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Having been in the auctions, appraisals and exchange services industry for over two decades, Mr. Dion Abadi has truly demonstrated a unique sense of character that has won approval from many he has worked with. Serving numerous clients all over with one-of-a-kind auctions and appraisals services has been a real way of life, and Mr. Abadi doesn’t see himself stopping for any reason at all. Customer service is in his blood, and he is fired constantly with renewed vigor and fresher perspectives in order to serve even more clients on their specific needs and requirements. His excellent record of customer service is inimitable, and Mr. Abadi hopes to surpass his record of service to more than 20,000 satisfied clients with more valuable insights and even fresher concepts of service. Never easily satisfied with mediocre service for the sake of the many he has served, Mr. Dion Abadi strives to further work on more innovative ways of bringing all-in-one service value that more people will truly appreciate and talk about for many years to come.

As the most visible member of his own auctioneering company, Mr. Dion Abadi finds it a real pleasure to be able to share his taste for fine art and jewelry through his very own auctioneering firm, Auction Liquidation, Inc.Relentlessly working as a true visionary, Mr. Abadi’s admirable qualities as a businessman have earned him the respect and admiration of those whose hands he has shaken, whose interests he has upheld, and whose requirements he has capably served. Thanks to his enviable track record, Mr. Abadi has been able to provide accurate appraisals and carry out fair deals for his clients, all in the name of great business and even sturdier business partnerships. Despite the immensity of his responsibilities, Mr. Dion Abadi still manages to take everything in stride and smile through it all, knowing that it is the quality of service that his company is able to provide that will count more in the way of further growth. This, he believes, is his one true legacy to the world, and Mr. Dion Abadi is not about to give up on all the values he has worked hard at embodying for the sake of less profound considerations and objectives.

Refusing to play up to less-than-honest dealings and business strategies, Mr. Dion Abadi holds firmly to an exceptional set of values, something which has reaped him untold rewards and recognition from the industry he belongs to. Driven by this unique set of principles, Mr. Abadi continues to be one of the finest auctioneers in the US. In pure testament to his excellent abilities and skills as an art auctioneer, Mr. Dion Abadi was given due acclamation as Art Auctioneer of The Year for 2007, 2009 and 2010, a spectacular recognition of all the efforts he has put into his brand of customer service. Indeed, Mr. Abadi can afford to rest on his laurels, but simply finds no reason to do so now or much less in the future.

A consummate businessman who knows the ins and outs of the auctioneering business, Mr. Dion Abadi has never remotely found it in him to lower the bar on his provision of customer service in order to gain insignificant victories. He loves what he does, and proof of this is his longevity in the business. Like aged wine, the kind of service his auctioneering firm provides readily gets better with time. The longer the partnerships, the better the deals, and Mr. Dion Abadi clearly believes that his clients truly deserve nothing less than the best type of service. His clients’ trust is all that counts; getting the best value for their sake is just the icing on the cake. And Mr. Dion Abadi is more than ready to indulge his clients’ sweet tooth.

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Auction Liquidation, Inc.


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Georgia State University