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A third year Computer Science student in School of Computing, National University of Singapore (NUS). Had experience in web development with ASP.NET MVC, Django, and Node.JS. Was selected among the 20 students to be enrolled in Facebook Open Academy programme.


Aug 2013Present

Bachelor of Computing (Computer Science), Honours

National University of Singapore

Current CAP/GPA: 4.49/5.00

Expected date of graduation: May 2017

Aug 2013Present

NUS ASEAN Undergraduate Scholarship

National University of Singapore

Awarded with scholarship covering tuition fee and semesterly allowance for 4 years of study in NUS

Sep 2015Jan 2016

Student Exchange Programme

Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
  • Participated in NUS Research Institute @Suzhou summer programme
  • Industry visits to SME and e-commerce businesses in China, including ASUS, Alibaba, and Suzhou Industrial Park
  • Gained exposure to China-Singapore relation and e-commerce businesses in China

Work experience

MayAug 2016

Software Engineering Intern

Google Australia
  • Worked on Google Drive spreadsheet viewer
  • Developed merged cell UI logic (selection, search highlight)
JanApr 2016

Laboratory Teaching Assistant

National University of Singapore School of Computing
  • Taught laboratory sessions for CS1020 Data Structures and Algorithms I course
  • Graded students' program submissions using Eclipse IDE's debugging tool
  • Provided feedback on student's program submissions to level up their skills
  • Presented problem solutions to a class of about 20 students
May 2015Jul 2015

Web Developer Intern

Optimai, Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Developed a web application to view, simulate, and compare financial instruments using ASP.NET MVC Framework (Visual Basic) and Kendo UI library
  • Programmed a network application using Visual Basic to pull data from a data server, which uses a proprietary data format
  • Made use of Mathworks' Simulink's Simulated Annealing tool in one of the sub-project related to the web application
JanApr 2015

Laboratory Teaching Assistant

National University of Singapore School of Computing
  • Taught laboratory sessions for CS2100 Computer Organization course
Dec 2011Dec 2011


Design Prodigy, Pte. Ltd., Singapore
  • Worked in a project to revive Temasek Junior College Alumni association
  • Conducted a market research to analyse the different profiles of the alumni and crafted social media content on Facebook according to the profiles
  • About 200 likes were garnered on the first weekend the association's new Facebook page was launched


Programming languages proficiency

  • Confident: Java, JavaScript, HTML, CSS
  • Moderately confident: C++
  • Basic understanding: Python, Visual Basic, C#

Development software used

  • Visual Studio 2013, 2015, Eclipse, Git, Mercurial

Web frameworks used

  • ASP.NET MVC (in Visual Basic)
  • Django

Languages proficiency

  • Confident: English, Bahasa Indonesia
  • Moderately confident: Malay
  • Basic understanding: Chinese

Co-Curricular Activities

Student Ambassador, NUS Open House 2015, March 2015

  • Manned NUS School of Computing booth during NUS Open House in 2015
  • Communicated with prospective students and parents the curriculum, student life, and jobs prospect of a Computer Science degree in NUS

Third Place, NUS Greyhats' Capture The Flag Competition, January 2015

  • NUS Greyhats is a computer security interest group in NUS
  • Capture the Flag Competition is a computer security competition where the participants need to gather as many "flags" as possible. The flags can be in the form of a password, a picture, or a file hidden in computers or computer programs especially set up for the competition
  • Gained exposure to binary forensics, cryptography, and penetration testing, as well as the tools commonly used for those purposes

Participant, NUS Hackers' Hack 'n Roll, January 2015

  • NUS Hackers is a hacker interest group in NUS. The hacking includes but not limited to web, software, and hardware developments
  • Hack 'n Roll is a hackathon competition conducted by NUS Hackers annually. Hackathon itself is a hacking competition where participants need to build something (be it a web app, software, or hardware) within the time limit (usually 24-48 hours)
  • Improved ability to work under pressure

NUS Capoeira Club, Aug 2014 - Present

  • Became the treasurer for Jan - May 2016 (Academic Year 2015/16 Semester 2) period