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Dingkle Anak Nawas

DBCM - Account Manager

Work History


DBCM - Account Manager

BT - British Telecom

Desk-Based Contract Management (1 year 10 months) | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Monthly Salary MYR 3, 405.00

Managing Credit Suisse and BMS TCPA contracts whereby full-spectrum on CS billing and raising PO for BMS respectively.

Credit Suisse :

(1) Validating Vendor Invoices before sending for billing instructions to Order Entry in order to set the BED or EBED and Billing Team to generate drafts before the finalization of invoices.

(2) Validation - AM have to check on every invoices whether it is recurring or any incur changes such as ceased or renewal of circuits. If the circuits are differ from the previous month, request any supporting documents especially BTSOR or Tangoe Approval from CM.

(3) Update all the validation details to RA file, GIR system, Trend Report and rename it according to its Docs number based from the RA File in CS Share-Point.

(4) Trend Report which includes all the vendor's invoice details which AM need to update every month based on the circuits shown on every account number. GIR system updates need to be clarify by Rentals, Usages, One-Off Installation and One-Off Others charges.

(5) Request for CMP Inventory file from CS Inventory Manager and compile it with Trend Report, Vendor Invoices and any supporting docs with changes. Upload these documents to CS Share-Point for billing purpose.

(6) Update Validation Report on monthly basis within the cut-off date given.

(7) SR Charges Billing - Received SR Billing template from BM and filtered the countries that have been assigned. Mostly, the countries handled are APAC countries - Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand. One-Off charges.

(8) Update the necessary details from the template given for billing purposes. Ensure that all details are accurate based on logical basis that can get from such as Supporting Docs in CS Share-Folder. CSPO is important & crucial as it gives information on the customer's requirement.

(9) Send it to Order Entry Team to set the BED based on the order provided. Basically Boss Order ID and Date given by CM or BM which has been updated in the template.

(10) Send it to billers to issue a draft, providing complete and accurate details, most importantly Invoice Date, site address, description, Invoice header and Attention to.

(11) AM needs to validate to ensure the draft Invoices are correct according to its requirement. Send to Quality Team based on the amount matrix (excluding tax) given for each country

(12) Once approved, inform billers to finalize the draft Invoice, and send it to P&D Team providing along with Completion Date and CSPO.

(13) Atlas Billing (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Japan & India) - Received TPC file from CS Contract Team which they have compiled everything from the validation AM has made. Gets every details especially for the credits that need to bill as well. Usually TPC File, Address Mail, APAC Pro-Forma and Accrual file are include in the mail.

(14) Open the TPC file and filter the countries owned by AM's. Prepare templates for the countries assigned. Recurring charges has been made earlier includes, only to update the one-off charges which we need to bill.

(15) Segregate the charges into the template by differentiate on which is Rental, One-Off Installation, Usages and Others One-Off charges. This is due to IFRS 15 implementation. There are several vendor accounts or circuits which tax does not apply especially the circuit outside the country. Apply the correct PSN's, match with the service provided. BUID, site address and taxes are included in the template.

(16) Send the template to Order Entry to set the BED & BOSS ID. Atlas billing charges is in 1 month prior, so the BED should be 1 month before. Provide the Project Code, BED & Header. Prior to a new requirement by OE Team, we need to provide Classic ID, Classic Site ID & Circuit ID on every MPLS Services only.

(17) Received with the BOSS ID created, send the templates to billers to draft the Invoice providing with every details they need. Make sure that if there are credits, please issue a RFC form and get approvals on a certain approval matrix needed before submitting (<GBP 10K,>GBP10K or >GBP100K).

(18) Do checking on the drafts and send it to Quality Team and Contract Team to verify before finalizing. Once approved, finalize and inform P&D Team to send the invoice. Only for Singapore do have a special requirement which a CS Cover Letter need to be attached  with the invoice.

(19) Updating Full Revenue Invoice and WDD accrual report for Invoice Mapping within SLA.

(20) Update the WD3 & WD6 report and submit it to the Contract and Finance Team. Compile all the Atlas Invoices and send it to the Contract Team and Stakeholders.

(21) Attend to queries and issue-log, ensure it will be solved within the time given.

(22) Ad-hoc like updating Inventory Report, Unbilled & Whitespace Report, IFRS 15 Data Report, Invoice Summary and Issue Log when required.

(23) Send Japan Invoices to Business Operations Manager.

(24) Do manual Invoice for India and provide Bill-to-Excel to Finance & Contract Team. Make sure all India Invoices are digitally signed before submitting.

(25) Work closely with OE and Billers on every queries especially on Unbilled, Back billing and Missing EBED or BED.


(1) Review and monitoring on PO renewal which we need to deliver based on the period ended for maintenance and MAC Services.

(2) Work closely with supplier in order to deliver the service to client.

(3) Request for a quotation for renewal and send it to Senior Manager for approval.

(4) Once approved, update all the data needed in BTI in order to Raise BT PO.

(5) Fill-in the details required and an order will be placed once done. A track order will be send in email.

(6) Request for approvals for the Order.

(7) Do attend to queries by the Ordering Team when required. Usually margins and details basically on the projects.

(8) Once PO has been raised, send to supplier for payment purpose. Provide BT AP details based on the region renewal.

(9) Do receiving in GFP once validate supplier invoice against BT PO and record it in database. Provide every details to AP Team in order for them to monitor and chase for payment.

(10) Ad-hoc when required and understands the requirements on Who buys what when setting-up a new supplier.

Additional Information :

(1) Managing LG & MARS contracts previously. Comprehend the pro-rated charges BT formula standardization.

(2) Generate Axiata automation report via CLMT.

(3) Backing-up on AIA contract for SEA region.

(4) Backing-up HTC Taiwan contract.

March 2012December 2016


Hewlett-Packard Corporate(M) Sdn Bhd

Volume Operations Invoicing (4 years 8 months) | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Monthly Salary MYR 2, 800.00


  • Managing Invoices and Credit Notes.
  • Receive and check invoices for price discrepancies.
  • Posting of invoice in Follow up on all price discrepancies with internal parties and suppliers.
  • Maintain invoice and credit database.
  • Regular follow up with all relevant parties.
  • Generating and update reports in a MS Excel Sheet using Pivot Table & V-Lookup daily & monthly for invoice submission.
  • Provide POD to the collection's team.
  • Update Invoice requirements for any particular entities.
  • Upload invoices attached with sub-docs such as PO/JIF etc. into a selected portal. (For selected accounts)
  • Send invoices along with reports  (checking purposes) via assigned courier service by the end of the day.
  • Overcome disputes with other departments via meeting.
  • Do Manual Invoices due to disputes (approximately 50-100 Manual Invoices).
  • Keen with SAP system regarding on invoicing purposes.
  • Do other administrating job as assigned by manager, purchasing office equipments such as A4 paper, printer spare-parts, pens, envelopes etc.

Managing Director's Assistant

Hewlett-Packard Corporate(M) Sdn Bhd
  • Receiving Contract Agreement(2 copies) from partners which Sales Team has made. Update Contract Agreement received date in an Excel Sheet(Create manually).
  • Business Partner(Send the contract to Managing Director's Assistant for verification.
  • Once completed and signed by Managing Director, collect it from them.
  • Update into the Sharepoint and once again send an email to the person in charge.
  • After a period of time,(Usually middle of the month), compile all the signed Contract Agreements and segregate them into 2 BU's (EG & PPS) in order for stamping activity with LHDN.
  • Once completed, 1 copy need to be send to Dalian, China and another copy to the partner itself.


  • Experience in services/conceptual products/services/software & hardware in IT field.
  • Recent admin experience as an IT providers distribute to governments and private sectors at any executive level.(senior administration, board, committees, department heads and high-level management, etc.)
  • Experience in IT products/services, skilled in use of internet, software applications including PowerPoint, Word, Excel, SAP Software.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills and knowledge of information technology.

Feb 2011Feb 2012

Logistic Coordinator

Tiong Nam Logistics Solutions

Logistic Coordinator (1 year)

Monthly Salary MYR 2, 100.00


  • Making calls and appointment with the customers.
  • Coordinating delivery schedules. Update Reports.
  • Follow-Up with unreachable customers.
  • Identify ship-reference. Deal with KLIA Shipments and attached with the same ship-refs. Give Delivery Notes to the project owner.
  • Update with TM Customers. (9) Dealing with HP Computers associates.
  • Checking E-mails and follow-up/Giving feedback to HP Department.
  •  Responsible with the failed delivery.
  •  Attach outstation delivery notes and submit to the owner.


  • Experience in Knowing Your Customers(KYC)/Quick Thinking with a solution with the customer/Skilled in.

Feb 2008Jan 2011



Executive (3 years) HSBC Global Resources/Cyberjaya

Monthly Salary MYR 1, 792

Working for Singapore PLOC (Personal Line of Credit) & PIL(Personal Loans) department which is a financial services for professional such as Accountants, Lawyers, Engineers, Consultants, Quantity Surveyor and for those whom their salary based on commissions and self-employed.


  • To achieve hour daily volume. Knowledge of products & services.
  • Dealing with business partners.
  • Calculation of annual income/data entry/communication skills/verifying of applications which is eligible/approving loans.
  • Maintaining customers data in hub screen(Speciality).
  • Increasing & Decreasing limits.
  • Close & reactive accounts/Block Accounts.
  • Presentation/Process Improvement/Organize a Team Building.
  • Attend training provided.


Experience in knowing your customers/Loans/Products & Services/Skilled in use of internet/Knowledge of processing loans and banking facilities.

Jan 2009Sep 2009

Global Support Executive (ACHIEVEMENT)


Rewarded as the Best Global Support Executive and The Most Outstanding Global Support Executive during January and September of 2009 respectively.



Certificate in Assistant Technician in Operating System

Prime College

It's a MLVK programme in Computer Science Technician which provided students on how to enhance skills and comprehend the basic of computer's software and hardware accordingly.

Gained Certificates and scored distinction in Assistant Technician in Operating Systems from Cambridge University and Systematic Group of Colleges during 2003 and 2004 respectively.



S.M.K. Batu Lintang, Kuching.

Major in Accounting and Economic and scored 2nd class upper.


Computer software:                

Advanced in using MS Excel, MS Power-Point, MS Office, Adobe PDF, SAP application system.


Languages Proficiency level: 0 - Poor, 10 - Excellent

Language                       Spoken                Written   

Bahasa Malaysia              10                          10        

English                                 10                          10

About Me

  • Gender:                                               Male 
  • Telephone Number:                      (+60) 3-9202 0567
  • Mobile Number:                              (+60) 19-836 3641


  • Address:                                              No 19, Jalan 17/28, Seksyen 17,

                                                                       46400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan

  •    IC Number:                                         840812-14-6147

  •    Date of Birth:                                     12 August 1984

  • Marital Status:                                   Single
  • Race:                                                     Bidayuh (Sarawakian)
  • Religion:                                              Christian
  • Possess Own Transport:                Yes
  • Willing to travel:                                Yes
  • Preferred Working Location:         Kuala Lumpur, Selangor
  • Expected Salary:                                RM 5,000.00 (Negotiable) 
  • Any Preferred working industry:  Commercial Management, Contract Management, Banking (Data Processing), IT, Logistics.
  • Availability:                                          2 months notice

Additional Info