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Interest's include:

-Sports and being physically fit.

-Helping/ volunteering my time to know that someone is benefitting from me. 

-Spending time with my family and friends. 

-Listening to music.

-Watching my favourite sport teams and following their seasons.


Being a leader is something I have been very good at over the years and like to help people. I am a good leader and have been on for sports, church, and at summer camps. Attending Lethbridge College has helped my knowledge in Criminal Justice giving me the upper hand on those that have not. Knowing different skills and knowledge about policing in Canada has helped so much. I also take my learning very seriously and always put forth my best effort. Working in a team is another strength from not only basketball, but from working at my past summer job as a basketball coach. The people I have worked with over the past couple years would say that I am very serious at work, but know when to have some fun. 

Work experience

Jan 2012Present

Sales Representative


- Go door to door selling home automation systems to benefit families in more ways then just for security. 

- Interact with all sorts of people and try to sell them the product by seeing what kind of a person they are by asking them questions and the appearance of their home and area. 

- Keep records of where I have knocked and where others have knocked to avoid knocking an area over and over again. 

Jul 2010Present


NBC Camps

- Coach for children aged five to 13.

- Taught basketball skills and life skills that everyone needs to learn.

- Grew relationships between the players and the coaches. Made the player feel like they were wanted there.

- Took over a team of six to ten boy and girls and taught them in smaller groups.

- Disciplined if not paying attention to the game/ exercise. 

Sep 2007Apr 2010

Basketball Referee

Airdrie Minor Basketball Association

- Referee for over three years for children aged seven to ten years old. 

- Kept order in the basketball game between the players, coaches and parents.

Apr 2005Sep 2007

Job Site Cleaner

Homestead Homes

- Cleaned the inside and outside of job sites to continue work for others in the house.



Sep 2007Jun 2011

Grade 12 Diploma

George McDougall High School


Technologically Smart
Working with all sorts of different types of laptops, cellular devices, tablets, and all other sorts of electronics is something I am good at. Being able to understand how to work them and what features they hold. Growing up in todays society has given me this boost since I am always using either a computer or cell phone. 
Being apart of several teams in my community for basketball has helped me increase my teamwork skills. Most of the time I was with the same guys and worked hard together but sometimes had to adapt to others that would join us. We would be together for over 9 months at a time during the seasons and would have to overcome challenges and work as a team. I would also be apart of a church group and we always were moving up as our age went up. We were a team by setting up different activities for not only us but for all the church. 
In college I have taken a communications class to help me with interviews and also a class to help with public speaking. I currently am a salesman that goes door to door selling home automation. In doing this it gives me the opportunity to talk with all sorts of people and understand what kind of a person they are once they open the door. In not knowing who is behind the door I have to change my introduction to meet who they are and what I can give to benefit them.
Being physically active ever since eight years of age. Participated in soccer, community basketball and high school basketball for years. Excelled in physical education class in high school. Gone to elite basketball camps over the summers and stayed fit when off of school. I have stayed fit while at college and gone on working out and running aside from my physical education classes. 
Being a leader has been something I have done a lot of. I was a leader in my church for the age group of boys I was with. I was a leader at camps that I had attended in the summer as a youth. I was a captain for my basketball and am now in charge for my church basketball league. I also was a leader (coach) for the basketball camps that I help out with for the past two summers.