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Digital Parents has been set up to help parents understand how young people use the Internet. Things have changed a lot since we grew up and our children don't make a distinction between their "online" and "offline" lives - neither should we.

It's time to get a grip of the technology at your house.

for Parents

We are trying to enable the conversation rather than make it.  We have created a number of Top 10 lists that point parents at good stuff that has come out of discussions with parents and from our online community.  Our latest lists include good sites for parents and favourite sites for younger children.

About us

Digital Parents is a social enterprise focussed on helping parents to keep their children safe on the Internet. Parent's raising today's digital natives have not grown up with the Internet and often it is hard to know what to do. There are many websites that offer advise to parents, there are some that address online safety and there are some individuals that offer themselves as experts - we are trying to help you make sense of it all.

As parents, we feel that collectively we can solve our own problems and answer our own questions. We have spoken to over 500 parents face-to-face and they always have great ideas that they can share with each other. What has worked, what hasn't worked, fun things, dull things, new things and exciting ideas.

All the schools we have visited believe that technology is here to stay and it will increasingly be used in teaching to provide a stimulating and more rewarding learning experiences. As it is not going away as parents we need to learn how to manage technology at home.

event Organisers

Having spoke to around 500 parents via over 30 different school based events we have built a bit of knowledge around how to get people to turn up and how best to introduce the subject matter.  The Resources section of the site allows people planning an event to see what has gone on and the event section allows users to publise parents' evenings they are holding.  We have also put together a research area, providing easy access to upto date facts & figures about online parenting issues.