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Work experience


Orangeburg-Calhoun Free Medical Clinic

I filled prescriptions, checked patients in and out, I filled medical documents into folders and the clinic computer system. I also shadowed the doctors that came in to get a better view on the medical field.


Aug 2011Present

Claflin University


Able to file folders and files into a file cabinet or computer filing system
Public Speaking
Being able to present a project and speak out about what i feel 
Computer processing
I am very familiar with Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, and Microsoft Excel

My Personal Vision

I want to live in a world in which stereotyping does not define the person and judge their life. I would be inspired to work in an organization that dedicates their work to helping those less fortunate and who are working for a change. I would be proud to lead a team that is going to stick it out with me all the way, through the good and bad. A transformed world would be a potential world sat aside from the how the world is defined as now. My work in the world will hopefully become closer and hopefully change my vision of my defined world. I need feedback, criticism, and support from my team or organization to get closer to my ideas. I can offer my ideas, support, understanding and my personal statements and morals to my team and organization to move closer to their ideas. 


My Mission Statement

My mission behind everything I do is special something I shall cherish forever. I am a thinker surrounded by the Lord. I’m unknown to some but known to many. I am known by my family and friends as a young woman of great value, leadership, and intelligence. Look at me as a caring, loving, and kind-hearted person willing to help those in need. I respect the people who have gotten me this far, and the people who are preparing me to go further. I shall not give up and I will enjoy life everyday like it’s my last. I value Christ and know that I can do all things through Him who Strengthens me.


I am very interested in researching cancer cells since I am an Undergrad Biology major. I enjoy attending workshop seminars on financial planning, interview skills, and work skills. I also enjoy sports basketball preferably because it is my favorite sport and I like the intensity.