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The founder of, Divini Rae Sorenson will soon launch an insightful new health and fitness blog. A longtime model, makeup artist, and beauty consultant, she has maintained a passion for health throughout her career. Now a fitness model and rising fitness personality, Divini Rae strives to inspire others to attain a happier, healthier life through proper diet and exercise. In her philosophy, staying fit does not only require a traditional cardio or weight lifting program. Instead, she often extends her workout into playtime with her two-year-old daughter or into her yoga practice.An avid yogi, Divini Rae practices vinyasa flow power yoga, a form of yoga that emphasizes moving meditation, strength and balance. Additionally, she incorporates martial arts into her fitness routine, studying Muay Thai boxing and Krav Maga. Although Divini Rae has been dedicated to fitness for many years, her commitment took on new meaning after gaining more than 80 pounds during her pregnancy. Since losing her baby weight, she has received so many messages from fans across the country seeking support and advice that she decided to start her blog.A native of rural Alaska, Divini Rae values her simple upbringing free of television, electricity, and running water. In her early 20s, however, she traded Alaska's snowy mountains for the beaches of Sydney, Australia, where she launched her modeling career. After several years of lingerie and swimwear shoots, Divini Rae appeared on the cover of Inside Sport Magazine, the Australian equivalent of Sports Illustrated Magazine, and in the centerfold of Playboy Magazine. To learn more about the fitness expert and her life story, visit


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