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Personal information :

  • Address : F. De Pillecynstraat 5, 9160 Lokeren, Belgium
  • Mobile Phone : +32 479 04 71 81
  • E-mail : [email protected]
  • Date of birth : 10/04/1963
  • Married, 3 children

Employment history :

Malysse-Sterima (since 2005 to date)

  • The Group, with approximately 800 employees, is a total supplier of sterile medical consumables and services for the hospitals and is also specialized in the rental and maintenance of a complete linen package and professional clothing for the hospitals, nursing homes and assisted living centres. The Group has 6 production plants in Belgium and one in North France. Further information :
  • Operations Director, Malysse-Sterima Group since 2005 to date :
    • Reports to the General Director of the Group. Member of the Management Team.
    • Responsible for all operations at all 7 group’s production sites, including planning, stock management and purchasing.
    • Some of the most relevant projects :
      • Establishing steering groups, creating KPI’s, mgmt reports & Business Unit analysis tools.
      • Optimization/improvement of the cost price systems.
      • Optimization of production batch sizes on set level (stock level, cost price, service level).
      • Turn-around of a laundry plant : profitability, quality, service.
      • Realization of improvements in terms of organization, efficiency and quality in the plants.
      • Realization of cost reductions in operations of 2 to 3 % in each of the past years.
      • Development of site optimization plans.

Desso Group (1993 – 2004)

  • Desso is an internationally operating group in the field of textile floor covering and artificial grass, with production plants in Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany. Desso has sales networks in and outside Europe, selling both to private and business customers (e.g. offices), including niche markets such as hotels, cruise ships and aircrafts.Further information :
  • Corporate Logistics Manager, Desso Group from 2000 till 2004 :
    • Total Supply Chain Management of the entire Desso Group :
      • Total production and procurement planning, from raw materials to finished products.
      • Responsible for cutting centres, warehouses, internal transports and distribution to clients.
      • Optimization of stock management, customer service, SKU’s (cost versus profit contribution), warehouses and distribution.
      • Analysis, proposals, member of steering groups for integration & consolidation of production plants.
    • Logistics framework :
      • 5 plants (2 in Belgium, 2 in The Netherlands and 1 in Germany).
      • 3 cutting centres with 24/48 hours service, cutting the finished carpet to size and detailed distribution to carpet retailers.
      • Inter-company transportation between plants and warehouses, distribution to customers.
    • Member of steering groups for integration of Desso in the Armstrong Group : logistic organization, warehouses, transport and distribution, planning, SAP implementation, ...
    • Until September 2002 reporting to the CEO of the Desso Group, then to the Vice-President Operations of Armstrong Flooring Products Europe
  • Plant Manager, Desso Dendermonde from 1999 till 2000 :
    • Management of the Desso Dendermonde plant (responsible for 350 employees in total), the group’s largest production plant. This plant is responsible for the most important product flows to the market and also plays a central role in the provisioning of semi-finished goods to other production plants of the group.
  • Logistics and Planning Manager, Benelux from 1994 till 1999 :
    • Responsible for the planning of tufted, woven and artificial grass products.
    • Responsible for warehouses, carpet cutting, expedition and transportation/distribution.
    • Implementation & optimization of logistics package and procedures : forecasting, planning strategies, lot size optimization, lead time reduction, ... .
    • Supply chain integration with important yarn suppliers such as DuPont and Aquafil.
    • Study of central warehousing and central cutting centrManager Methods &
  • Maneger Methods & Organisation, Belgium from 1993 till 1994 :
    • Responsible for BOM/Routing & cost price master data management
    • Responsible for industrial engineering.
    • Project management for the implementation of a new logistics package.

Compex (1987 – 1993)

  • Software systems implementator, specialized in production automation, laboratory automation and warehouse management systems used by international customers such as Unilever, Procter&Gamble, General Motors, Ford, BASF, Bayer, BP Chemicals, Agfa Gevaert, Atlas Copco, DeNaeyer Papier, ... . Taken over by Siemens in 2001.
  • Business Unit Mgr “Industrial Applications”, Consultancy/Sales from 1990 till 1993.
  • Project leader / project management from 1988 till 1990.
  • Programmer / analyzer from 1987 till 1988.

Education :

  • Industrial Engineer in Electricity, Option Electronics, Specialty Computer Sciences. Magna cum laude, KIHO Ghent, from 1981 till 1985.
  • Training courses : Functional and technical analysis, Project Management (1988 – 1993).
  • Training course & certificate (1993-1994) : Industrial Engineering, PvO.
  • APICS (CPIM) training course & certificate, PICS Belgium (1994 – 1995).

Language skills :

Reading          Comprehension            Speaking

  • Dutch :  very good      very good                    very good = mother tongue
  • English :  very good      very good                    very good
  • French :  good              good                            intermediate
  • German : good              good                            intermediate

Software knowledge :

  • Experienced in MS Office software (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, ...) and knowledge of SAP
  • From the Compex period : experienced in operating systems (e.g. Unix), relational databases (e.g. Oracle), en programming languages (C, C++, Pascal, etc.)

Hobbies and personal interests :

  • Investments in stocks (international stock markets) and raw materials.
  • Reading (Trends&Cash, De Tijd, literature on general mgmt, supply chain mgmt, IT, production, ...).
  • Travelling.