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I am a hard worker with many skills in many different categories and work areas. I volunteered  in many areas helping with children and adults. I have a strong area of skills in computer design and animal care and management.   

Work/Volunteered History

Apostals Lutheran Church

Walk of christ

Work at stations that raised money for local church and homeless centers also worked with musical groups setting up stage 

Apostals Lutheran Church camp counselor 

Apostals Lutheran Church

Worked at summer camp with children from the ages from 5 to 10, help cleaned

the church up with yard work or indoor cleaning 

Vet Assistant and animal Management 

 Hillsborough Animal Shelter 

Help with vet while doctor was doing surgery on animals from cat to rabbits. Also took care of animals from the time they were brought in to the time they were adopted. 


Computer Skills

i have computer skills in adobe and Photoshop 


Will work hard for the company from day one 


I am able to relay information from one person to another without any information being lost


I work with anyone even if we do not believe in the same things

Hard worker

Ready to do any job that is assigned to me


Newsome high-school 

2 years through high-school 





Adobe Certified Associate 

Have had class in  digital design