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I am a Junior Web Developer with experience in continuous improvement and operations management.

I am interested in developing web apps that can change and revolutionize the way we experience life. I am looking for a dynamic, innovative and supportive team where I can contribute and excel using my skills, personality and dynamism.

web development projects

Oct 2015Oct 2015


Sinatra, ActiveRecord, Ruby, google API, Bootstrap

Created Savebook Web App, where users can share their favourite books.
This is a SCRUD app developed in Sinatra framework, ActiveRecord(OMP) and Ruby programming language.
The app uses google books API allowing users to register their books by simply typing the isbn. The app will extract name, author, description, images related to the book from JSON objects.
A user can also find the location of a specific book. This is done by using google maps API by extracting the current location of the book and displaying distance and routes to pick up the book.

Reviews, book points, user points and much more in this app! This app was inspired by Facebook.
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Oct 2015Oct 2015

Rotten Mangos

Ruby on Rails, Activerecord

This is a Rest app where users can interact with other users by rating, commenting, voting and sharing their favourite movies. This is a basic SCRUD program where a user requests information OR can post his own comments. More than just posting information,  users share their point of view about the movies they love.

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Sep 2015Sep 2015

Where is The Food! 

Front-end, HTML, CSS and JavaScript 

This is a web app that focusses on Front-end practices. No use of framework (Bootstrap or Foundation). Pure CSS and HTML. This app uses JavaScript to make the website more interactive.   

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Jan 2013Jun 2013

Design life cycle of an Engine (Pratt And Whitney Canada)

Software simulation implementation (Arena Software Models)

Re distribute and organize the work load of designers by analyzing how projects are executed (Gathering data, personnel information and projects deadlines).
Implemented continuous improvement by analyzing the current state and propose future improvements to reduce the design lead time of a project.
Created a software simulation model to support the proposed improvements (Arena Simulation Software)
By optimizing of the number of designers in each project, the designing processing time was reduced successfully meeting the goals and the scope of the project.


Sep 2015Nov 2015

Junior Web Developer

Lighthouse Labs 

Learn fundamentals of object-oriented programming with Ruby while building command-line apps. Get comfortable with SQL and build an ORM adopting ActiveRecord to validate and associate data.
Build APIs servers using Sinatra and Rails. Build a Single Page Application (SPA) using modern JS tools like Grunt and Bower.
Fork and extend an Open Source Ruby or JavaScript project and potentially contribute back to it.
Build a web application from scratch.

Sep 2007Jan 2013

Industrial Engineer

Concordia University

Industrial engineers understand technical processes eliminating wastes of time, money, materials, energy, and other resources. Industrial engineers will work on plans and designs to find the optimal combination of productivity, quality and safety.


Pure Science Applied 

John Abbot College

Science Program is a balanced education which integrates both the basic components of a rigorous scientific and general education. It provides solid foundations of mathematics, physics and biology.

Work experience

Jul 2014Sep 2015

Production Supervisor

Prepac Mfg Ltd

Oversee all activities for a production shift of around 50 employees (unionized work environment). - Train, coach and motivate staff to ensure good morale and improved skills. Implement initiatives and projects aimed at improving quality, efficiency, reduced costs and safety. - Responsible for planning, coordinating work activities of an hourly workforce to ensure targeted production goals are met. - Supervise production operations to ensure compliance with safety regulations, quality standards, production standards and effective operations of equipment.

Jan 2013Jun 2013

Founder - Asproser -E-marketing

The main goal of  Asproser company was to promote diversifications of innovative products.

By offering incentive products Asproser acquired subscribers. These subscribers would agreed to receive weekly emails where I would offer other products related to their past purchases. Feedback was greatly encourage to keep track of the quality of the products and customers satisfaction.

By using resources such as,, Hostgator and Wordpress I was be able to start this e-marketing venture. I mainly worked with tracking traffic to the site,worked on front-end and keep track of sales and subscribers.

After I realized of how difficult it is to start an online company, I decided to continue my studies and in the future get more technical skills where I can contribute with bigger projects.


Bootstrap and Foundation

Ruby (OOP)


Ruby on Rails


Sinatra Framework

Working Under Pressure Skills 

Communications Skills 

Analytical Thinking  

Operations Management Experience