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Soumyadip (Dip) Bhattacharya

Senior IT Project Manager

Professional Experience

Jul 2013Present

IT Project Manager 

Department of Economic Development, Corporate Finance Division

Various IT system implementation projects including system migration, data migration, application development & infrastructure setup

  • System Migration – System integration project due to merging and off boarding several government departments
  • Data Migration – Data and report migration project due to system integration
  • Application Development – Development of Asset Management System
  • IT Infrastructure – Upgrading database system, file and network storage

 Key Tasks

  • Prepared overall system migration strategies and communicated with key stakeholders including corporate and core finance team
  • Engaged stakeholders (Director of Finance/CFO, Director of Project Control, Director of Procurement, Director of Budget and financial Analysis, Director of Financial System, Manager of Change Control) from different levels of the organization with varying interests and impacts into the project and communicated on a monthly basis. Articulated project progress and discussed any variations required for current or future stage with new tolerance level
  • Managed project budget of $3.7m+ with a team strength of 20+ consisting operational experts, divisional representatives, and vendor engagement
  • Prepared concurrent Project Management plan within the Master Schedule to manage related mandatory system requirement such as hardware refresh, platform upgrade, desktop level patching and upgrade, Operating system upgrade, and purchasing proprietary software licenses in a typical “buy and configure” environment. Prepared concurrent schedules and managed delivery of each tasks to meet the Master Schedule of Application and System Development
  • Established Project Management and Communication Strategies, reviewed Business Case and formulated a cost recovery based budgeting model to simplify Service Level Agreement with other Government agencies such as Taxi Directorate, Public Transport Victoria etc.
  • Prepared detail Project Plans including structured documentation and management products for each activity based on allocated budget and time frame
  • Designed Program of Works and briefed to the project board (steering committee)
  • Established RAID to capture risks, impacts, and any dependencies to quickly mitigate or escalate
  • Designed detail Financial Reporting plans and documents to keep Project Board updated with regular financial status
  • Benchmarked data validation procedures and overall “take-on” data governance plan
  • Identified system migration requirements including data, workflows, and reports (170+ reports) from three different Oracle eBusiness Systems to maintain a single Chart of Account and General Ledger (and sub-ledger items) to produce Financial Statement
  • Engaged UXC (Vendor) consultants and communicated detail delivery plan. Engaged project team and vendors into daily meeting and kept track of progress, raised variances, communicated to executive leadership team for further approval, updated issue register, and resolved any critical loopholes
  • Engaged UXC consulting vendors in a Managed Development Process under strong leadership to achieve the specialist product
  • Assisted internal and external auditors (VAGO) in several aspects of their system auditing after the data migration took place. Discussed data validation and governance plans with auditors in relations to addressing acceptable data management procedure regulated by VAGO (Auditor General)
  • Provided thoughts and leadership to the development of standards relating to the corporate data analyses and reporting
  • Performed day to day communication and management role, including providing data insight and business analysis to ongoing data warehouse projects, third party reporting projects, core financial team and any other interested parties such as VicRoads, TAC and other regulatory agencies, reports to DTPLI


  • Brought 20+ operational divisions from 2 separate departments (Transport and Community Development), agencies such as Public Transport Victoria, Taxi Services Commission, and VicRoads (Project Delivery side) under a standardized Business Intelligence System with near real time access to the financial and job costing information
  • Reports were deployed and consumed in different formats suitable to different divisions or group. Web Based reports being most popular with standard reports in PDF, Word, and regular Excel
  • Initial data take on was completed successfully and a Chart of Account was setup correctly, enabled the department to conduct day to day financial operations as well as preparing precise Financial Statements, reports, and analysis
  • Data defects, potential duplication, and fault tolerance levels were further minimized in due course
  • Project was closed successfully and custom products were handed over to the core Financial System (Business As Usual) team
Nov 2009Jul 2013

Technical Project Manager 

Department of Transport

Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing and other multiple concurrent IT system projects within Program of Works

 BI & Data Warehouse System Upgrade – End to end Microsoft BI reporting system upgrade and enhancement to incorporate several legacy data sources, custom reports, dashboards

  • Application Development – Departmental Workflow and Approval System
  • Application Development – Departmental Vendor Audit System
  • Application Development - Development of Contract Management System
  • Database Upgrade – Oracle and SQL Server database upgrade project

 Key Tasks

  • Evaluated Project Qualification on the basis of existing software products and hardware platforms in a centrally managed IT infrastructure
  • Designed core project delivery team consisting Senior Business Analyst, Subject Matter Expertise (internal) and engaged UXC vendor to work on the construction phase of the project
  • Worked independently and coordinated Project Sponsors (Steering Committee consisting CFO, Director of Project Control and Assurance, Manager of Financial System Operations) and project team to define and allocate resources for this large Data Warehouse project
  • Worked in conjunction with IT hardware infrastructure team and PMO to prepare a solution platform to house and support Business Intelligence products
  • Sought funding and procured hardware infrastructure and organized hand over to centrally managed IT infrastructure
  • Managed 7m+ budget over all projects with total team strength of 50+
  • Engaged Software and Service Providers to procure adequate software licenses across departments
  • Designed detail Program of Works and Work Packages to be executed
  • Engaged in regular meeting with vendors and SMEs to keep track with acceptable delivery of the product within very tight time and budget
  • Communicated key stakeholders and project sponsor committee to highlight any exception, cost variation, achieved milestones (completed work packages) or change of plan
  • Provided guidance, leadership, and “go ahead” to the development team
  • Organized and coordinated UAT activity before production implementation
  • Project was critically evaluated, resources were released, software products were handed over to Business As Usual, issue register, lesson logs were updated, and defect management and rectification plans were defined within the Product Support area
  • Continued working as an Internal Project Manager for ongoing IT projects from Software Development, hardware refresh, system upgrade, database upgrade, platform upgrade and many others. Worked closely with several business divisions within the department to assist day-to-day data management and reporting requirement


  • Managed concurrent projects adding to Master Schedule to upgrade both legacy and BI database systems including hardware refresh with minimum business downtime
  • Added core accounting and financial functionalities in the existing BI system with a great level of satisfaction from customer side
  • Managed and delivered an integrated Contract Management System for procure department within a very tight budget and minimal corporate involvement
  • Provided state of the art integrated reporting platform to consolidate financial, project, and contractual information
  • Maintained technical leadership at a corporate level. Acted as a point of contact for specialized advise related to IT systems
Jun 2006Nov 2009

Senior BI System Architect  & Consultant

 Department of Transport, Finance Division

Development of Microsoft Business Intelligence System

  • Worked independently and coordinated Project Sponsors (Steering Committee) and project team to define and allocate resources for this large Data Warehouse project.
  • Performed business process modelling, data work flow modeling, and gap analysis to define system requirement.
  • Documented initial project scope, deliverables and risks
  • Implemented appropriate DW (Customized Kimball) methodologies throughout the SDLC
  • Conducted workshops with business divisions to identify major business processes and key departmental report requirement
  • Designed Corporate System Integration model based on DOT’s key applications and databases
  • Designed and developed BI Solution using SQL Server Technologies to interface DOT’s key legacy systems such as Oracle Financials, Contract Management System (Lotus Notes), Project Management Systems (Primavera) and several other silo applications
  • Around 126 initial key reports were developed and continued “as needed basis” for DOT Divisions for Management Reporting and KPI measuring using SQL Server Reporting (SSRS 2005/2008 R2), Custom Web Solution
  • Managed vendor engagement to negotiate and deliver overall solution
  • Continued working as a Data Warehouse and Reporting Manager. Worked closely with several business divisions within the department to assist day-to-day data management and reporting requirement
  • A job costing and WIP tracking DW and subsequent cubes were designed in MS SQL 2005 based on Oracle’s Project (Oracle Project Accounting) module to further enhance the GL based DW previously designed
  • Subsequent MS SQL data marts were developed and SSAS cubes were designed between 2007 and 2010 financial year to address division’s individual reporting requirement


  • Corporate BI System enabled greater visibility and accurate information access to the organization. Other benefits such as critical reporting during financial month end processes, single source of information, cross functional analysis of business data, pixel perfect graphing and charting, traffic lighting for project performances were realized in due course

Implemented and managed market leading Business Intelligence Analytic System; thus greatly increased the efficiency of a Managed Services as well as enabled self-service BI by minimizing dependency on a centralized IT team

May 2005Apr 2006

Senior Techncial Business Analyst

VicRoads, Information Service Division

Initial 6 months contract to help project team to prepare a business case for a large EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) project to justify a consolidation of VicRoads 21 major IT systems into a single system named RoadsOne

 Identified key business areas using different systems

  • Conducted team workshop with key business areas to understand system usage and reporting structure
  • Documented initial literature about process “as is” and process “to be”
  • Designed Corporate System Integration model based on VicRoads 21 key applications and databases
  • Designed a conceptual web based Corporate Portal for “one stop shop” for all VicRoads regions to perform their business, data analysis and reporting
  • Prepared functional specs and system requirement for corporate data warehouse


  • A viable business case was prepared for submission to project sponsor team
  • Business case was approved and Expression of Interest was issued thereafter for initial tendering process
Feb 2005May 2005

Business Intelligence Architect

Gale Pacific Ltd.

Development of Global Data Warehouse for Manufacturing, Sales and Inventory. Gale Pacific, being in the leading business of outdoor products such as Gazebos, required an end-to-end DW and BI Reporting system to measure their channel marketing and sales performance. They had hand crafted Excel reports pulled out of AS/400 system, pivoted, often didn’t meet the manager’s expectation. Not only reports were lacking in clarity, the channel sales manager had no ability to “slice-n-dice” and “chop-n-change” sales data to quantify market profitability. They required a near real time BI reporting rather than week old sales data. Starting with a functional prototype, the system was rolled out to sales managers around the country.                                                             

  • Performed data analysis from legacy system data in Excel using existing IBM AS/400, Demand Solution for Sales, Finance, Operations and Stock Inventory.
  • Prepared conceptual business model and data flow diagram from existing system using UML and Sybase Power Designer
  • Developed conceptual ETL (MS DTS Packages) process to capture, clean, load and classify business data into the data warehouse
  • Designed conceptual Data Marts to support corporate reporting process
  • A GDW (Global DW) was designed and developed in MS SQL Server 2000 and several key SSAS data cubes were designed to represent each reporting area such as Sales, Finance, Operations, and Stock
  • Combination of SageBI and regular Excel/AccSess reporting was designed and developed
  • Provided professional training, documentation and system support for an extended period of time


  •  GDW provided a great flexibility in data visualization, particularly to the sales managers who were able to compare “Point of Sales” data against Stock. Data was imported from AS/400 3 times a day after a major cut off process at the AS/400 side. Reports were further enhanced with charts and traffic lights with certain level of interactivity such as drill down, drillthrough etc.
  • Gale Pacific gained competitive advantage in wholesale market industry by implementing state of the art system
Nov 2003Feb 2005

Database & Application Developer 

National Australia Bank, Cash Services & Currency Dealing

Design and development of a database system with customized front end application to perform daily currency dealing with other financial institutions. 

  • Worked closely with currency dealing and balancing team to understand the system requirement
  • Documented the existing business processes
  • Designed and developed SQL Server 2000 database schema
  • Upgraded some of the existing Access database tables into SQL Server backend
  • Designed SQL DTS ETL processes to transfer data from NAB’s iCOM system into SQL Server schema
  • Upgraded Access front end interface for SQL Server 2000 database in VBA environment
  • Designed several Cash Operation, Cash Status and ATM reports using Excel and Access VBA
  • Provided product training to business users
  • Major upgrade with new functionalities greatly enhanced the entire cash analysis and dealing process


  • Significantly increased the visibility of cash carrier companies such as Armagurd and Chubb
  • Optimum system performance was achieved by upgrading Access to SQL Server system while preserving rich Access style familiar front end, therefore often lengthy product training was avoided
May 2003Aug 2003

Data Warehouse Developer

AutoBarn Ltd., Finance Division 

Design and Development of Financial Data warehouse                                                                              

  • Conducted data analysis on existing financial system and prepared detail project requirement, milestones, and deliverables
  • Conducted interviews with financial controller, system manager and business analysts to gather and prepare existing business process
  • Designed a conceptual data model for financial data warehouse in SQL Server to hold financial data on a regular batch process
  • Designed physical data warehouse schema in SQL Server 2000
  • Designed ETL processes to capture financial data from several legacy systems such as GlobalAccount, Inventory System on a batch process
  • Designed and prepared P&L report, expenditure report, store performance report using Crystal Reports and deployed over intranet
  • Conducted “Train the trainer” internally
Feb 2003Apr 2003

Database Developer 

Australian Catholic University, Finance Division 

Development of Financial Reports

  •  Provided consulting services in preparing financial reports, P/L reports, and expenditure reports in Excel from SQL Server data warehouse
  • Prepared volume of key financial and P/L reports within a very tight timeframe
  • Designed and developed a fully functional web based reporting prototype using Excel 2000 Web Component utilizing VB Scripting language


  • The Excel Web Component reporting was particularly popular among account managers as this was well integrated into regular Excel. Account managers were able to prepare web style pivot tables using drag-n-drop, upon completion, the entire web report was pulled down to regular Excel for email distribution
Aug 2002Feb 2003

Data Warehouse Consultant 

Department of Infrastructure, Corporate Finance Division

Design and development of Financial Information System (FIS) based on Oracle eBusiness General Ledger module. This Management Reporting System was designed using SQL Server 2000 and operational cubes were developed on Analysis Services. Several reporting platforms were evaluated during the course of DW development

  •  Performed data analysis in Oracle Financials 8i database to prepare data migration model in SQL Server 2000
  • Constructed the DW using standard star schema structure and cubes were designed based on the star schema model
  • Designed ETL process to capture, clean, and load financial data from Oracle Financials to SQL Server data warehouse Designed several financial data marts and cubes in Analysis Services.
  • Designed set of key measures and calculations using MDX
  • Actively participated in the process of Reporting Product Evaluation for a collection of commercial products such as ProClarity, Business Objects, Crystal etc
  • ProClarity was short listed however the direction was to use any capable and existing reporting environment. Excel Pivot Table with MS Query was selected for reporting. VBA customized Pivot Table reports were designed for standard corporate finance reports where regular Pivot Tables were deployed for ad hoc analysis
  • Designed technical documentation


  •  Gained optimal system performance and reduced Cost of Ownership by using existing products
  • Great level of data accuracy has been achieved
  • Significant amount of enhancement has been done in subsequent years such as replacing key reports with SQL Server reporting services, including other government division within this system. This system was upgraded to SQL Server 2005 at a later stage. System was designed to hold last 7 years of history
Feb 2002Jul 2002

Analyst Programmer 

Hallmark Card Australia, Sales and Marketing Department

Development of Sales Performance and Reporting Data Warehouse                                                                                            

  • Performed data analysis in SQL Server global data warehouse for JDE
  • Implemented several OLAP data marts for sales using SQL Analysis Services
  • Designed several key Sales Management Reports within a tight timeframe


  •  Asia Pacific Sales Management team for Hallmark Card was able to analyze seasonal and non-seasonal card sales around the country
  • ProClarity reporting with rich decomposition tree was particularly popular among sales managers having the ability to analyze graphically
Jul 2001Aug 2001

UNIX Programmer

Lochard Pty Ltd. (Airport Monitoring System)   

Recruited through the Monash University job assistance program for a month during the semester break to assist the company in their testing and scripting for an Airport Monitoring System

  •  Evaluated UNIX shell scripts for C Program files
  • Executed volume UNIX files as per the program schedule
  • Recorded test results for the development team
  • Assisted in custom script development


  • Designed and tested volume UNIX shell scripts within a very tight schedule
  • Project delivery team was able to utilize and embed Shell scripts into their final demo product to their clients

Education and Professional Training


Master Degree in Information Technology

Monash University

MS in Computer Science and Information Technology with research component in Data Warehousing


Diploma in Computing, India

CMC Education

Visual Basic & other programming languages


Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering, India



70 - 461 Microsoft Certified Professional - Querying SQL Server 2012 


Certification Upgrade in SQL Server 2012


Statistical Data Modeling in R

University of Melbourne

Predictive Analysis and Data Modelling in R


Professional Training in Advanced Data Modeling

Australian Computer Soceity

Advanced Data Modelling


70 - 28 - SQL Server 2000 Database Administration


SQL Server 2000 DBA Certification


70 - 29 SQL Server 2000 Database Design


SQL Server 2000 Database design and data modelling


Oracle Database Design & PL/SQL Programming


Complete training and certification in Oracle 9i database development


Database Design using SQL

Pearcy Computer Centre, Monash University

Advanced SQL and Database Programming

Project Management & Other Technical Skills

Project Management Tool and Methodology

12 years of experience using PRINCE2 framework, project phases and defined documentation processes. MS Project (many versions), Visio for logical system design. Good understanding of Agile Scrum iterative management process

Technical and System Skills

Database & Data Modeling: Application development in MS SQL Server, Oracle database, T-SQL, PL/SQL Packages and Subroutines

Cube Development: Cube application development with SSAS 2000 to 2014, MDX query development and optimization using MS SQL Profiler

ETL Modeling: SSIS (DTS 2000) 2005 to 2014

Report Writing: SSRS 2005 to 2014, Excel PowerBI, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer

Dashboard Applications: Microsoft SharePoint Server application (Business Intelligence Services)

ERP Development (Financial Modules): Oracle ERP (11i) Programming and Development in GL, AP, AR, Projects, and Assets module on UNIX and PL/SQL

O\S: Windows, UNIX, Oracle Linux

Statistical Data Analysis Application: R Programming for Statistical Modeling and Simulation