, 2 Silver and 2 Bronze, The Journey
  • InformationWeek Top 500 IT Innovators, 2004 & 2003
  • Keynote Speaker, Global Society for Asset Management
  • Executive Advisory Board, Global Society for Asset Management
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Digital Asset Management
  • Regular speaker and panelist at the following: National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), AIMM, Streaming Media, DMA, Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management and Marketing Operations Management Conferences
  • Institute of Business Forecasting
  • Association for Computing Machinery: Special Interest Groups for Information Retrieval & Digital Archives
  • “Interview: Dennis Pannuto” Automate, August 2006
  • “Brand New World” Edit by Getty Images, Annual 2005
  • “BBDO Goes Tapeless…” Technology Marketing, July 2003
  • “From Analog to Digital and Back Again” Film & Video, July 2003
  • “Connectivity Comes of Age” Shoot, May 2003
  • “Taming the Information Monster” CIO Insight, May 2003
  • “Telestream and Artesia Deliver Tapeless Solution” Videography, May 2003
  • “Ad Buzz Prevalent at NAB” Shoot, April 2003
  • “Editor's Note: Keep Track”  Millimeter, December 2003

Published Works

  • Carpe DAM! Make Your DAM Extraordinary!, Journal of Digital Asset Management, (2006) 2, 297–302. doi:10.1057/palgrave.dam.3650050
  • CIO Insight: This DAM Thing..., Journal of Digital Asset Management, Volume 1, Number 1, January 2005, pp. 12-15.
  • CIO Insight: The Culture of Change and the Ultimate Asset, Journal of Digital Asset Management, Volume 1, Number 2, March 2005, pp. 81-87.


Ken Christie

“I have worked with Dennis on multiple high-profile engagements and highly recommend his work. His knowledge and acumen has transformed the technology landscape of major brands and helped them achieve significant ROI as a result of their investment in interactive and e-business technologies. Dennis provides his expertise with a coaching mentality as well, working in close partnership with C-level executives to help reach goals set for their organizations. His business savvy, honesty, and character are also of the highest order.”

Debbie Lindner

Russ Stanton

“It has been my pleasure to work and know Dennis for the last 9 plus years. As a colleague and as a direct report to Dennis I've always known him to stand for excellence in everything he's worked on. As a direct report it was more of a partnering as Dennis never minds rolling up his sleeves and working through the challenges with you and accomplishing the goals he and you have established together. Dennis has a knack for seeing beyond what is evident and always has a creative slant to every issue. Plus, he hungers to learn more with an almost childlike inquisitiveness that he knows will make him better at what he does. If there is one outstanding quality about Dennis, aside from his adept business acumen, its his integrity, which is beyond reproach. He will walk away from a situation, rather than be compromised in any way that might seem to be shady or dishonest. Plus, he is always forthcoming about what he thinks with no personal agenda in mind, only doing the best job for the client, employer or employee. I highly recommend Dennis to anyone seeking his expertise.”

Michael Moon

“Dennis gets IT as business strategy: how to achieve strategic objectives that may include activating a digital business model, creating a new revenue channel, deploying new systems that enhance customer satisfaction while reducing costs. Dennis also get change management: how to drive adoption of new IT within complex organization, reducing the fear, uncertainty, and doubt among affected stakeholders throughout the requirements definition and deployment phases. Combined, Dennis brings extraordinary value to any organization lucky enough to have secured his services.”

Skiff Wager

“Dennis provides the ability to drive complex digital initiatives while keeping the conversation at the appropriate level for the audience. His long term industry knowledge in Brand and Digital Asset Management for Creative Agencies has placed him as a nationally recognized provider of expert services. His range of knowledge from deep technical to highly visionary allows Dennis to support a wide range of clients and various levels of startegic services.”

Skiff Wager, President of SEW Consulting Group and former CIO of Scripps Networks


Dennis Pannuto has successfully integrated world-class business solutions to create new revenue streams and save companies millions of dollars through innovation. He has worked and consulted in the publishing, entertainment, consumer electronics, packaged goods, gaming and banking industries, actively engaged in all areas of Information Technology within Applications, Operations and Business Intelligence.

Currently, Dennis is a technology strategist, implementation coach and founder of Aha! Insight Technology, Inc. ( Aha! delivers innovative digital media solutions and interactive technologies that transform companies by maximizing ROI and establishing market leaders. Aha! also provides Fortune 1000 companies and entrepreneurs with C-suite strategic guidance across their technology enterprise to achieve measurable results.

Prior to founding Aha!, Dennis was the Chief Information Officer at BBDO Worldwide, the third largest global advertising network. In 2003 and 2004, he led BBDO to be recognized by InformationWeek, the leading weekly trade publication in technology, as one of the top 500 IT Innovators. This honor was unheralded in BBDO s history. Dennis also enjoyed successful years at Golden Books Family Entertainment in various positions and ultimately served as their Chief Information Officer.

Considered one of the leading international authorities in the design of digital media / workflow solutions, he is frequently invited to speak, teach, write and participate in major events and has been featured in CIO Insight, Technology Marketing, Videography, Film & Video and other influential publications.


Seeking an Executive position at a start-up company or Fortune 1000 that is driven by innovation and a commitment to excellence.

Work experience



Aha! Insight Technology

Aha! Insight Technology specializes in transforming companies through interactive technologies and innovative digital media solutions. Aha! also provides Fortune 1000 companies and entrepreneurs with C-suite strategic guidance across their technology enterprise to achieve measurable results. Operates as President & Founder.

Notable clients and achievements:

  •  Adobe – provided business development expertise and support for a C-suite event targeting the principle media and advertising holding companies. In addition, advised Adobe partners on methods to shorten the sales cycle in this market
  • General Mills – developed the strategy and technology roadmap for a global brand communications platform: a tightly integrated content management factory with multi-channel publishing capabilities. This platform had to be integrated into their core business applications and their marketing operations.
  • Nintendo – lead the strategic direction and implementation of a global marketing and production asset management solution.
  • Lexmark – oversaw and contributed to a global online strategy and implementation assessment that covered online marketing, design, ECM, CRM and web architecture. Oversaw the development and implementation of projects in excess of $2M. Worked closely with senior and mid-level marketing and IT personnel.
  • Xerox – lead the strategic oversight and implementation of several global initiatives covering interactive sales enablement, online marketing and marketing asset management. Worked closely with Global Services and Corporate Marketing for projects totaling in excess of $1.5M.
  • Tata Consultancy Services – provided expertise and sales support to deliver a global digital asset management and production solution proposal to a leading publisher.
  • Business Development – provides technology expertise to investment groups and entrepreneurial ventures. On the Advisory Board of JRG Ventures ( In addition, provides services for various fully funded Internet start-up companies.

Chief Information Officer

BBDO Worldwide

Responsible for strategic business development and oversight of the North America Information Technology Group as well as provided global oversight of standards, compliance and cost. Highest ranking IT executive at BBDO Worldwide. Close to 200 staff in North America and in excess of 300 including worldwide. Operating and capital budgets of approximately $48 million in North America and in excess of $65 million worldwide. Developed global business solutions to increase revenue and competitive advantage for new and existing customers. Oversaw the Integrated Marketing Group that developed consumer directed initiatives for DaimlerChrysler, including Interactive, Call Center Operations, Direct Marketing, and Event Marketing. Principle architect of BBDO’s acclaimed Digital Workflow Solution. Led BBDO to be recognized by InformationWeek as one of the top 500 IT Innovators. Realized $12.6 million in savings within 18 months of becoming CIO by consolidating operations, standardizing technologies and practices and restructuring contracts with vendors.

  • Successfully initiated and established new revenue channels and savings for BBDO by offering digital media/workflow solutions to all clients. Some clients included were: Bank of America, Visa, Pepsi, Bayer, Mars and AOL. Better customer collaboration was achieved.
  • Oversaw several initiatives and programs enhancing DaimlerChrysler’s Enterprise Wide Relationship Marketing and CRM.  One of the success was the ability to capitalize on massive volumes of consumer information coming from a myriad of points such as phone, mail, email, text chat, web, events and showroom visits.  The result was a centralized database that provided dealers with leads based on a consumer’s location or interest and customized direct marketing to consumers.
  • Enhanced the DaimlerChrysler Dealer Incentive Program by moving from checks to debit cards. This affected over 4500 dealers throughout the USA resulting in $1.7M in savings by eliminating manual processes and physical checks.
  • Assisted in the strategic development and oversight of Cingular’s Media Automation & Delivery System that digitally assembled content and delivered it to daily publications and broadcasters.
  • Initiated and successfully achieved an accounting systems analysis for the purpose of re-engineering global accounting practices to reduce manual processes, headcount and improve the integrity of information and analysis. PeopleSoft, Oracle, SAP and Microsoft Business Solutions were considered in the selection process.
  • Initiated and successfully delivered an analysis of BBDO print businesses throughout North America. This initiative delivered $900K of new business into BBDO by reducing third party outsource engagements.
  • Developed a comprehensive global monitoring methodology for Sarbanes-Oxley compliance to cover 192 entities. This methodology provided a risk-analysis and scoring model to determine compliance. Worked closely with local executives, auditors (KPMG) and parent company (Omnicom).
  • Developed global technology standards and practices to reduce spending, improve communications and consolidate operations.
  • Successfully relocated Daimler/Chrysler’s Call Center from Detroit, MI to Windsor, Canada resulting in $6M in savings. This was achieved by consolidating call centers, reducing technologies and personnel. A plan to move operations to India and China was underway at time of departure.
  • Standardized application development tools and implemented software development lifecycle (SDLC) throughout North America to reduce development costs, improve data integrity and leverage top talent across the region.
  • Implemented policies and procedures for centralized accounting, asset management and business case practice to justify capital expenditures and provide accountability within the IT department.
  • Provided a new and consistent way of handling IT issues by establishing the North America Help Desk. First call resolution numbers to 60% and 24x7 availability improved support for all offices. In addition, resources within the offices were allowed to focus on more strategic business and technology needs. $400K was realized by reducing the number of Help Desk systems and personnel.

Chief Information Officer

Responsible for strategic business development and oversaw four areas: Business Intelligence, Applications, IT Operations and Interactive Media. Realized $4M in operating and capital savings due to alignment and collaboration with key business areas, centralization of operations, implementations of standards, moving top talent into key positions and overhead reduction.

  • Initiated successful strategic alliances with executives and senior staff at top tier technology companies. IBM committed research & development toward collaborative consumer products and strategic infrastructure planning; Microsoft developed two Golden E-Books in Microsoft Reader format—converting rich graphics into a usable e-book format, which was a milestone achievement at this time. Honeywell and Golden Books entered a joint marketing agreement where online Golden E-Books, games, activities and promotions would be available on Honeywell’s WebPad.
  • Directed the development of online games and activities, e-books (plus audio) and celebrity book readings. Provided streaming media coverage of Golden Books’ events including Governor Jesse Ventura reading the Poky Little Puppy, and Colin Powell promoting the Golden Books’ Read-In.
  • Initiated programs for that increased traffic 75%; memberships reached 200,000+ within three months after taking over. This was accomplished by establishing retail alliances with Amazon, Yahoo, B&N and Etoys, creating “super-sites” and promotions with Pillsbury, General Mills and Con Agra.
  • Initiated and managed an Internet Steering Committee to centralize decision-making between Marketing, Publishing and Entertainment. Significant improvements in Internet marketing planning, staff productivity, inter-departmental relationships and development costs were realized—$25K reduction within 3 months by reducing rework cycle and eliminating overtime charges.
  • Key player in deal with Encore Software to develop interactive consumer products of Golden Books properties.
  • Initiated and managed the implementation of a Digital Asset Management System, an application that catalogues artwork, products and displays digitally. This application significantly improved data integrity of the digital versions and allowed for the re-purposing of artwork. Significant savings were realized in the publishing and marketing departments.
  • Initiated and delivered a comprehensive data warehouse strategy and implementation plan that identified short- and long-term benefits the company would realize in accessing analytical data. Benefits realized were lower development costs, more stable environment and a logical and quality conscious development methodology that significantly improved data integrity for Sales, Marketing and Finance.
  • Initiated several strategic Applications and Operations projects that delivered productivity improvements within Finance, Production, Publishing, Distribution, Manufacturing and IT resulting in $1.4M savings. Automated data center operations for AS/400, HP and Sun platforms, implemented state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, eliminated 50 percent of file and print servers, designed a Telecommunications re-architecture, managed the outsource of data centers, initiated an enterprise applications remediation project targeted to simplify the business practice before investing in new technologies, implemented a business recovery plan and digitization of all reporting output.
  • Initiated and directed technology, development, organizational and personnel changes that significantly improved service and quality levels. Realized $1.7M in operational savings by porting Royalties to the AS400 and eliminating the Unisys platform. Promoted key talent capable of implementing development and cost reductions, reduced headcount, implemented a Warehouse Management system, integrated the Entertainment Groups business systems into the corporate systems, established development and quality assurance guidelines and centralized support matrix to leverage talent,
  • Initiated and developed exhaustive business requirements and implementation plan to remediate Accounts Payable, Cost Accounting and Purchasing applications. $750K in savings was realized.
  • Delivered significant improvements in systems stability/delivery, service, overhead, morale, quality of staff and customer relationships.
  • Training: established a mentoring program and training in Oracle, RPG, CL programming that improved employee skills and morale. Also, developed and managed corporate training.
  • Directed and managed several facility relocations and data center moves.

Partner & Consultant

VCP Associates

Provided systems development, integration and production solutions for major publishers and commercial institutions. Initiated and managed relationships and projects. Developed project proposals/budgets and provided direction and input for new business development. Clients included KPMG Peat Marwick (interactive audio/video training), Prentice Hall, Scholastic, Glencoe, Scott Foresman, Macmillan/McGraw Hill, Computer Sciences Corporation (publishing/production systems), The Perrier Group (audio/video production), Oglivy & Mather (audio/video production), Central City Productions (television), Mandrill Media (audio/video production).  Key player in closing of $2.5 million contract with Prentice Hall.


Manager, Business Communications

Lehman Brothers

Managed the systems and production of investment presentations integrating multimedia, video, audio and print. Managed staff of 30 in a 24x7 production environment. Implemented cost-saving initiatives that saved the department approximately 20% in the first two months of a $2.2M operating budget.


Coordinator, Assistant to the Office of the Deputy Commissioner

Nassau County Department of Health

Worked directly for the Deputy Commissioner’s Senior Analyst coordinating the design, development and monitoring of multiple programs and projects. Developed data models for database development. Collaborated with various departments and agencies to collect data for analysis and assisted in the writing of grant proposals.


Juilliard School of Performing Arts

Bachelor of Arts & Honors Degree

C.W. Post

National awards and recognition.

New York University

Graduate studies in quantitative and qualitative analysis, modeling and organizations.