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Volunteer/community service; reading (ie: self improvement, education, industry news); current events; business/social networking.


High-performance Manager with 27 years experience in sales, recruiting, performance evaluation, team development, and P&L management.

·        Cultivate customer relationships to better understand their needs, and provide solutions that meet or exceed their expectations.

·        Mentor and Train staff using real life situations, providing both positive and negative feedback, reinforcing skills, building self esteem, and maintaining high morale.

·        Utilize time management skills and common sense business judgment to balance efforts on sales floor, multi-tasking to ensure revenue goals are consistently met or exceeded.

·        Exceptional problem solver, driven to succeed with strong interpersonal skills.

·        Proven self-starter, working independently, while contributing to the success of the team; boundless energy, capable of adopting a number of roles simultaneously.

·        Assertive yet diplomatic management style that yields results; energetic and adaptable; embraces change easily.

Work experience

Feb 2006Feb 2009

Operations Manager

The Maids Home Services

Served as operating manager, supervising 12-18 team members for a professional residential cleaning service. Responsible for quality assurance, customer relations, and team training and retention. Responded to sales calls for new service request with a monthly close rate of 65-75%.

Jun 2005Feb 2006

Store Manager

Guided and mentored staff of 6-10 team members. Established fun and exciting atmosphere for our customers by ensuring all employees were fully educated on products and accessories provided. Conducted continual training sessions designed to improve product knowledge. Held in-house contests to boost sale of rental memberships, increasing sales for promotional period by at least 5-10% above goal.

Jul 2004May 2005

Store Manager

Junior apparel store. Arranged local events/sales for Back-to-School. Organized and participated in Prom and Winter formal fashion shows. Strategic positioning of specialty items with strong visual accessory displays resulted in increase at POS by 15-20%

Jul 2001Jul 2002

Store Manager

Jones New York

Womens apparel and accessories. Networked with Chamber of Commerce to target women in business for local fashion shows and on-site special events. Created striking visual displays, resulting in a 15-20% increase in 3rd quarter revenue.

Jun 2001Jul 2002

Store Manager

London Fog

Family outerwear, apparel, and accessories. Required to recruit and train new staff as result of retention issues. Designed creative, entertaining incentive programs to aid in training initiatives. With positive energy and motivation, I empowered teams to reach beyond company set goals.

Jul 2000May 2001

Store Manager

The Paper Outlet

Sales of paper products and party supplies. Contacted local establishments, marketing our specialty items during holidays and local events. Prepared customer special orders for special occasions, providing creative balloon bouquets and color coordinated party supplies. Achieved Top 3 ranking in 2001 for budget control. Credited with increasing customer base and revenue for 4th quarter by 10-15% over LY figures.

Jun 1998May 2000

Store Manager

The Shoe Dept

Sales of family footwear and accessories. Educated customers on care and proper fit of footwear. Key role in add on sales at POS by support team through continual training of product knowledge, positive motivation, and immediate feedback. Resulted in long term employee retention, with lowest turnover in district.

Apr 1995May 1998

Store Manager

The Camera Shop, Inc.

Sales of photographic equipment/supplies and processing. Maintained in-house photo processing lab. Responsible for maintenance and continued care of chemicals and machines by OSHA standards. Achieved 3rd quarter success during holiday promotions, offering special photo package at reduced price for limited time. Resulted in 10-15% increase in sales, as well as 10% increase in accessory sales

Jun 1992Jan 1994


Sears Parts and Service Dept.

Repair and maintenance of electronics/appliances. Oversee production of 15-20 service technicians. Maintained inventory control for sales of parts and accessories. Recruited and trained new sales staff. Coordinated monthly floor moves via company directives. Developed competitive atmosphere for sale of service contracts, to drive and increase revenue by 10-15% during first year

Jul 1983May 1987

Store Manager

Jacks Camera's

Sales of camera equipment and accessories. Maintained customer accounts for out-lab film processing. Successfully lead small yet dedicated team of 3-5 members to drive and increase monthly revenue 5-10% for family owned business. Educated customers on proper use/care and handling of P&S, 35mm camera equipment. Offered entertaining monthly mini seminars on variety of photographic topics.


Sep 1982Jun 1983



Employee Development
My talent as a creative motivator guides me in leading energetic, goal oriented, teams to success. A trusted manager and articulate communicator, I have been effective in long term retention of people who believe in striving to attain company goals.
Customer Service
  Having proudly served as a retail store manager for 27 years, I have worked for diverse industry employers, which crafted my respect for the value of exceptional customer service. Merely believing that "the customer is always right" is no longer enough. One must live and breath the dedication that lets the customer know that they are special people and will be treated as such by those who serve them.


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