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About Me

Highly qualified with excellent  verbal and written communication skills, ability to deal with people positively under different circumstances, willingness to learn, team facilitator, hard worker. Have created many websites for friends and family out of my interest and their request. I like to serve society by helping orphans with education. 

Work Summary

Mar 2018Mar 2019


Telenor, Fornebu.

I have got a place in Telenor, in Telenor Integration for 1 year.

Jun 2016Feb 2017

SEO og Performance Rådgiver

Digital Fjord AS, Oslo
  • Following up with clients from various departments.
  • Communicating and coordinating with leads from different parts of the country.
  • Google Adwords, social media management, digital consulting.
  • Analyzing webpages, production of optimized content, technical improvement on webpages, educating customers and salesforce.
  • Workshops for all SEO-aspects, some design and overall improving results for our customers.
  • The position also includes some social media and Adwords knowledge.
Jan 2016Mar 2016

Digital IT Sales Consultant

Multi Sky Consulting AS, Oslo
  • B2B Marketing
  • Selling IT Google Packages.
  • Have already closed interesting deals from UK and Netherlands.
  • Following up many capable leads/clients from all around the world.
Jun 2009Nov 2012

Seminar & Assignment Developer

Many Colleges from UK

Prepared Seminar, Powerpoint Presentations, Assignments for students in UK. Was working with different subjects and I just enjoyed helping students who did part time job in UK and did not have time to take care of their academic results. 

Dec 2006Apr 2007

Project Trainee

Infotech - ICICI Group Of Companies (India)
    • The objective is to Develop a  Internal Auditing Tool for Auditors using PREMIA  application.
    • PREMIA is an end-to-end Integrated application software for Insurance Companies
  • TOOLS:
    •  Front-End: D2k (Forms Builder 10g, Reports Builder 10g)
    • Back-End: ORACLE using TOAD as a Tool.
    • Created Audit Programs Registration form which is used to register audit program before going for Audit.
    • Created Internal Audit Query that allows the auditors to raise the query when they visit an operating office for Audit.
    • Created Internal Audit Masters. It is for entering the master details with 7 sub menus.
    • Generated Reports by getting output for the Interface form inputs along with 2 sub modules.
    •  Performed Network Management, Storage, Backup & Recovery.
    • Tested and Verified Audit details Query for viewing the Policy and claim details.
    • Tested the Internal Audit system which involved unit testing, integration testing, functional testing and user acceptance testing.
    • Communication and selling of the Internal Audit Program to the Clients.
    • Workload of Auditors are reduced and every detail is stored in the system automatically while processing. Hence it has improved Auditors work efficiency.
    • Due to excellent performance, organization offered a permanent position.

Projects & Seminars

Masters in Computer Application - Project Work (NOVEMBER 2006)

    • Create Online Real Estate Webpage for Buying Houses.
  • TOOLS:
    • Front - End: ASP.NET and Visual Studio.NET 
    • Back - End: MS Access
    • Created a login page for Admin and User.
    • Created forms in ASP.NET for many pages to meet Customer needs. 
    • Provided useful information's with relevant documentations and pictures to help customer  that has to be noted before buying houses.
    • Successfully created the Online Real estate Web Page for customers without any error.

Bachelors in Information Technology - Project Work (APRIL 2004)

    • Create a Cartoon animation
  • TOOLS:
    • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, SWISH , Adobe Premier Pro
    • Created 5 modules. Story Boarding, Character designing, Animation, Character voice, Sound mixing.
    • Designed and drawn Cartoon characters and Scene by Scene of the movie using Photoshop.
    • Complete movie was animated with Adobe after effects successfully.
    • Merged the movie and the sound using Adobe premier Pro.

Introduction to Intranet  - Seminar (NOVEMBER 2006)

    • Presentation about Microsoft Intranet and its Credentials.
  • Explained the audience about:
    • Intranet Concepts, Advantages, Disadvantages, Intranet leadership, Working of intranet, Outsourcing your intranet and more.



Have received NOKUT’s general recognition for my Bachelors and Masters which is an evaluation of foreign higher education against the Norwegian degree structure. 

Reference: 16/01942

* Norsk Bachelorgrad - 180 studiepoeng

* Norsk Mastergrad - 120 studiepoeng


Masters - MCA

SRM University, India.

Masters In Computer Applications - 3 years. Passed Out in "First  Class" with 82.2 % in hand.



Mahendra Engineering College, India 

Bachelors in Information Technology - 3 years. Passed Out in "First  Class" with 69 % in hand.

Training & Certifications

1) Google Analytics: How to use Google Analytics to improve website performance. ( Completed)

2) AdWords 101: The Beginner's Guide to AdWords: How to setup and optimize your AdWords account. (Completed)

3) Google Adwords: Essential Tips for Profitable Campaigns: Learn how NOT to lose money on your adwords campaigns, do it right from the start. (Completed)

4) Learn AdWords in 60 Minutes: A comprehensive introduction to Google Adwords, for business owners who want to promote their businesses on Google. (Completed)

5) How to make a WordPress website 2016: A-Z guide to creating amazing website from Scratch! Using the newest version of Wordpress. (Completed)

6) Social Media Management: Digital marketing training to Learn How to Use Social Media, Social Media Strategy and Social Media Marketing. (Completed)

7) Landing Pages with wordpress: Creating attractive and beautiful landing pages. (Completed)

8) Landing Pages that convert- no coding: Creating high-converting landing pages with great response. (Completed)

Other Skills & Interests

SKILLS:  HTML, Visual Basic,MS Office Suite, Social Networking, Oracle

INTERESTS: Creating Web Pages, Serve Society, Gardening, Current Affairs (NEWS), Photography

Volunteer Experience

Kamalalayam Charitable Trust, India. (MAY 2007 - DECEMBER 2007)

Have been an Enthusiastic volunteer for educating the kids with knowledge and Teaching creative crafts.

Personal Information

2008 - 2013 : All these years my husband was travelling internationally and i was travelling along with him, so i was able to get international exposure. I have always been in touch with the latest updates and i keep myself engaged by working on the computers. I design websites for friends, I write assignments for students studying in UK, I create very attractive presentations and such. I also take online courses in when I find time.

I am married with 2 kids. My elder boy is in skole (4th Grade) and my younger girl is 5 years and in Barnehage.

2018: This year 2018, is full of new opportunities and challenges for me. Yes, I have started to attend B1 norsk kurs in Sandvika (1 evening class in a week) and I was also doing a praksis job in Asker skole's (2 days a week). I was assisting the teachers and students in Landøya Skole (Technology) and also in Vollen Skole (Programming). I hvave now got into Telenor Integration for Praksis.


English - written & spoken, A2 level in Norsk, Tamil - Mother Tongue.


Date : Dated Today

Sign : Divya