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Greetings I  am a goal driven individual eager to accomplish any task set before me. I pride myself on maintaining a positive work ethic. My determination on reaching my goals is both direct and honest. I am a 30  year veteren in the martial arts, and was a particapant in the 1984 Olympics in the Wushu Federation. I enjoy the arts, teaching, music and writting. I look foward to working in an environment that boasts unlimited growth potential. I have 40 hour of training in arm and unarmed security my aim is to create a safe secure environment and also I have some very creative  ideas looking forward to sharing and meeting you 


I love the Martial Arts and the discipline it teaches. Growing up in the South side of Chicago was no walk on the beach, and the arts saved my life on many levels. I was able to protect myself as well as my loved ones in times of need, without being the aggresser. At the age of 20, while most of the people I knew my age where in jail, I was able to participate in the 1984 Olympics in the Wu-Shu Federation where I placed 2nd. I am truely greatful for the life skills and ethics that it has instilled in me.


  • Continue to hone my skills as a security officer.
  • To have a place of employment that has unlimited growth potential.
  • Serve and protect the interests of clients.
  • To be employed at a place that holds customer service as a top priority.
  • Continue to participate in cutting edge securities training.
  • To have a long term rewarding career as a security officer.

Work History

Feb 2007Present

Security Officer

Big Boy Protective Services
  • Traveled Metro Atlanta area to secure client locations.
  • Implemented crowd control strategies which resulted in safer entertainment venues.
  • Promoted to team leader.
Sep 2015Nov 2015

Nov 2005Jul 2006

Security Officer

Spartan Protective Services
  • Responsible for secureing multi -million dollar construction site.
  • Taveled Metro Atlanta area to secure client locations.
Jan 2001Feb 2005

Body Guard

Executive Protective and Detective Security
  • Provided executive level security services for community and business leaders.
  • Orchestrated new security tactics to ensure client safety.
  • Participated in cutting edge training classes.


Sep 2015Nov 2015

Asbestos removal

Occupational safety environmental education

40 hours of training  

Sep 2012

Fire Arms License

Executive Protective and Detective Security
  • Updated my firearms training and license.
  • Scored 100% on written exam.
  • Was able to engage target profficiently during range training.
  • Trained in detection of bombs and weapons of mass destruction.
Jul 1984Jan 1985


Oliver Harvey College



Occupational safety environmental education

Title 2 of the toxic substances control 

Occupational safety environmental education 

Asbestos worker


Weapons Registry

State of Georgia

License to carriers permit

May 1984Nov 1984

Armed and Unarmed Body Gaurd

State of Georgia

Security Certification

State of Georgia

40 hours of armed and unarmed security

Range score 92%

Text Section

TO: Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies
FROM: Vincent Mosley (CFTOOO384)
DATE: August 20th 2016
RE: Completed Security & Firearms Training

This letter is to certify that the listed personnel have completed the (40 hours) of required security and firearms continuing education training by The Georgia Board of Private Detectives and Security Agencies. The instructions were given by a Georgia Board Certified Instructor Vincent Mosley (CFTR000384). The training location was 4163 Clairmont Rd. Chamblee Georgia. The range location was Range, Guns & Safes located in Forest Park Georgia. Mr. Jemison qualified with a 40 cal. semi-auto handgun.

Names Range Score