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Global IT Services Executive driving solutions delivery and operational performance while expanding revenue streams in challenging geographies; excels in blending entrepreneurial approach, multicultural team building and consulting experience. Worked with Fortune 100 customers across North America, South America, Europe, and Asia.

  • Work experience in industry leading MNCs backed by strong academic qualifications
    • Entire career experience in MNCs including Wipro, Cognizant, and Siemens
    • Qualifications include BE, MS, MBA along with key certifications
  • Acquiring new customers
    • Leading bid responses for large opportunities in the $150M range
    • Instrumental in acquiring of two new customers in the last two years and expanding footprint in existing customer
  • Leading Delivery teams in diverse and challenging geographies
    • Extensive experience of people management in a highly matrixed organization
    • Managing multiple accounts across non-English speaking region
    • Formulated and implemented Team-Ready approach to service the geographies
  • Maintaining operational excellence and performance
    • High resource utilizations of 95% at operating margins of 40%
    • Client satisfaction levels of 90% and above
    • Productivity improvement of 10% through Lean implementation and reduced defect rates by 90% through statistical process control measures 
  • Leading strategic organizational initiatives
    • Coordinating account level growth stratagies for the Insurance division
    • Led the Development Center towards successful CMM Level 5 assessment and ISO 9001 certification
    • Helped set up PeopleSoft practice, QA and SEPG function
  • Conducted consulting assignments
    • Led an initiative to rationalize 300 applications across 10 country operations for Europe and Latin American division of a customer
    • Rolled out enterprise project portfolio management approach and assembled project portfolio of USD 400Mn for a US based customer