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DAVID LASEVITCH FILHO Alameda Dourado, 410 Alphaville Residencial 11 Engineer 06540-285 Santana do Parna ba S o Paulo Married Phone: 011-41538618 (home) 051-81536700 (mobile) 2 Children E-mail: [email protected] 48 years PROFESSIONAL INTEREST AREAS Sales, Commercial or Operational Director. SUMMARY Solid professional experience acquired as Director of General, Commercial and Technical functions in oil, gas, retail and fast food companies such as Royal Dutch Shell, British Group, Hering and McDonald s. Solid entrepreneurial capacity involving and specialized in operations start-up; company management within diverse market segments; team building, partnerships and strategic alliances, development of Supply Chain strategies, leading to application and attraction of investments over USD 140 million. In addition to attracting investment, one of key abilities is to manage revenues of over R$ 100 mi per year in the last position. Endowed with strategic vision, high market knowledge and strong focus on results allied with network and relationship building with governmental organs, class entities, operators, equipment and technology providers in addition to leading forces within different market segments. Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from PUC/RS with emphasis on Highways and Transport, and currently enrolled at FGV s MBA. Fluent in English and Spanish. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Hering Store 11/06 Actual Hering Store is the retail franchising chain of Cia Hering SA, currently holding over 150 stores spread over the nation with plans of doubling these figures over the next two years.. General Manager of Southern Region, responsible for the Master Franchise state of Rio Grande do Sul, currently with 5 stores and with expansion plans of another 5 stores within the next year. Main Achievements: Leading and Structing the entry in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, with the main challenge of being present in the main shopping malls of the capital as well as preparing and expansion plan for the following year.; Achieving operational break-even within 6 months of operation; Developing and expansion network for the remainig main cities of the state.; Implementing of a tailor made P&L system. British Group BG do Brasil 01/04 09/2006 BG is an English company that explores gas and oil in several countries, considered the major individual group of gas in the world and they will invest 4 billion reais in the next three years in Brazil. General Director of the Natural Gas Divisions of Industrial, Vehicular and Energy Solutions, responsible for 100 million reais per year of revenues, including all areas of the business, such as financial, legal, commercial, technical, HR and planning. Main achievements I led and structured the company s entrance in the Brazilian market. The greatest challenge was adjusting and extending the Business Plan, aiming to lead the Comg s (one of the group s companies) concession area market; In a period of 12 months, we reached a Market Share of 13% and 15 months later we reached leadership of the market with 21% Market Share; in the same period, we reached the operational breakeven; We signed 105 contracts, each one varying from 7 to 15 years, originating sales of 15 million cubic meters a month, with an annual revenue of 40 million reais; in order to achieve this goal, a capital of 99 million reais was allocated; We signed an alliance contract with Shell and Texaco in order to open NGV gas stations in Brazil, reduce investment and eliminate goodwill; Start-up of the Cogeneration of Energy with the execution of 3 contracts and forecasted revenues of 50 million reais a year with investments greater than 30 million reais. Mc Donald s Corporation 01/01 12/03 Mc Donald s is the biggest fast food company in the world, present in more than 110 countries. Operational Director of the S o Paulo region, responsible for annual revenues 800 million reais and 200 restaurants. Main achievements I was responsible for the development and implementation of Key Performance Indicators for the Brazilian fast food market, this work served as benchmarking for the implementation in the rest of the group; Development and implementation of an individual P&L for each unit of the business, that would be capable of helping the restaurant manager to implement fast changes for goal achievement; I led the implementation of a Cost Leadership in the S o Paulo market, that was later extended to the rest of the country, increasing our total revenues by 2 percentile points, from 62% to 64%; I led a team of 8,600 employees, responsible for 45% of the total revenue (1.6 billion reais) that amounted to 60% of the company s operating income; In this period, we increased the number of visits in our restaurants from 2.3 to 2.6 monthly visits per customer, which meant an increase of 13% in our monthly revenues. Royal Dutch Shell 09/81 - 06/00 The Royal Dutch Shell group is the greatest group of Exploration and Distribution of Oil and Gas in the world, present in more than 100 countries. Shell Ecuador 06/99 - 06/00 Retail General Manager. Shell Venezuela 01/97 - 06/99 Retail General Manager. Shell Peru 01/94 - 12/96 Planning, Procurement and Engineering Manager. Shell Brazil S.A. 09/81 - 12/93 Sales Manager - S o Paulo Engineering Manager - RS Marketing Consultant - RS Lubricant Consultant - RS Operation Engineer RS Main achievements Peru I was responsible for Shell s market entrance in the fuel and lubricants areas and by 18 months of operation we achieved a 33% Market Share; Identification, hiring and training of 90 professionals to work in sales, administration, financial and support areas; Identification, Implementation and Construction of 210 gas stations throughout the country; Identification and implementation of Supply Chain strategies around Latin America; Managing Capex s 110 million dollar budget and Opex s 35 million dollar budget; Installation of 15 Convenience Stores in Lima with annual revenue of 1.5 million dollars; Development of strategic alliance with McDonald s in order to co-brand our gas stations, reducing capex s investment by 15%. Venezuela I was responsible for Shell s market entrance in the fuel and lubricants areas and by 12 months of operation we achieved a 45% Market Share; Identification, hiring and training of 90 professionals to work in sales, administration, financial and support areas; Identification, Implementation and Construction of 226 gas stations around the country; Identification and implementation of Supply Chain strategies around Latin America; Managing Capex s 140 million dollar budget and Opex s 45 million dollar budget; Installation of 30 Convenience Stores in Caracas with annual revenue of 4.0 million dollars; Launch of Rimula s family lubricant with a 55% Market Share after 12 months; Implementation of Latin America Procurement Process. Ecuador l prepared and implemented a strategic plan in order to recover the loses by 400 K dollars/month; We increased the lubricant Sales from 4 tons/month to 21 tons/month; Managed the lubricants factory, increasing the production from 40 tonnes/month to 60 tonnes/month; We started to export 40 tonnes of lubricants per month to Col mbia. Brasil Managing the S o Paulo and Mato Grosso do Sul Shell s network with 650 gas stations; Implementation of the new retail visual identity (Awana Project) that meant a complete change of the visual in 2 years with capex investing 55 million dollars; Managing Capex s 50 million dollar budget and Opex s 17 million dollar budget; Guarantee of 72% Market Share in the region, developing an appropriate CVP; Sales of 1.5 billion cubic meters a year in the network; ACADEMIC BACKGROUND PUC RS 1984 Civil Engineer Specialization in Roads FGV RJ 2006 MBA Enterprise Management INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE I lived and worked in Peru, Venezuela and Ecuador. I participated in special projects in Kuala Lumpur (for 6 months) and Mexico (for 8 months), performing marketing studies for market entrances. I attended business-oriented conferences, visits, tradeshows and meetings in the United States, Europe, Canada, Asia and Latin America.

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