Andrew Holdun


Digital Artist with substantial 3d modeling and texturing experience. Specializing in work related to games. Interested in Environmental modeling and texturing for games, character modeling and texturing for games. Interested in academic work as well.


DIGITAL MODELING using Maya, Modo, Mudbox,ZBrush DIGITAL TEXTURING using Adobe Photoshop 



Alden B.Dow Creativity Fellowship

Pratt Institute Faculty Grant


Interviewed for Ultimate Game Design-Building Game Worlds by Tom Meigs -2003 Images contributed to Principles Of Three Dimensional Computer Animation by Michael O'Rourke -1995

Model and Rendering for Chuck Hoberman, Sculptor at MOMA,february 1994

Images Contributed to the Second Edition of the book Computer Graphics for Designers and Artists by Kerlow and Rosebush

Images contributed for the article 3d to the Macs in Scanline Magazine


BA Architecture -Pratt Institute

Game Development Seminar - Gnomon

Character Design Seminar - Animation Academy

Character Animation Seminar - Academy of Art 1995


Siggraph, IGDA,Game Developer's Conference, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences


Maya 2009,Modo,Adobe Photoshop CS4,BodyPaint, ZBrush,MudBox,Sketchup

Work experience

Work experience
2001 - Present


THQ-Heavy Iron

PS2-Scooby Doo:Night of a Thousand Frights Environmental, Character Modeling and Texturing

2009 - Present

3D Artist


Worked on various freelance projects for both movies and games as well as doing consulting work with the Pre Visualization Society on Web Development and Content Creation.

Dec 2011 - Mar 2012

3D Artist

Disney Mobile
2003 - 2009

3D Artist

Walt Disney Interactive Media Group VR Studio

Toontown, Pirates of the Caribean MMO

Environmental, Character Modeling and Texturing, Research and Development

2001 - 2003

3D VFX Artist

Modern Video

TV-Birds of Prey Environmental, Character Modeling and Texturing and VFX 3D Modeler  LegoLand Stereoscopic Movie Character Modeling- Facial Set-Ups

2001 - 2003

3D Modeler/Texturer

Dream Theater

Star Wars Demolition Game Environmental, Character Modeling and Texturing

1996 - 2000

3D Modeler/Texturer/Animator

Walt Disney Interactive

PC-Tigger and The Family Tree,Villains Revenge, Aladdin-Fate of Agrabah

1995 - 1996

3D Modeler/Texturer/Animator

LucasArts Entertainment Company

N64-Shadows of the Empire PC-Jedi Knight-Dark Forces 2

1991 - 1995

CAD Consultant

American Museum of Natural History

CAD Consultant measured and digitized plans of the entire museum as well as designed a CAD system for the museum

1991 - 1995

Visiting Professor Computer Graphics

Pratt Institute
1991 - 1995

Visiting Professor Computer Graphics

1991 - 1995

3D Modeler/Texturer/Animator

1989 - 1991

CAD Consultant

Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Cloisters

Freelance 3D Modeler/Texturer/Animator

1983 - 1989

Architect/CAD Consultant