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I live in Minneapolis, Minnesota with my wife. Our children have graduated from college and are having fun in other places. I enjoy traveling, reading, walking, cooking, and, oddly enough, needlepoint. I grew up in Dayton, Ohio with my three brothers - I am the youngest. The reason I am still alive today is that I never told!

Work experience

Work History

Currently, my job title is Business Development Director focused on helping Maritz clients create integrated curricula and approaches for customer experience and continuous improvement initiatives. I consider myself a Solution Design Strategist; a problem solver for both the companies I have worked for and their clients. Prior to joining Maritz, I worked for Honeywell, Wilson Learning, Learning International, and Advantis Research. I have over 25 years of experience in research, training, and organization development.


Schools and Experience

I graduated from Kenyon College and received my Masters from the University of Minnesota. I learn from the people around me. I am good at connecting the dots and taking pieces of conversations, articles, books, objects, pictures, and other information and making something different. In my work and private life I often joke that I make things up and make them happen.