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Born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece, currently a senior student in the University of Macedonia,  a volunteer and part-time assistant marketing manager at Leader S.A..Self-motivated and mostly driven by passion,  vision, and social contribution. Fascinated by authentic, honest and empathetic human interaction as well as humanity as a whole. Always been interested in sports, traveling, volunteering and caring for the social problems in my community. My dream is every young person to have the opportunity and the freedom to be educated and to live the life they want.

Work Experience


Assistant Marketing Manager

Leader S.A., Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Design proposal presentations 
  • Create promotional strategies for customer engagement and better partnership management
  • Analyze sales data and KPI performance along with my supervisor and strategic planning new targets or promotional actions 
  • Improve the design of the presentation booklets and informational B2B newsletters
  • Develop excel analyzing tool and dashboard for a efficient and dynamic data analysis and reporting

Voluntary Experience


Sales and Fundraising Consultant

She and He Project, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Plan annual and monthly goals, and strategies for the sales team of the organization
  • Create and implementing business development strategies
  • Generate B2B (Business to Business) materials for marketing and promotional reasons, such as newsletters, proposals, and presentations
  • Effective and supportive 4-member team management, delegate tasks and assure their satisfaction in the organization.
  • Schedule personal and team meetings
  • Develop a responsive CRM (Podio) for a better data setup
  • Develop an excel dynamic dashboard for effective and productive KPI performance and member's performance management
  • Train new members for the basic sales and the organizational knowledge

Corporate Sales Manager

AIESEC in University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

Responsible for the corporate relationships of my local committee as well as to raise sponsorships for our products, and bring external knowledge for the members of AIESEC and the youth network in Thessaloniki.

  • Planned along with my supervisor, monthly goals and strategies
  • Produced presentation booklets for our visits to the companies
  • Increased market reach by creating B2B promotional newsletters
  • Cold Calling to arrange meetings with potential partners
  • Negotiated for win-win benefits with our partnerships
  • Partnership Management and programmed delivery of the service
  • Raised 2200€, one workshop for AIESEC members, one stand in a local event, and 4 sponsorships over the period of 6 months 
  • Supported 4 students in their exchange with the sponsorship
  • Growth 350% from last year

Market Research & Social Media Manager

Rival Industrija, Belgrade, Serbia

Participated in the AIESEC's program "Global Entrepreneur", a global exchange program that helps individuals have a professional working experience in a foreign country and at the same time, contribute to the SDGs of UN for a better world. 

  • Market research to foreign European countries for opportunities to expand the business
  • Responsible for Facebook and Instagram account for the company.
  • Content creation and innovative ideas for brand awareness and expanding our followers and get attention.

Sales Team Member

AIESEC in University of Macedonia

As a member of the team of Corporate Relationships, I have to run sales processes, promoting B2B partnerships and negotiating with potential partners the benefits and the opportunities for both. 

  • Cold calls and visits to corporations to discuss the proposal 
  • Created and Negotiated presentation proposals
  • Sold the program and created partners with compensatory benefits for both the organization and the corporation
  • Kept good follow up with the prospects and maintain the partnership for macro benefits.
  • Raised 2 sponsorships for global exchange programs in order to have a sustainable local committee
  • Managed my time and my tasks productively 



Bachelor's degree in Applied Informatics

University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece

Mainly involved in improving front-end development and web design skills, and captivated by digital marketing, database systems, sql,  computer graphics, macroeconomics and decision support system courses.



Website Explore Macedonia

Responsible for the logo design and partially working with HTML and CSS  for the front-end websites needs.


Game development (3D shooting game)

Responsible and coordinator of the team, organizing the pipeline of the project ensuring that we work together effectively. Also responsible for the design of the game and created the main character and some of the assets of the game, using 3D graphic design programs: Maya, Zbrush, and Photoshop.


Time Management Data Analysis 
Microsoft Excel                                Presentation Skills
Microsoft Powerpoint       Event Organizing
Negotiation Skills and Sales Project Management and Planning
Photoshop People Skills and Team Management
Design understanding Front-End Development