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Work experience

Sep 2014Present

Mediation Designer & Colsultant


Responsibility: Develop design and implement all Mediation solutions. All 3G and 4G solutions and network up-gradation and IMS Proposition.

May 2013Apr 2014

Mediation Solution Designer

Ziggo Netherlands


  1. Design Mediation solution for Mobile proposition.
  2. Design Mediation for all IP call.
  3. Design Mediation for all Network elements.
  4. Create requirement document for delivery team.
  5. Evaluate technical design from delivery team.
  6. Work in tandem with Architect team and propose best possible solutions.
  7. Support the architect team and E2E testing team.
  8. Work with TechM on design change and Test issues.
Nov 2009Mar 2013

Billing Manager

VIVA Bahrain

Area: Billing Manager
Duration: March 2011 to March 2013

  1. Manage Billing operations.
  2. Attend weekly Status meeting with customer.
  3. Attend weekly deployment meeting.
  4. Attend weekly TADIG and roaming commercial team.
  5. Manage roaming and Interconnect team.
  6. Work on existing design change and new requirement to stream line operation and reduce operation issues.
  7. Support the architect team and E2E testing team.

Area: Mediation Stream Lead
Duration: 3rd March 2010 to March 2011

  1. Managing Mediation Team in day to day activity.
  2. Helping E2E Architect team with Solution Designing.
  3. Client facing activity requirement gathering for new CR’s.
  4. Helping Roaming team with TD Testing.
  5. Coordinating with E2E testing team in implementing new VAS and other features.
  6. Analysing impact for upcoming services and solution designing.

Area: System Integration and development
Duration: Nov 2009 to March 2010

  1. Requirement Gathering.
  2. Mediation Solution designing for STC Bahrain.
  3. E2E development on MediationZone platform for SMSC, MMSC, MSC, SGSN, GGSN and NRTRDE.
  4. Writing logic on Report generation and automated email & SMS alert for Mediation issues.
  5. Product deployment in production.
Nov 2008Oct 2009

Mediation Team Lead

HCPT Jakarta
  1. Providing the requirement to In
  2. Giving solution log
  3. Writing UAT Test case
  4. Writing Operation Readiness Test case
  5. Doing the UAT test. Also providing solution design on failed test cas
  6. Implementing Parallel run for 2 month.
  7. Assist Migration to cluster environment
  8. Development on FusionWork in Batch Mediation.
  9. Datamart project Complete development on FusionWork in Batch Mediation.
  10. Development on FusionWork in RealTime Mediation.
  11. Requirement Gathering for New SMSC from Huawei to replace Jinny SMSC.
Jul 2008Sep 2008

Mediation Team Lead.

Telus Canada
  1. Knowledge transfer to Team on Mediation.
  2. Work as face of TechMahindra in client site to take handover of the project from Amdocs to TechMahindra.
Apr 2005Mar 2008

Mediation Engineer

Neural Technology

Clients: Vodafone (New Zeeland, Australia, UK, Egypt),  TDC Denmark,  BRT Brazil,  Maxis Malaysia,  MTN Nigeria,  MTN South Africa,  MediTel Morocco,  TurkCell Turkey, Trilogy, Orange Poland.


  1. Attend kick off meeting at client site.
  2. Give Product demo.
  3. Briefly understand the client requirements.
  4. Give the client an over view of the Solution Architecture.
  5. Attend conference call with client to gather the detailed requirement.
  6. Document the requirement in the BRS. And take the sign off from the client.
  7. Develop the solution
  8. Gather the sample data from the client.
  9. Validate the data with the Specification document.
  10. Develop the Decoder/Parsers in MZ.
  11. Assign the team for developing the Business Logic.
  12. Draft the FS (Functional Specification) Document and Internal Release note.
  13. Review the FS after its modification by the team.
  14. Send it to the SQA for testing.
  15. Review the Internal Release Note document with the team and understand the release for every test cycle.
  16. Work with the SQA before deployment.
  17. Get the UAT data from the SQA.
  18. Test the data in the development system.
  19. Review the UAT document with the SQA team.
  20. Remote product installation.
  21. Do the remote installation of the product in the client test server.
  22. Do the remote installation of the product in the client production server.
  23. Onsite UAT and deployment
  24. Do the UAT on the product in front of the Client Team.
  25. Upload the configuration of the product.
  26. Do the UAT on the data processing using data provided by SQA.
  27. Do the UAT on data processing provided by Client SQA team.
  28. Complete the UAT document.
  29. Get the signoff from the Client.
  30. Get the signoff from the client on the FS (Functional Specification) Document.
  31. Post deployment.
  32. Do the system monitoring for 5 days from Client site.
  33. Do the system monitoring for 5 days from offshore.
  34. Write the Support hand over document.
  35. Hand over to support team.
Sep 2004Apr 2005

Project Engineer

Wipro InfoTech

Client: Hutch India(Currently Vodafone)

Day to day support activity for Mediation & Provisioning.

Write collector code in C on Unix for Wipro's OSS Smart.

Write SMS alert in Shell Script for Provisioning and CDR Collection.





Telecom BSS & OSS

Implementation delivery support