Dawn Keeler

Dawn Keeler


Aug 2013 - Present

MBA w/ Coordinated Dietetic Internship

Dominican University
2010 - 2013


University of Pittsburgh
2007 - 2009


University of Phoenix



Customer Service

Constant problem solving and interactions (in person, telephone, or email) with current and potential customers at previous work site


Worked along side district, city, and general managers to promote both concession and movie ticket sales at previous work site


Seek leadership roles in graduate school projects Managed a movie theater of twenty plus employees

Brief Biography

I am a country girl who moved to the "big city" to pursue my dream of conquering the business world while promoting healthy dietary habits for people coming from all walks of life. From undergraduate student by day, movie theater manager by night to dietetic intern by day, graduate student by night, I got to where I am today with a relentless ambition to do good in the world, no matter how big or small of a difference I can make.

Dietetic Internship Plan

Habilitative Systems, Inc.,Chicago, IL (Sept - Dec 2013)

Community Rotation

  • Nutrition education groups, diabetes and HTN training, corporate wellness
  • http://www.habilitative.org/
  • Preceptor - Susan Killelea-Raines 773-745-2645

Leyden High School, Franklin Park, IL (Jan - March 2014)

Food Service Rotation