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Dinda Nurhasanah Ridha

Bachelor of Business Administration                                        Universitas Indonesia

  • Jl. HM. Tohir No. 10 RT 002/001 Pondok Cina, Beji, Depok 16424
  • +62812 8755 3748 (Mobile), +6221 786 3756 (Home)

Personal Qualification

Graduated from Business Administration, Universitas Indonesia. My various organizational experiences illustrated a great enthusiastic in finance, public relation and human development. Good skills in communication, interpersonal, teamwork. Active and curious to learn various new things. Open minded, like to think critically and adapt well in any situations. Able to work and act under pressure and harsh condition.



Bachelor Degree

Business Administration Universitas Indonesia

Academically, I learned about how to manage business in human development, marketing and also finance. To sharpen and specialized the knowledge I took finance concentration and I made a thesis with the tittle Analysis Determinant of Indonesian Foreign Direct Investment in 2004-2014 Period and I finished my study with 3.6 GPA. In non academic, I also developing my skills in the fields of networking, public speaking,  marketing,  effective problem solving, interpersonal skill, public relation, and finance by active in several organizations and faculty student's projects.


High School


Majored in social science, I have great result in economic and math. In the non-academic activities I also active in an organization (Media Siswa) and several school events. Beside that, I also active in Saman Traditional Dance extracurricular.


Junior High School

SMPN 98 Jakarta

Top 15 in enrollment year. Always selected to join in the best class. In my non-academic activities is also active as a student council and also basketball extracurricular.


Elementary School

SDN Anyelir 1 Depok

Work Experience

July 2627, 2016

Rapporteur in APEC Research and Technology 2016


Listening and writing things and processes of the discussion, writing down the conclusions and results, and also documented the record of the discussion for two days APEC's meeting about Indonesia-South Korea corporation in research and technology for climate change.

JulyAugust 2015

Admin Intern

Asuransi Jiwa Bersama Bumiputera

Responsible to enter the data of the costumer, data collection, data analysis and also produce recommendation to help the agents for making an insurance kit (insurance planning) to consumer, and also help the administrator to archive documents.


Class Coordinator and Administrator

BTA 45 Tebet

Responsible for managing the program while it’s running, consultant for student and parents. Injecting positive spirit for student to entering the best national university in Indonesia. The percentage of the students enrolled in prominent state universities is at average 75% from total students. In addition, responsible also for administrative matter in BTA45.

Volunteer Experience



Taman Bacaan Jendela Dunia, Bekasi

Do management aspect like help to assort all of inventory books of Taman Bacaan Masyarakat Jendela Dunia to make it easier to find and read, etc. Also campaigning reading culture to the children around and also donate my preloved books that worth reading.

December 2009January 2010

Participant of Cilincing Community Service

Indonesian Future Leaders

This program is one day program in Cilincing suburb community to do community service in form of recycling the used paper and teach in fisherman community in Cilincing. Before the event, we have a team to fund some money to support donation for Cilincing community with entrepreneurship way. At the day, we also have the opportunities to teach Cilincing's students. This program also supported by NGO Hope.

Organization Experience


Head of Public Relation Media

Himpunan Mahasiswa Administrasi UI 2015

Do activities for better understanding and good relations that use media in order to achieve maximum publicity and impartial organization. Forms of media that being used is social media, communication boards (wall magazine), bulletins, websites and others with the aim that the information received well by Administration UI's people.


Staff of Financial Bureau


Raised funds for the organization's activities in the creative and innovative ways. Sponsorship coordinator of FISIPKLOPEDI/FISIP UI's Pocket Book (2013) for more than 1000 new students. Ticketing coordinator of Get Ready For FISIP UI Try Out 2013 with achievement more than 5000 ticket sold in Jabodetabek and Bandung.



Media Siswa SMAN 8

Responsible for activities of journalistic, such as school's bulletin, wall magazine, photography, films and others. Production coordinator of the Gema Cinta Smandel Yearbook for the senior class of 2011.