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Oct 2011Jul 2015

Bachelor of IT

American University in Bosnia & Herzegovina

The undergraduate degree program in Information Technologies is a four-year program, which consists of courses. The program offers to students the following:

  1. Acquirement of knowledge in the field of information technology through survey of IT, computer logic and concepts, operating systems, programming, emerging IT applications, data mining, project management, network technology and management, database systems with web applications, data communications, systems analysis and design, management information systems, information security, wireless technology, global economy, management, e-commerce, engineering project analysis, visual programming
  2. Development of ability to use the knowledge of fundamental IT sciences integrated with applied technical specialties
  3. Acquirement of qualification to adopt and apply fundamental concepts of information technology, components of computer systems, communication and net, data processing and presentation methods as well as issues of IT influences on the society, security, privacy and ethics
  4. Development of skills for applying innovative solutions within the field of study, build scalable IT infrastructure, manage data, and design systems
  5. Advancement and personal development in professional communication through extensive use of oral and written English language
  6. Development of skills necessary in the application of logical, critical and creative solutions to the problems, which they will face on an every-day basis.

Work experience

Dec 2009Jun 2011

HVAC Foreman

Fluor Government Group
  • Plan, schedule and assign work to ensure proper distribution of work, adequate staffing and space for efficient performance of duties
  • Prepare records and reports describing procedures, actions taken and recommended solutions
  • Establish preventive maintenance programs for air conditioning and refrigeration systems and equipment
  • Provide training and instruction to personnel on activities relating to air conditioning and refrigeration maintenance to ensure an acceptable work performance level
  • Prepare and submit requests for supplies and equipment
  • Knowledge of pertinent rules and regulations, guidelines, safety orders, departmental operating procedures and safety regulations sufficient to ensure that work is performed in compliance with applicable law
Nov 2008Dec 2009

Small Business Owner

  • Create a business plan that includes a description of the product or service, how to finance the business, deadlines for the business and the overall goal
  • Meeting with service vendors or product suppliers to facilitate delivery
  • Make buying trips to purchase inventory
  • Setting a budget and then comparing actual income and expenditures
  • Hire, train and mentor staff
  • Know the federal and state laws and regulations concerning employees, and to file Social Security and wage reports for each employee

Nov 2007Mar 2008

HVAC Mechanic

Kellogg Brown & Root
  • Install, troubleshoot and repair heating, air conditioning and refrigeration units, including chillers, boilers and heat pumps
  • Troubleshoot malfunctioning heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems to determine the cause of the malfunction
  • Perform scheduled maintenance inspections, adjust and calibrate various systems to assure proper system operations
  • Repair wiring and electronic components associated with automated building management systems
  • Check distribution systems for proper velocity, volume, temperature, pressure, etc.
  • Provide technical assistance with the design of HVAC systems including installations and modifications to existing systems