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Sep 2005Sep 2011

Bsc in Chemistry

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

My interest in integrating the science of matter with the field of Computer studies was awakened during my undergraduate studies. As a student I had the opportunity to work in several bioinformatics projects, to gain new insights and enrich my knowledge in a learning environment that spices up the university routine.

Jun 2005

High-School Diploma

Lycée Léonin

The Lycee Leonin is the oldest independent educational institution in Athens, founded in 1838. It is a premium school with high educational standards.

Work experience


Summer Job

Family business

For the last 2 years , I have worked in a family-owned drug store.

My duties were:

  • To streamline the operation of the business and to improve the customer service through the use of technology.
  • To manage the replenishment flaw of the store and eliminate  out of stocks.
  • To keep accurate and detailed computer records of the patients’ medication purchased from the  pharmacy.
  • To deal with the Social Insurance Organizations and manage the transactions with them.
  • To update the pharmacist (owner) on the latest developments on the pharmacy sector.
Sep 2009Oct 2010

Undergraduate Researcher

Biomedical Research Foundation, Bioinformatics Department
  • Team Leader of graduate people in developing a bioinformatic method for Gene Fusion Analysis (biological computerized method to analyze genes).
  • Used a wide variety of web software tools.
  • Awarded with theTravel fellowship by the committee of the European Conference on Computational Biology (1100$).
  • First-author in article submission to the biological journal  BMC Evolutionary Biology.


Internet Research
iWork suite
iWork is an office suite of desktop applications created by Apple for the Mac OS X and iOS operating systems
Apple products
  For the last 6 years I have used and experimented with the products of Apple such as the iMac, the Macbook air, the iPhone, the iPad due to a wealth of distinct technological advantages and features.  
Microsoft Office
  advanced user in Word, Excel, Power point  


Sofia Kossida

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Dimitris Dimitriadis, who is applying for an entry-level position at your firm. I have known Dimitris for one year as a supervisor in a project at my group, Bioinformatics and Medical Informatics Team, at Biomedical Research Foundation, Academy of Athens, .

Dimitris has worked in a project for developing a bioinformatics method of Gene Fusion Analysis ( biological computerized method to analyse genes ). He proved to be a fast learner, mastering the needed bioinformatics tools in record time. His work proved to be of high quality, as it was approved for presentation at the ECCB 2010 conference and was published at the prestigious international journal, BMC Evolutionary Biology.

As far as his personality is concerned, Dimitris demonstrates leadership skills, is capable of driving a team but also contributes to team effort substantially. He is communicative, gets along very well with his fellow students and faculty and is an active listener.

On the academic grounds, he is a hard-worker, who manages his time effectively and knows how to set priorities in order to achieve his objectives. He also demonstrates excellent organizational skills, strong analytical ability and superb critical thinking. In addition, he has the ability to see things from several different perspectives; hence, he can adjust to the demands of a different academic culture with ease.

I am very confident in his abilities and convinced that he will succeed in his endeavors.

Sincerely Yours,

Sophia Kossida



Date of Birth:Sept. 16, 1987



Mandatory Military Service:Completed (November 2010-August 2011)

Marital Status:Single

Valid Driving License:Yes


  • business management: participated twice in the The Global Management Challenge , the largest Strategy & Management Competition in the world. My team was sponsored by the Eurobank EFG group(a European banking organization)
  • stock market trading experience: 
    • participated in on-line training courses in Stock Market, Investing, Options, Forex in order to acquire basic knowledge of it
  • Member of the high-school basketball team
  • I like travelling, doing business, meeting new people and visiting new places. I’ve travelled extensively within Europe and got acquainted with foreign culture.


To join a top organization where I can unfold my talents and develop as an employee and as a person.