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Logos In Stitches

Logos In Stitches is an online custom embroidery business that offers catalogs from which to choose men's, ladies and youth apparel and accessories. If you need polos, company dress shirts, jackets, towels, or bags, we have a vast selection from which to select just what you need. We provide personal customer service and will shop not only our catalogs on the website, but all of our other suppliers as well.
Having been in the embroidery business for over 24 years, we have the experience and expertise required to convert any company or team's artwork into an excellent custom embroidered logo. We know the importance of your company's image and we pay particular attention to your logo. You don't have a second chance for a first impression and we work hard to make sure you look professional and that your company appears organized so a potential customer of yours becomes comfortable and confident that you will handle their account seemlessly. Your appearance matters when it comes to getting the business.
Logos In Stitches is family-owned and operated and we are here servicing the local businesses and teams.
When visiting our website, don't forget to sign up for your FREE Logo Set-Up! This is a $50 savings and that's huge when it comes to custom embroidered logos. We ship locally for a $10 flat fee, no matter the weight of your order! If you need a sample for inspection or sizing purposes, just ask. We cater to our customers and are eager to help you.
And, if you email us, we'll answer promptly! That's how we roll....FAST! We produce orders the same way!
Come visit, look around, and let us hear from you. We'd love to call you one of our valued customers.