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Mathematics in Education

Educating educators is one of the keys to being able to improve students' achievement in mathematics in the United States. Research on the preparation of teachers to teach effectively to students, therefore, is critical for closing the achievement gap in the US. Dicky Ng is one of the researchers in mathematics education whose research interest is looking into how to more effectively prepare mathematics teachers. Graduated with a doctorate in Mathematics Education from Boston University, Dr. Ng's dissertation focused on Indonesian Elementary Teachers' Mathematical Knowledge for Teaching Geometry. His research interest on teacher's mathematical knowledge has led him to examine the issue from a cultural perspective, questioning whether the kind of mathematics content knowledge teachers from different cultures need may differ. This line of research has connected him to colleagues from other countries such as Ireland, Ghana, Norway, and Korea where they collaborated in research, presentations in professional conferences, and also publications in research journals.

Dr. Dicky Ng is also interested in looking at teachers' knowledge, ability, and disposition in using classroom discourse as a tool for promoting mathematical understanding. Specifically, Dr. Ng examines teacher educators' discourse moves in supporting pre-service elementary mathematics teachers' learning of mathematics for teaching.

Because of his expertise in teacher knowledge, mathematics assessment, and quantitative research method, Dr. Dicky Ng was invited by his highly distinguished colleagues in grant funded research projects. Dicky Nghas taken several roles in these large projects: Co-Principal Investigator, Program Evaluator, Mathematics Assessment Instrument Developer, and Curriculum Developer.

Dr. Dicky Ng also collaborated with his international colleagues examining mathematics curriculum materials from different countries to identify similarities and differences in how certain mathematical topics are introduced, sequenced, examples presented, and their levels of depth. Along with the curricular aspect, they also examine the impact or demand on the teachers' knowledge.

Dicky Ng is an active researcher and scholar in the field of mathematics education where his work extends to international collaboration to shed light on the learning and teaching of mathematics not only in the United States, but also globally.

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