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Solutions-focused, Software Engineer with broad-based experience and hands-on skill in the successful implementation of both engineering and business applications. Proven ability to successfully analyze an organization's critical software requirements, identify deficiencies and potential opportunities, and develop innovative solutions for increasing reliability and improving productivity. A broad understanding of computer technologies and software, including development, installation, configuration, management, troubleshooting, and support.

Work experience

Apr 2013Present

Application Engineer 5

Warranty Solutions / A Wells Fargo Company / Amtrust Financial / Apex Consulting

Warranty Solutions sells Vehicle Service Contracts and auto-related finance and insurance products. I help maintain and upgrade the company’s internal software applications. I was an Apex Systems Contractor for my first 6 months and the company has been sold from Wells Fargo to AmTrust Financial.

  • The Claims Workstation is a two year project to update the Claims Workstation software from a VB6 platform to a web-based application using ASP.Net MVC and Razor, WCF Restful web services, Oracle 11g and the new Oracle Managed Driver for .NET, knockout.js, the dhtmlx javascript library, jquery-ui and third-party web service interfaces for looking up part prices and scheduling inspections.
  • Worked on re-branding the user interface and background generation of downloadable reports for the website.
  • Documented and worked on the FaxApp/Task Queue application. C#, ASP.NET, WCF Restful Web services, TCP/IP socket listener, EWS managed email client, Oracle 10g, Powerpoint, UML
  • Developed an upgrade to the Business Partner application. Classic ASP, JavaScript, HTML, Oracle 10g,
  • Maintained Requirements documents, prepared code promotion requests, user and application security review requests, change requests, and QA testing documentation for the Wells Fargo Dealer Services SDLC process.
  • Worked in a SCRUM environment.
  • Used TFS for source code maintenance.
  • Worked on an upgrade for the VehicleData application. ASP.NET C#, JQuery, Ajax, WCF Restful web services, Oracle 10g and Datatables.js
  • Migrated the Provider Payment and Task Queue SQL Server Databases from SQL Server 2005 to SQL Server 2012.
  • Helped migrate the IT environment from Windows 2003 server to Windows 2008 R2 Server and then from Windows 2008 R2 Server to Windows 2012 Server.
Jun 1997Oct 2012

Software Engineer 4

Honeywell Process Solutions

I developed software for real-time data collection of pollutant data and for reporting emissions to state and federal EPA’s. I developed new versions, reports, and utilities for this software.

  • Merged the SCO Unix based Compliance application for reporting the Part 75 EPA ruleset and the SCO Unix based Cirrus application for reporting the Part 60 EPA ruleset into a new product Cirrus NT. Cirrus NT runs on Windows NT/2000 using US Data’s Factorylink software and can report both rulesets and interface to Dbase IV, SQL Server or Oracle database engines. This created a product with lower development costs and lower delivery costs. Honeywell PAI has gained market share with this every year since it was created.
  • Completed three major revisions of the new Cirrus NT product to support new versions of the Electronic Data Report (EDR) that is issued to the EPA. These reporting upgrades are a major source of revenue.
  • Worked on an Intranet portal application called Manufacture Net and created the company’s Intranet using ASP, JavaScript, HTML, and SQL Server v6.5. Wrote thin client to Cirrus using Java, Javascript, HTML LiveConnect, and a TCP/IP listener. Wrote an Email Client for collecting data with Windows CE PDA’s.  Converted text reports to HTML reports and created a report viewer/print utility using C# and .NET. These Internet technology products are used internally for management and externally to gain a competitive advantage during the sales process.
  • Created CD-ROM installations for the Cirrus NT product and the LETS product using Installshield v5.1. These installation CDs save on deployment costs and give the products a professional image.
  • Designed and implemented the data collection portion of a waste dumping tracking program. This project tracked the activities of trucks carrying hazardous waste to dumping locations. This project used rfid and barcode forms to track the loads of waste from the factory to the dumping sites. The web-based interface allowed the factory and the dumpsite (two-miles away) to track the trucks to ensure compliance.
  • Wrote and delivered customer training. This training was also formatted so that the systems engineers could also deliver the training. The training gives a professional image and generates revenue in the form of upgrades and report generation services.
  • Proposed and developed Microsoft interfaces to add ASP.NET web pages to the Cirrus Product. These pages allowed advanced user controls for our product that the HMI did not support. The pages had tree controls, tab windows, data grids, and popup windows to support custom database editing functions. The screens increased the automation and features of the product. Here are some of the screens I developed.

    • Reports Screen
    • Automatic Reports screen
    • Reason Code editor
    • Deviation Editor
    • Task Manager Screen
    • Menu screen (for intranet applications)
    • Intranet applications for remote reporting support.
Jun 1994Jun 1997

Systems Analyst

REN Corporation

REN Corporation manufactured microprocessor controlled hydraulic testing equipment. I custom programmed this equipment.

  • Developed real-time software for STD bus based computers and PC compatible systems. Programmed real-time control applications using both real-time graphics and data collection. Using Assembly, C, and Paradox. These projects are the basis for company revenue if they aren’t completed the company does not make any money.
  • Designed and programmed the OptoPotImus controller a microprocessor controlled input device and pulse width modulator. This gave the company a competitive advantage by providing a better user interface and the ability to control more devices with precision.
  • Wrote a data distribution application in paradox for the network allowing data from several sources to be accessed from a common user interface. Similar to an Intranet.
  • Developed interfaces to remote data concentrators to transmit and save test results.
  • Worked on the company website Archive Link
May 1993Jun 1994

Software Engineer

IDAB Incorporated

IDAB Incorporated is an automation equipment manufacturer for the newspaper industry. I programmed the real-time machine control for their roll preparation stations and paper handling robots. 

  • Worked on C++ development of an Interpreted development platform for machine control. 
  • Converted VAX based C source code to PC Based C++ code for implementing a communications protocol between the VAX computer and the PC Based Machine controller. 
  • I used a Ziatech Multi-Processor PC compatible industrial controller. I developed on a Windows 3.11 based touchscreen interface for the prep stations.
  • Designed and programmed a robot control system using a PC compatible industrial controller. This was to be used for future projects.
  • Created documentation on programming systems and on-site installation procedures. 
Sep 1992Jun 1993

Network Manager / PC Programmer

King Press Corporation

King Press is a manufacturer of offset printing equipment. I ran the Novell Netware based PC network.

  • Created Network Based Engineering Information system for distributing on-line Engineering procedures and providing real-time engineering reports, documentation, and drawing updates to all network users. Created documentation of company computer functions. Similar to an Intranet.
Apr 1990Jun 1992

Research and Development Engineer

Cardinal Scale Manufacturing Company

Cardinal Scales, a leader in the scale industry, manufactures scales weighing 1-ounce mail to 80-ton railroad cars.  I custom programmed Digital Weight Indicators for the scales and worked on a PC based Vehicle Recording system written in C. I also helped maintain a Novell based PC network.

  • Interfaced barcode readers, printers, DataKey readers, scoreboards, traffic lights, and terminals to the Weight Indicators. The ability to connect to many third party devices was a competitive advantage.
  • Wrote the Cardinal Programmers Manual to define programming standards. This helped create a more standardized development environment.


Jun 2001May 2002

Master of Science Computer Science

University of Colorado at Denver

4.0 GPA 

Classes in 3D Graphics, Internet Technologies, and Database Analysis