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David Ladouceur is an operating executive technologist, a great addition to any team, can lead, follow or integrate with diverse management styles. Dave has been involved in the successful commercialization and delivery of complex systems, leading edge technology for over 25 years.Growing up in New Orleans, Louisiana, Mr. Ladouceur holds Bachelor's of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of New Orleans. He is the recipient of the United States’ highest engineering award, the National Medal of Technology, 1991, as a member of the Pegasus Rocket Team.Mr. Ladouceur specializes in taking a vision, an idea or a concept and turning it into a sustainable business, whether a start-up or high growth company where speed of execution and human and monetary capital efficiency can create sustainable value. He is a hands-on manager who brings a no-nonsense, well-enameled leadership style with in-depth operating and management development experience required to create success. When not creating shareholder value, he treasures his family, four children and the great Rocky Mountain lifestyle.

Core Competencies

  • Leader, Technologist, Operations Executive
  • Building and Commercializing Complex Systems and Technology 
  • Start-ups, Expansion & Growth oriented companies (turnarounds)
  • Medtech, Software, Energy, Mobile, Internet, Sports Management, Aerospace industries
  • Team Building and Business Strategy & Development
  • International Experience (Canada, China, India, & Africa)


Team : Superior; // One plus one equals three…great minds create great ideas; avoid pitfalls using lessons learned and harness the best of the best.

Knowledge : Extensive; // People with broad multi-disciplinary backgrounds have a wealth of raw material to create superior strategies, plans and innovation.

Strategy: Solid; // Develop a deep understanding of market drivers; create a vision that is understood by all – update it often based on market feedback and reality checks.

Execution: Spot_On; // Market timing can sometimes be in your favor; the other 100% is nimble, highly efficient, and focused execution at all levels.

Desire: Cultural Fit.  // A passion to win no matter what the odds are.


Cori Ewing, Production Manager, Centrimed/GHX (colleague)

ave has been a great leader and mentor to me and others. As one of his earliest hires at Centrimed I had the opportunity to watch him successfully build that company from the ground up from startup to successful sale. I have yet to meet anyone with Dave’s breadth of knowledge and complete business skill set. I highly recommend Dave for his experience and integrity

Bruce Bacon

Dave has a unique understanding of how cutting edge technology latches to business. Through its application, Dave is able to create competitive advantages. Additionally, he has a full understanding of the process required to take concepts from the drawing board through to production level products. By leveraging these capabilities, companies can get a jump on the competition.

Mike Loucks, Systems Engineer, Orbital Sciences Corporation (colleague)

I worked with Dave at Orbital Sciences Corporation, and have relied on his advice and innovative thinking for over 14 years. Dave is an outstanding technologist. I can always count on Dave to be up to date with any new or upcoming technology and to have not only insight into the details of these technologies but connections to others in the field. His advice is excellent, and he always has a keen eye towards the strategic positions inherent in any venture. My career was greatly enhanced by the time when I worked for and with Dave. His leadership skills helped me to break through any fears I might have of dealing with new and unknown (to me) technologies, and his no-nonsense approach to problem solving rubbed off on me and continues to serve me to this day. Dave is a key ally for anyone trying to be successful in high technology fields. I consult with him regularly, and consider my affiliation with him to have made a great positive impact on my career.

Tom Leifer, Principal Consultant, QI Path (colleague)

I am very lucky to have worked with or under Dave on several projects. The depth and range of his knowledge and experience on technical, business and organizational subjects is almost frightening. His ability to assemble visionary components into operational business propositions is rare and extremely valuable. Every interaction with DAve has been a valuable learning experience for me.

Jason Daingerfield, Web Developer, SkillSurvey (colleague)

I knew within the first 20 minutes of meeting Dave that working for him would have a profound everlasting affect on my career. I was amazed not only by his vision for the future of the company, but also of his vision for the career development of his direct reports. Most managers take an organic approach to employee development, letting their people learn through interactions with co-workers and day-to-day experiences. Dave is proactive, taking the time to get to know his people, finding out what makes them tick and building upon their strengths everyday. He understands better then anyone that a crucial element of success when ramping a company, is ramping individual employees.


Work experience

Aug 2013Present

President & CEO

Graphic Software, LLC

Private Company that works with entrepreneurs that have the drive, passion and innovation needed to create a successful enterprise. We help mold the business into a viable operating force that can command market attention and achieve their ambition. We focus on formation, technology, vision, capital acquisition and operations. Company has been transitioned into New Dimension Equity Partners above.

Jan 2013Present


Elite Soccer Alliance

Elite Soccer Alliance is a private company the will bring next generation Soccer experience to the North America based on the fundamentals of quality, superb facilities and strong ties to global partners bringing the value of a huge developing player population to a refined European market and bringing opportunity for European players to experience North America, in training, rehabilitation and education.

Sep 2013Present

Managing Director (COO & CTO)

New Dimension Equity Partners

New Dimension looks for opportunities that can benefit it's core value and mission -- People -- Planet -- Prosperity. Medical Technology, Information Systems, New Media, Internet and Mobile as well as energy projects can fit this model rather nicely. Whether Buy-Side, Sell-Side or Advisory. Provide strategic assistance to executive teams of early - mid stage companies. Act as an independent advisory on issues ranging from technology, finance, marketing and exit strategies.

Aug 2013Present

Chairman & CTO

Neon Mobile

Guiding company CEO and working as CTO to define architecture and development of the world's first and finest customer engagement platform for small business.

Dec 2009Sep 2013

Managing Director, (COO & CTO)

ProVantage Capital Partners

Managing Director, COO & CTO of ProVantage Capital Partners, a Private Equity firm focused on making investments in fast growth companies with powerful intellectual property, technology and service innovation. My responsibilities included development of the PPM, fund marketing materials, and other related legal documents including all aspects of technology including web-site development and business processes,  created the due diligence and intake business processing systems, performed due diligence on portfolio companies and was a member of the investment committee.

Jul 2006Aug 2013

Co-Founder (COO & CTO)

GreenFly America

GreenFly America "GreenFly" changes the communication paradigm from communicating with a device - to communicating with a member of a professional or personal social network and gives each user personal freedom of how, where and when to communicate with someone. This technology works across all devices, mobile and broadband networks, does not require any knowledge of particular members' personal information, preferences or contact details, and does so in a fully authenticated, automated and spam-proof method.

May 2009May 2011


Idaptic, Inc.

Idaptic is a unique and next generation business process automation technology to be delivered through a SAAS model. Mentor and advisory to founder's.

May 2004Feb 2006

Chief Operating Officer

Skill Survey

Advised a small consulting practice focused on reference checking and assessments and retooled it to a venture capital funded business. Co-author of patent applications and product designs still in use today.


CTO & Vice President Operations

Global Healthcare Exchange (GHX)

Responsible for the operations and technology of a a world-class international healthcare e-commerce and content portal (originally called CentriMed) and was sold to the Global Healthcare Exchange in one year for 4X - 8X returns. Was key man for the sale and initial operations and GHX is a viable ongoing business today.



NetDelivery Corp

Built web based push technology product (publish/subscribe) for the original founder on time and in budget; was asked to re-position company and invented Electronic Delivery Management and was key man to secure contracts and/or investments with IBS, Canada Poste / Bank of Montreal and UPS which generated $15+ million in revenue and investments (Chief Technology Officer). Inventor of bill payment solutions.


Chief Architect III

Evolving Systems Inc

Chief Telecom architect in Artificial Intelligence based provisioning systems, established Boulder, Office of Evolving Systems. Successful rollout of AI based load balancing and provisioning system for GTE, still in use today.


Project Manager

Leading scientist, project and program manager for ground and space based programs and a Co-founder of Orbital Science's Space Technology Lab. Developed and commercialized the Pegasus rocket system and other spacecraft platforms. Developed low cost spacecraft platform Pico-Lab, inventor of the communicaitons protocol OX.25 and other systems in use today.


Lead Engineer

Lead engineer for United Technologies USBI division for NASA's Space Shuttle Solid Rocket Booster Assembly and Checkout System (ABACS) responsible for software and hardware systems. Systems developed were in operation for over 20 years. Developed real-time ethernet based protocols, lead engineer and inventor for the ATLAS run time system and had sign-off authority on the return to flight safety for ABACS related system issues.


Integrated management of medical information

  • United StatesPatent Application 9909500
  • FiledJuly 20, 2001
  • Inventors:Dave Ladouceur, and others A system and method for integrated management of medical product information is disclosed. A dynamic interaction between medical procedures, medical products and product suppliers enables efficient decisions to be made concerning medical product procurement. The system of the present invention...

Integrated management of product information

  • United StatesPatent Application 9909740
  • FiledJuly 20, 2001
  • Inventors:Dave Ladouceur, and others A system and method for integrated management of technical product information is disclosed. A dynamic interaction between procedures, products and product suppliers enables efficient decisions to be made concerning technical product procurement. The system of the present invention includes an...

Heterogeneous Network Delivery of Electronic Messages in Accordance with Privacy and Personalization Criteria

  • United StatesPatent 12796606
  • IssuedJune 8, 2010
  • Inventors:Dave Ladouceur,Michael Tracy A communication gateway includes a queue to receive a group identifier. An action list generator invokes templates corresponding to the group identifier. The templates characterize roles, permissions and transaction rules for communicating with each individual associated with the group identifier...


  • This application claims priority to U.S. Provisional Patent Application
  • 61/658,889, filed June 12, 2012, entitled, "Apparatus and Method for Utilizing Three dimensional
  • Facades for Organizing content", the contents of which are incorporated herein.
  • Inventors: Dave Ladouceur, Chris Ladouceur, Rob Griffin


Jan 1984

Bachelor of Science

University of New Orleans


Mentoring, Entrepreneurship, Emerging Nations, Promoting Girls in Sports.


Emerging Markets
Have been working with emerging markets and the Chinese on bringing large scale improvements to the quality of life through american innovation.
Private Equity / Venture Capital
Have direct experience building investment models, PPMs and developing operation management for Private Equity/Venture Capital companies. Built all operations, due-diligence, legal framework, term sheets, and reporting systems for portfolio companies (BPM). Superior technologist for due-diligence and market-business analysis in energy, healthcare, software, new-media and other industries.
Corporate Operations and IT (CIO/CTO)
Automation and development of all Corporate Business Processes deploying technology at the right level, the right pace and a great ROI.
Business Startup, Growth and Commercialization
Concept to successful sale, all aspects of establishing a business, commercialization of technology, product road map, market development and communications, sales plan and sales force creation, public relations, investor relations, capital acquisition, and ultimate merger or sale positioning. I am able to take technology and R&D from lab to market ready; develop channel and reseller programs and expand product depth and reach.