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Work experience

Nov 2006Present

Maintenance Tech Supervisor

Delicate Touch Residential and Commercial Cleaners

Maintenance branch



Northeast lakeview community collage

First semester finished Gpa 2.6, excited for next semester next year.

high school diploma

Comal leadership institute

Smithson valley high.


Hi my name is Dillon Villanueva, I am twenty-five years old and soon to be married, I am an easy going person whos is open to input and direction. My dream is to work with graphics plain and simple, I have been sketching diffrent design's and abstract forever and it is a very deal to me. Currently i attend collage at Northeast lakeview community collage part time, and am enrolled in the graphics degree. I appreciate the value of good design and what it takes to create new and exciting ideas it is a passion.



My ultimate goal is to put my graphics which i create to work in somthing that will be seen by everyone, I want to become a part of something big which i helped create a part of. these design are only a fraction that i have sketched or made with regular ole' paint. i have many more and am very interested to show if you would like to see just email me at [email protected]


Well major intrest is the lady, my soon to be wife samantha she is supportive in this; secondly my work im always drawing up somthin else, I like to play video games when i have the time also like to bmx and jump dirt tracks thats fun. Reading i spend alot of time reading litariture on history past history, diffrent timelines but i like the greek era and its texts but big reader lotta knowledge in books.



Multi skilled profession
Growing up I was not sure what I wanted to do and ended up working with the community helping church's, family's, the elderly, really just whoever had some work. Through all that I learned many skill trades like plumbing, carpentry, landscaping and design, painting, and patience, etc.. Eventually it had turned into a small business which I still work today.   Currently still self employed.