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D.J. Montano is well known for his love of the good life, as shown in his restaurants, his column for The Philippine Star and in his seminars for hospitality etiquette. Not commonly known about D.J. Montano is that he is also a man who has contributed to a number of public service endeavors. D.J. Montano proudly comes from a family with a long history of public service. His grandfather, Delfin Montano, was the former governor of Cavite in the Philippines, and D.J. Montano’s great-grandfather, Justiniano Montano, was a respected Senator. D.J. Montano takes after these two men in more than just name (D.J. stands for Delfin Justiniano) by dedicating some of his time to public service. D.J. Montano is dedicated to providing opportunities to Filipino children. In Cavite, D.J. Montano regularly serves with the foundation that his own family has envisioned and built from the ground up in order to furnish impoverished youth with the ability to advance their education. D.J. Montano was also a member of the Rotary Club of Cavite and The Cavite City Jaycees (Junior Chamber International). Additionally, D.J. Montano is a philanthropist and donates to several children’s charities, serving Filipino youth with his resources, in addition to his time. D.J. Montano’s international pursuits, including the receipt of an advanced degree in Switzerland, have not caused him to forget his roots in the Philippines, nor has his career a columnist, contributing articles for The Philippine Star and other publications, distracted him from his charitable pursuits. D.J. Montano is an active proponent of education and an ally to Filipino youth, providing them with life-altering opportunities while maintaining respectful careers as a restaurateur, professor and columnist.


Work experience

Jun 2003Jun 2008


The Philippine Star

Lifestyle writer for one of the most widely read newspapers in the Philippines, regularly covered fashion, travel & dining features.

Apr 2006Mar 2008


Enderun International Hospitality Management

Lead Faculty for Travel and Tourism




Les Roches, Switzerland

- Student Council Member

- Graduation Speech Honors

- Class Delegate