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Hi, My name is Oscar Venegas and i would like to introduce myself by mentioning my personality and my way of doing things. When presenting ones-self to another while also completing the task at hand (multi-tasking). I first introduce a confident firm steady hand shake with ethicality and ambition. At the core of it all, good personality is essential. Here are my ten personal characteristic elements: 1. Honest ( Trustworthy ) 2. Reliable ( Dependable ) 3. Responsible ( Dedication ) 4. Adaptable ( Flexible ) 5. Capable 6. Respectful 7. Caring ( Empathetic ) 8. Courteous ( Considerate ) 9. Cheerful ( sense of humor ) 10. Able to exhibit the use of "Common Sense", like for ex. giving a generous smile back :). These are the Fundamental traits that I also look for in a friend, a partner, or a potential employee. There are other traits that I appreciate in a person, and that is Being able to speak and write well to a person/s by finishing your thought/statement, Lady & Gentleman Characteristic representation show good-class and self-respect. Acknowledging a social ongoing exert it with a state of tranquility, practice public speaking (speech), presentation is key by dressing up well, by the end of the performance, people always and will say "what a great memorable day/night, without Oscar's performance and gear, we wouldn't of had such an exquisite unforgettable time with friends and family" remembering that special day. So if there's a time or place in making a decision in accepting me as your DJ "Oscar" on behalf of "DJ Oscar Sound Productions"  just ask yourself this question. Have you had a marvelous unforgettable event that people keep talking about for decades and say nothing but positive comments? Choose me, not only as your DJ, but as a good friend.


Jun 2004Feb 2006

Associates in Science/ Associates in Arts

Riverside Community College

Riverside City College provides a high-quality, affordable education, including comprehensive student services, student activities, and community programs, and empowers and supports a diverse community of learners as they work toward individual achievement and life-long learning. To help students achieve their goals, the College offers learning support services, pre-college and transferable courses, and career and technical programs leading to certificates or associate degrees. Based on a learner-centered philosophy, the College fosters critical thinking, develops information and communication skills, expands the breadth and application of knowledge, and promotes community and global awareness.

Apr 2000Jun 2004


Santiago High School

Santiago High School is a high school located in Corona, California and is a member of the Corona-Norco Unified School serves Grades 9-12. The school's athletic teams are known as the Sharks. This school runs on the "block" scheduling system meaning students do not attend every class everyday. The block system at Santiago High school runs on the basis that Mondays, students attend periods one(1) through six(6). Tuesdays, students attend classes one(1), three(3), and five(5) for two hours each. Wednesday students attend classes two(2), four(4), and six(6) for two hours each. Thursday holds the same schedule as Tuesday, and Friday the same as Wednesday. The school has a full athletic division, band, choir, color-guard, and video production team. Santiago has a student run television program that is aired once per month called "Shark TV". They offer many sports for both boys and girls including Football, Men and Women Soccer, Men and Women Water polo, Mens and Women Golf, Men and Women Volleyball,and many extracurricular activities.

Work experience

Mar 2007Present

Music & Visual Entertainer

DJ Oscar Sound Productions

I am an experienced Mobile Disc Jockey Entertainer performing at functions like Wedding Ceremonies and/or Receptions, Corporate Parties & Picnics, Graduation Parties, School Dances, Proms, Birthday Parties, Private Parties, and more. I run live sounds for bands and/or public address systems. I set up all equipment: Speakers, Subwoofers, Amplifiers, Turntables, Mixers, Cables, Microphones (wired/non-wired), Lighting, Projector Screen, Projector, Monitors, Photography (Canon Camera)(Different Optical Lenses), Filmography (HD 1080i Camcorder)(note: When capturing footage, "lights, camera, action!" The camcorder shall be used by me or an employee who are strongly inclined in Creativity, Artistic, and Intuit. camera-man in focus rolling, Play-back will portray a difference, "you see it, more importantly, you feel it." (Only for the consideration of viewers). Knowledge is needed in making sure all connections are correct. I make sure all equipment get the right amount of power for each unit (including batteries), Overload and Short Circuit Protection is provided by the equipment to protect your wall Circuit Breaker/s, Overall, Guarantee to make the entire event run smooth.

Jun 2004Aug 2006

Guitar Teacher

Fender Kids Rock