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Versatile Competencies
Community of Practice and Knowledge Management processes Coordination of global networks Relationship building Web 2.0 Social Media application to strategic objectives External benchmarking Web-enabled training Competitive Intelligence and Trends research Vendor resource assessment and management Content Management Database Management Strategic information selection, discovery, synthesis and dissemination    

Professional Associations

  • 2009 President-Elect, Special Libraries Association (SLA) Illinois Chapter
  • SLA Knowledge Management Division
  • KM Chicago
  • American Library Association

Sampling of Resources & Technologies Used

Microsoft Sharepoint 2007, Microsoft Office, Documentum, Lotus Domino, Softlink Liberty 3 OPAC, Day Communique (content management), Drupal, OCLC , Wordpress, iUpload (wikis and blogs), Euromonitor, Datamonitor, NPD, Crest, Restaurant Research LLC, Technomic, Dow Jones Factiva, Mergent, International Strategic Analysis (ISA), eMarketer, FirstSearch, Mintel, Twitter and related microblogging applications, Skype, Blackberry, MSOffice Communicator, web conferencing systems,iGoogle dashboard, Google Reader, social networking applications (Facebook, LinkedIn), socialbookmarking and a wide array of other productivity tools.


Rescue dog foster, experienced and innovative cook and entertainer.

Training & Conferences

  • Special Libraries Association Leadership Summit Savannah, Georgia, January 2009
  • 2008 Synergy Leadership Institute graduate, selected to participate by nomination and committee award of the Illinois State Library and its systems.
  • Presentation Skills, Consulting Skills, Global Mindset - Hamburger University, Oak Brook, Il
  • Taxonomy development workshop SLA Annual Conference 2008
  • Network Mapping workshop SLA 2007
  • Knowledge Cafe workshop Braintrust International Knowledge Sharing Summit 2007
  • Braintrust International Knowledge Sharing Summit 2005, 2007

Strategic Knowledge Sharing Champion

Proactive and insightful navigator of strategic knowledge sharing systems and processes, with award-winning track record of seeking out and providing best practice advice to global teams. A practiced communicator to strategic teams and internal/external stakeholders who desire to continue the learning process through the applied use of innovative technologies. A "connector of the dots" to help others recognize and apply new pathways to problem solving and community building by fostering a culture of knowledge sharing and collaboration.


  • 2009 Web 2.0 Award, Special Libraries Association Illinois Chapter, for successful integration and promotion of website and social media channels to broaden reach and collaborative capacity on behalf of 500+ statewide members.
  • 2006 McDonald's President's Award winner for community of practice consulting and contributions to strategic business objectives via tireless development and integration of online sharing mediums on behalf of global teams; awarded to top 1% of worldwide employees.

Work experience


Special Libraries Association Illinois Chapter
  • Serve as leadership liaison to national association, assuring representation of statewide membership in decision-making processes and at annual conference.
  • Serve as Chair on chapter board of directors, responsible for agenda and voting on key issues affecting members, allocation of chapter funds and partner liaison to related organizations.
  • As president-elect in 2009, planned, promoted and executed all chapter programming and professional development events.

Social Knowledge Manager and Consultant

YMCA of the USA

Provided foundational processes in support of a knowledge sharing culture to empower stakeholders in a federated, nonprofit system to utilize Web technologies and processes to share proven practices in time and cost-saving ways. 

  • Produced a Web 2.0 social media best practices idea and resource guide for YMCA of the USA and its partner associations to increase stakeholder engagement and as a learning medium to meet current and future strategic objectives.
  • Developed a four-phase strategy for social media planning and integration for use by YMCA of the USA and its partner organizations.
  • Established scorecard assessment, development and adoption processes, as well as a community manager implementation guide for online communities of practice in strategically aligned areas of the organization.

Knowledge Sharing Manager

McDonald's Corporation

Facilitated better strategic business decisions  through 40+ months of positive comparable sales via the accession, synthesis and delivery of value-added business intelligence related to anticipatory issues, industry, lifestyle and eating trends, and competitive landscape.

  • Produced major research product on Trends in New Media that was used in planning of marketing channels for major marketing campaigns.
  • Researchedfuture workforce trends for use in planningand design of McDonald’s future kitchen prototypes for Top Ten countries.
  • Compiled and synthesized research related to climate change, infrastructure, transportation, sourcing and eating trends, and economic risk factors for Top Ten countries as part of supply chain planning initiative.
  • Provided ongoing, timely research related to strategically aligned, global business teams such as Existing Restaurant Capability, Drive-thru Optimization,and Global MenuSolutions.

Expanded access to organizational knowledge by authoring multiple websites, blogs, wikis and electronic newsletters for stakeholders, resulting in reduced travel time and redundancy and the bridging of geographic boundaries.

  • Designed and built digital libraries for worldwide architecture/design and menu development stakeholders to provide web-enabled access to best practice restaurant design and menu products for reference in the field in 119 countries.
  • Designed and managed websitesfor multiple global teams, including three design and organizationaliterations for Global Menu Solutions and expansion into complementary social media for use by regional food innovation studios in six countries.
  • Integrated alerts, updates, features, and tips into multiple technology channelsto increase ease of discovery of key information and research for stakeholders.

Provided trust-building and engagement consultation to team and community leads to expand community-of-practice efforts for retention of experiential knowledge.

  • Championedand assisted in facilitation of knowledge cafe for 2007 Women’s Leadership Conference, attended by 750 stakeholders from across the value chain. This event received the highest rankings on survey responses after the conference and was replicated throughout the system at different levels.
  • Facilitated knowledge café to build trust and increase collaboration for fifty key stakeholders related to innovation in increased restaurant capability.
  • Advised topic leads and community managers from strategic business areas on engagement practices for building communities of practice.

Reduced speed to knowledge and improved research skills and information technology capabilities of individuals and teams via live and web-enabled training related to research resources and emerging technologies.

  • Conducted monthly web conference sessions for global researchers in 119 countries, representing four geographical divisions of the organization.
  • Reinforced training tips through in-house blog and wiki follow-up
  • Designed, developed and maintained a monthly electronic newsletter that served as reinforcement of training sessions and provided alerting system for new research relevant to strategic business objectives.

Knowledge Services Manager

BP Research Campus

Improved accessibilty and sharing of print and electronic research assets of satellite library for PhD chemists and engineers.

  • Developed and organized a digital learning library and integrated it with online catalog system for access by global stakeholders.
  • Developed pathfinder series for digital resources related to business needs.
  • Managed central research database in response to client needs.


Bachelor of Science

Jun 2003

Master of Science

Dominican University