Work experience

Work experience
Jun 2005 - Present

Owner/CEO/Creative Director


In 2005, I founded FIG as a men’s furnishings brand focusing on luxury clothing. I'm not talking about the luxury of modern day either; I'm talking about nostalgic luxury, the one where quality isn't determined by racy images and provocative models in exotic places. Nor is it a luxury that is supported by massive marketing pillars. FIG brings a level of luxury that is permanent and defined by the quality of the materials used and by the craftsmanship found in every FIG piece.

My commitment to quality is represented in a few words: Choose Carefully. Live Confidently. This mantra clearly defines my commitment to help men make better decisions when it comes to dressing well and looking stylish. Also it helps answer the valid question: Despite spending an excessive amount of money on fashion, why are there fewer well-dressed men today than in any other time in history?


FIG, a luxury fashion furnishings company whose purpose is to revive the nostalgia associated with the well-dressed gentleman by bridging our grandfather’s elegance with modern day style. 

Designing a collection and bringing it to market was the easiest part of developing this business. I forged strong relationships in Italy that led to a wonderfully designed collection. The challenge I faced in business development was marketing. Fully understanding the financial pressures that marketing can have on a company, I decided to use guerrilla-marketing tactics to help me achieve my sales goals in each of my distribution channels. My in-store efforts were vital to the success of my brand:providing product knowledge seminars, building relationships with retailers and listening to the needs of my end-customer were simple strategies that put a spotlight on the FIG brand. Within six months, the FIG collection turned nearly as quickly as Zegna and Robert Talbot. In fact, in many stores FIG was consistently within the top three selling collections in men’s furnishings. Every year since the inception of the business I have achieved double-digit growth resulting in $1.5 million in sales. 

  • Manage Italian factories on all production issues: sourcing, pricing, negotiation, quality control and logistics
  • Complete oversight for product development directives— costing, style classifications and execution of prototypes, samples and bulk production•Direct strategic store merchandising and product allocation to ensure maximum sales and profitability of each product offering
  • Analyze weekly and monthly sales, review regional trends and develop core sales strategies to increase comp sales/turn
  • Direct all sales and marketing activities of the company— proper sales approach, product knowledge, customer service skills and maintaining proper merchandising standards.
  • Continually coach managers and sales professionals to achieve sales goals by demonstrating extraordinary service by leading by example on the sales floor.

(Design fabrics, Manage strike-offs/ lab-dips, Create and manage all product specifications. Including Managing P&L, Direct workforce management, Direct merchandise flow, Manage operational execution, Ensure brand standards are maintained at all POS.)

Apr 2002 - Aug 2004

Trade Marketing Manager

As Trade Marketing Manager for LVMH watch and jewelry in 2002 I handled a portfolio of brands that included Tag Heuer, Christian Dior, and Zenith. Our primary focus was building the Tag Heuer brand by growing our marketing footprint and brand position utilizing our retail partners.

My marketing team and I assiduously worked on launching a wholly marketing strategy that bridged our Client Relationship Marketing (CRM) program, Point-of-Purchase displays (POP), Out-of-Home advertising (OOH) and our partnership and promotions division. Within 10 months I increased our brand position in-store an average of 25 percent. Building the brand presence was the ruling factor of our mission, and having invested over $1 million CAPEX dollars in POP displays radically increased our business. Over the course of the year Tag Heuer revenues amounted to $135 million in sales or 32 percent increase from the prior year. By 2004 Tag Heuer was the second most prominent watch brand in the country, up from number six in the year 2000.

  •  Rolled-out a comprehensive in-store branding blueprint for the launch of the new Formula 1.
  • Contrived a “Best of Class” merchandising strategy, (TAG Heuer) aligning Out-Of-Home marketing efforts, company philosophy, heritage, quality and aesthetics with retailers. These efforts resulted in a +25 percent increase in our national turnover within 2 years.
  • Oversaw $1.5m cooperative marketing budget with over 400 retailers, the 3rd largest budget in marketing. As a result our real-estate presence grew +25 percent achieving #2 position nationwide.
  • Assisted product development team of 28, which included Executive Management, Regional Sales Directors, select Sales Representatives and Retailers in 12 new timepieces representing over $15 million of incremental wholesale business, including the best selling INDY 500® timepiece.
  • Superintended the production of all in-store “shop-in-shops” for all LVMH Swiss watch brands with key retailing partners in an effort to advance brand image and increase our market penetration.
  • Extensive travel was required
Mar 2001 - Apr 2002

Visual Merchandising Manager

Louis-Vuitton Caribbean/ Latin America

As other LVMH divisions began implementing tenacious store branding techniques and showing strong revenue gains, our Caribbean and Latin American division dragged behind. Without a substantial budget to meet our corporate demands of 10 new in-store boutiques, creativity was the vital component to the success of our rollout.

My main challenge was championing our brand while making the most of each marketing dollar spent. I made a decision to truncate our boutique concept and offered co-op spending to our partners. Co-op was a relatively new technique that allowed my team and I to nearly double our CAPEX, allowing us to reach more retailers and achieve greater impact. By effectively reducing our CAPEX, I managed to advance our brand position with our partners, which led to a16 percent increase in sales from $13.7 million to $16 million or $820 for every marketing dollar spent. Within eight months I soon became known as the fearless brand soldier for Tag Heuer, increasing our merchandising standards and doubling our in-store boutiques throughout the region. As a result, I was promoted to lead the trade marketing division of LVMH in Springfield, New Jersey.

  • Launched an extensive POP display program
  • Managed every aspect of production with our vendors ensuring high-quality standards and timely deliveries
  • Redesigned the boutique concept while maintaining brand integrity to suit our market
  • Trained all sales associates and retail partners on basic principles of proper merchandising andwatch handling

Retail and Planning



Financial Management

eCornell Univerisity

Interpret financial information, assess the costs and benefits of business decisions, and effectively communicate operational and financial strategies to maximize economic value for your organization.

1996 - 1998

Men's Tailoring

Miami International University of Art and Design

Talent & Skill



Branding and Marketing Guru

I'm convinced that it is feelings- and feelings alone- that account for the success of the Virgin brand in all of it's myriad forms.

Illustration and Painting

Photoshop and Illustrator

Apparel and Textiles