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Perform in executives positions that focus on business development and on its financial, accounting and controlling areas.


Young, proactive and results oriented finance executive, developed in Big Four and in best in class Multinational Companies.

Large experience in team building, leadership and coaching. Commits people into action. Proven track record of managing multicultural and multifunctional teams.

Broad experience in leading negotiations, developing new areas and decision making processes.

Strong knowledge in business plans and investment project analysis, Merger & Acquisitions, Reporting to Securities and Exchange Commissions and to Headquarters, Accounting (IFRS, US GAAP, Argentine GAAP, etc. and its first time adoption in a Country) and Internal Control Procedures and Activities (SOX).

Large experience in Oil & Gas and Power Generation industries.


Mar 1994Dec 1998


Universidad de Buenos Aires
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Work experience

May 2011Present

CFO / Business Development


Responsible for Finance, Accounting, Reporting, Budgeting, Investment project analysis (including due diligences, M&A processes, negotiation and closing of the deals), Managing relationships with Shareholders and Internal Control (SOX).

§Direction of the Finance, Accounting, Reporting and Budgeting teams of Group companies (financial statements, definition of accounting treatments, negotiations with external auditors).

§Leadership of M&A processes, due diligences (engagement of external advisors and consultants, definition of the scope of work and the conclusions on the worked done, negotiation of their professional fees), assessment and analysis of the consolidated accounting impacts under IFRS and US GAAP, negotiation with the counterparty (seller/buyer) of the price adjustments, conditions, SPA and deal closing).

§In charge of coordinating relationships with control organisms (CNV, SEC, etc.).

§Management of the relationship with Group’s main shareholders.

§Leading multidisciplinary and multi-located teams, with a huge cultural and age range diversity.

§Delivering internal trainings on Investment Projects Analysis, IFRS, Internal Control, FATF Regulations.

§Leading the launching of a new global business holding, including the reorganization process of the Administrative, Accounting, Finance, Controlling, Legal, Internal Control, Internal Audit, Supply Chain and Business Development areas, in light of the professionalization of the Group, which implies a deep cultural change, moving from a hundred percent family business model to a corporate multinational world class culture. Such process implies the redefinition of the corporate structure and positions, downsized certain operations, implementing career plans, coaching, training and talent retention programs. At the same time, such transformation requires to continue with the operation of the current businesses successfully and to develop and start up new business while the transition is in progress.

§Member of the team of the takeover of Axion Energy (former ESSO Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay) assets, managing the impacts of the merger of very different organizational cultures, that such transaction implied.

Key Accomplishments:

§Implementation of a swap of shares in order to align the interests of each shareholder in the Oil & Gas companies of the Southern Cone of Latin America. Such transaction implied the development of valuation models, the discussion of premises, the negotiation of the final stakes and the management of each counterparty expectations, struggling with the different organizational cultures that were taking part of the deal.

§Negotiation and closing of the sale of the IT consulting business lines (SAP and Oracle consulting) of Bridas’ Group, implementing a trust structure, due to the tenor and the complexity of the deal.

§Start-up of Group activities in Colombia and Uruguay.

§Implementation of the new Bridas Group department of consolidation and reporting and of the new way of interaction between Group companies. Being that accomplishment, the first step in the professionalization of the Administrative, Accounting and Finance areas of the Group.

§Organization and structuring of Supply Chain department.

Jan 2006Apr 2011

VP Regional Business Control - Latin America

GDF Suez

Responsible for Latin America of the Investments Projects analysis, Leading due diligences in M&A processes, Reporting and Internal Control.

§Direction of the Regional department in charge of the assessment and analysis of the consolidated accounting impacts under IFRS of Group investments projects.

§Coordination of the due diligences activities within the Region in M&A processes (engagement of external advisors and consultants, definition of the scope of work and the conclusions on the worked done, negotiation of their professional fees, negotiation with the counterparty (seller/buyer) of the price adjustments, SPA, etc.).

§Reporting to Headquarters coordination (financial statements for Group consolidation purposes, internal monthly reports, annual budgets and budgets revisions).

§Leading annual closing meetings with Group companies Regional’s external auditors, negotiating and defining the closing of the open issues.

§Definition of the proper accounting treatments under IFRS, in line with Group objectives, to be applied in Group companies in the Region, to reflect the economic substance of the transactions performed.

§Direction of the Regional department in charge of internal control, which is mainly focus in the assessment of the internal control, development of action plans for improvement, implementation of Group policies and Industry best practices, and following up the business processes that impact the financial reporting and the fulfillment of SOX requirements.

§Leading multidisciplinary and multi-located teams, with a huge cultural diversity and working using different languages, in a global environment in which the permanent change is the only constant.

§Member of the Board of Directors of Gasoducto Nor Andino Argentina S.A. (natural gas transportation); Alternate member of the Board of Directors of TIBSA Inversora S.A., controlling holding of Litoral Gas S.A. (natural gas distribution) and Ex-Alternate member of the Board of Directors of Empresa Eléctrica Corani S.A. (electricity generation in Cochabamba, Bolivia). Member of the team that dealt with Bolivian Government in the negotiations for the nationalization of such company.

§Delivering internal trainings on Investment Projects Analysis, IFRS and Internal Control, in Spanish and in English, in Argentina, Peru, Chile, Brazil, Panama and France.

Key Accomplishments:

§Responsible for the startup, implementation and development of the Regional Department in charge of reviewing and analyzing Group’s investment projects.

§In charge of managing and directing the Regional Department of Internal Control.

Implementation of the merger of more than eight companies in the north of Chile, own by GDF Suez and CODELCO. Leader of the team that defined main administrative and accounting issues at local level and for Group’s reporting purposes (opening financial statements under IFRS 3 (fair valuation), reporting for the Chilean Securities and Exchange Commission, hiring of external advisers on valuation of fixed assets and of external auditors, negotiation with CODELCO and with the external auditors in order to define and apply the accounting criteria that were more beneficial for the Group, leading of a team of eighteen professionals).

Dec 1996Dec 2005

Manager of the Audit & Business Advisory Division

Deloitte / Andersen

Manager in charge of the local clients and multinational companies’ External Audit, Leading professional teams of different experience level. Responsible for the Definition and Negotiation of fees and audit adjustments, as well as, of the obtaining New Clients.

§Responsible for the external audit, financial statements issue, reports for consolidation purposes of foreign economic groups, Forms 20-F and 6-k, applying the rules of the Comisión Nacional de Valores, Bolsa de Comercio de Buenos Aires, Inspección General de Justicia, US GAAP, IFRS, German GAAP, Spanish GAAP and Dutch GAAP.

§Participation in the issue of private and public debt in Argentina, Europe and USA.

§Implementation, revision and preparation for the Sarbanes Oxley Act (“SOX”) certification at foreign registrants and at controlled companies of economic groups listed at the Securities and Exchange Commission.

§Issuing proposals to provide professional services and fee negotiations with clients.

§Leadership and coordination of more than twenty professionals, grouped in eleven work teams, in a multi-location environment.

§Preparation and delivery of trainings for clients and Firm’s employees, for local and international audiences, in Spanish and in English, in Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca and Comodoro Rivadavia.

§The main audit and advisory clients for which I have rendered services are: YPF S.A. (Repsol); DISCO S.A. (Royal Ahold); WINTERSHALL ENERGÍA S.A. (BASF); TERMINALES MARÍTIMAS PATAGÓNICAS S.A. (Repsol YPF); OILTANKING EBYTEM S.A. (Marquard & Bahls AG); SIPETROL (ENAP); Joint Ventures: Bandurria, Llancanello, Gan Gan, Río Chico; EMPRESA DE GAS DEL SUDESTE S.A.; OBRA SOCIAL DE YPF (Repsol YPF) and FUNDACIÓN YPF (Repsol YPF).

Key Accomplishments:

§Leadership of twenty one professionals for the preparation and, successful filing, of an exports certificate required by the Argentine Federal Reserve, due to the exchange control imposed by the government in 2002. Obtaining the recognition of YPF S.A. and of the Argentine Federal Reserve for the high quality of the work done.

§Leadership and coaching of young professionals (“Y” generation) to put them into the proper condition for the market and Big Four demands.

§Responsible for driving the understanding of the new marketing model for fuel sells under the consignation modality in YPF S.A. (RED XXI Project), in order to develop and implement the administrative, operating and accounting procedures for such new marketing model.

§Working as an expatriate in Saint Charles – Chicago – USA, was my first opportunity of working abroad, giving me the chance of adapting myself to new manners, language, culture, that was really an enriching chance for my professional development, obtaining the recognition for the work done and it was my first opportunity to start building my international experience in World Class Companies and my professional network.

§Leadership of Andersen teams during Enron’s conflict and during Argentina’s 2001 crisis (that implied a reduction of a 10% in salaries), both situations occurred simultaneously and, demand from me a huge degree of ability to manage really demotivated teams, to coach and motivate them, with the goal of going beyond the difficulties adapting ourselves to the new context, without losing the focus on the quality of the final product of our work.