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Dino Di Donato brings a wealth of experience in many fields which bolsters his effectiveness as a counselor. Currently owner of the Market Street Center for Psychotherapy, Dino Di Donato previously worked as a nonprofit arts administrator, political organizer, advocate, and educator. Dino Di Donato hopes to develop a method to train post-graduate students, both MFTs and LCSWs, in constructive psychotherapy and mindfulness-based cognitive psychotherapy. As a practitioner, Dino Di Donato specializes in men’s issues, mood disorders, ADHD, anxiety disorders, and executive-functioning challenges. He counsels both individuals and couples. In addition, Dino Di Donato lectures at San Francisco State University. He supervises and assists graduate students as they prepare for clinical experience. At the Market Street Center, Dino Di Donato oversees two interns, Marshal George and David Burke. The philosophy behind mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, the kind practiced by Dino Di Donato, encourages clients to accept their emotions without imposing judgments. MBCT draws heavily from Buddhism as well. As a form of therapy, MBCT grew out of a program developed by Jon Kabat-Zim who is a more recent influence for Dino Di Donato, earlier influences include Carl Rogers, Rollo May, and Fritz Perls. As an MBCT practitioner, Dino Di Donato teaches clients methods of responding to stressful events with greater calmness and clarity rather than simply reacting to them emotionally. A graduate of San Francisco State University, Dino Di Donato received a Master’s in Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling in 2000. Previously Dino Di Donato earned a Master’s of Education from Saint Lawrence University. As an undergrad in the 1960s Dino Di Donato went to Marietta College where he studied history, English, and political science. Dino Di Donato also served as a psychotherapist at North County Mental Health in San Mateo County, California, and is affiliated with the Bay Area GAYLESTA.

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San Francisco State University