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Highly driven and motivated professional with extensive experience in Bioengineering, Product Development and Healthcare. Outstanding ability to gather, analyze and interpret data and provide keen management insights. Detail oriented, passionate and love working with different teams. Key research expertise areas include global health, Product development and entrepreneurship, business management and consulting, biotechnology and project management. I am currently seeking a position in Consulting that utilizes my skills, experience and knowledge efficiently. 


Work History


Research Analyst

Vancouver Airport Authority, Canada

  • Worked on a project with Vancouver airport on how a specific International to Domestic Flight Connection program works and built models to study the process; provided recommendations to improve overall efficiency; analyzed data; performed observational studies, modelled the process and made recommendations to improve the process based on different operational scenarios. 
  • Tools used: R, Python, Microsoft Excel, Simio.


Clearstem Technologies, 
  • Worked with a startup that is developing innovative immunotherapy tools to reduce the risk of Graft versus Host diseases in the case of Bone Marrow Transplants. My responsibilities included  building the blueprints towards identifying suitable target markets and help develop the product from the bench to a commercial commodity.


iSave Technologies, Chennai, India
  • Developed an organized system to assist people in medical emergencies to communicate with service providers, hospitals and families via a structured system of communication, in the most efficient way possible.
  • This concepts uses communications, hospital systems and wearable technology, with the entire process monitored via call centers.


The World Bank Group, Chennai, India
  • Assisted the Pensions and Administration team with their daily activities of data processing and communications.
  • Worked with managers/Specialists towards understanding the workings and the organization of the World Bank Group in the spheres of healthcare and global development.

Independent Consultant

The University of Helsinki/Chennai Finland/India
  • Worked with collaborators from the University of Helsinki towards completing a project and research paper on the availability of essential drugs across different segments of the Indian population.
  • Consulted and taught 10-12 students at the Helsinki Summer School organized by the University of Helsinki, where I discussed relationships between pharmaceuticals, healthcare institutions, not for profit organizations with regard to the availability of essential medicines in India.

Business Analyst

Apollo Hospitals Enterprise Limited, Chennai, India
  • Researched new initiatives as part of the group CEO's team focused on Apollo Hospital's goals of expanding beyond the realm of tertiary healthcare.
  • Collaborated with other corporates (Walgreens, Procter and Gamble, IDEO inc) towards identifying opportunities for integrated projects under the Apollo aegis
  • Part of the transformation initiative which seeks to broaden Apollo's horizon in being the number one healthcare provider in India, providing state of the art healthcare services and making these services available across the nation.



Master of Management, Operations Research and Business Analytics

UBC-Sauder School of Business, Vancouver, Canada

 A top ranked program in Canada, the MMOR equips its student to make informed business decisions using analytical tools and techniques. In addition to the management science courses, I also took courses in negotiation, sales, product development and consulting. I interned with the Vancouver Airport authority and helped improve some of their current operational processes.


Certificate of  Global Innovation

Stanford University, Palo Alto/Bangalore USA/India

I won a full scholarship to be a part of the Ignite Cohort in Bangalore, India and under its aegis, I conceptualized and developed the idea of iSAVE technologies. Throughout this program, I learnt how to formulate, develop, and commercialize their ideas by obtaining a strong foundation of core and applied business skills, new approaches to product design and prototyping and working in a team to develop a plan for commercializing a new product or service for an existing organization or a new venture.


Certificate of Bioethics

University of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland

I studied bioethics at the summer school organized by the University of Helsinki in August 2011. These sessions helped me understand the social impact technological innovations make and provided me valuable insights in looking at the complete perspective while making business decisions in my future endeavors. 


Master of  Science in Biomedical Engineering

Louisiana Tech University, Ruston, USA

I graduated with  a master's degree in Biomedical Engineering, where I worked on developing artificial cell culture platforms using self assembled monolayers. My work laid the foundation for using these monolayers in building bioreactors for drug testing and building artificial organs. 

GPA 4.0/4.0


Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering

Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal, India

GPA 3.78/4.0


  • Institute for Operations Research and Management Sciences (INFORMS) 
  • The UBC Consulting Club
  • Manipal Institute of Technology Editorial Board 2001-2002
  • The Interact Club of Vidya Mandir, 1997-1999

Other Interests

  • Former competitive lawn tennis player ( University and State Level) 
  • Currently play cricket with the Meraloma Cricket Club 
  • Other interests include: Playing music, Motorcycling, Volleyball, Photography, Diving, Obstacle and Trail Running