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Work experience

Jul 2010Present

Managing Director

Envisage Group Inc

·Project managed including developing functional requirements and developed a financial model used in financial analysis of various divisions for a global organization that was using a number of different operating systems.This project resulted in a stream lined month end closing process and a quick profit analysis.

·Led a supply chain optimization project that included process improvements in various supply chain related process resulting in reduced inventory and increased throughput.

Feb 2006Jul 2010

Director, Practice Leader - Performance Improvement Group


·Created and managed a PMO that includes managing engagements in 15 countries for a US based leading global online travel company.This allowed the company to improve compliance in all countries and reduce costs by $1 million.

·Optimized inventory and improved working capital for an organization pinpointing millions of dollars of savings.This led to $2 million dollars reduction in inventory, carrying costs and relocation of the distribution and manufacturing centers that further reduced supply chain costs.

·Project managed including developing functional requirements and selecting an system within six months for a global firm with 28 manufacturing locations.This project resulted in a reduced number of operating systems down from seven down to one.

Feb 1999Jan 2006

Director, Operations and Risk Managment Consulting

American Express

·Created and led program management office that was responsible managing enterprise risk assessments focused on key business processes that included operational, market and financial risks for a $30 billion international global financial and credit card provider.

·Created project plan and assisted in creation of PMO that handled assessing risk for all key areas of a financial service organization while the division spun off into a stand-alone organization.

·Planned and implemented an integrated ERP and WMS solution including changing distribution layout, which improved the flow of product by 200% and improved communication from the initial customer contact to shipping the finished product.

·Performed a business assessment and improvement plan that included a cost analysis for an automotive manufacturing and distribution company, which helped them to reduce costs, improve their bottom line, properly price their product and increase market share by 20%.

·Transitioned a losing service into a profitable program through contract negotiations and improved services, which led to over 90% increase in rates and led to $2.3 million improvement to the bottom line.


Operations Director

Senior executive with full responsibility for operations, facilities and supply chain functions for an international manufacturing and distribution company serving the educational and toy industries. Responsible for change management of the company’s operations which included reorganization, closing outdated facilities, opening new facilities and leading two system implementations during a growth period.

  • Developed demand planning that incorporated product families, buying patterns and seasonality which led to a 200% increase in inventory turns on “A” items.
  • Led the planning and implementation of an integrated ERP and WMS solution for which improved the flow of product and information from the initial customer contact to shipping the finished product.The system solution included the complete supply chain: product development, advance planning, customer service (United States), manufacturing (China), and distribution (United States).

Vice President of Operations

Fort Wayne Plastics

Divisions of the company were sold and became Fort Wayne Plastics, Fort Wayne Pools and Master Spas

Introduced significant management changes to the OEM manufacturing and distribution corporation and responsible for operations and supply chain.

  • Planned start-up of manufacturing/distribution facilities, upgrading plant capabilities through changes in layout and equipment which led to a 200% increase in throughput and reduction of material movement by 50% for major product lines.Included in the plan were closing outdated facilities, opening new integrated manufacturing/distribution facilities to match changing business needs.
  • Organized and led internal supply teams that re-sourced major components for existing and new product lines leading to dramatic quality and delivery improvements.
  • Developed distribution programs for customers (home centers) that allowed the shipping of product from the factory directly to a consumer’s home, eliminating regional warehouses and leading to a 75% inventory reduction and improved customer service.

Director of Operations

Solar Corporation

Responsible for supply chain and operations for an OEM manufacturing company specializing in products for the consumer electronics and automotive industries.

  • Introduced strategic planning for the corporation that ultimately set the direction and led to a number of business improvements including alignment of organizational structure with business strategies.
  • Applied the theory of constraints and reengineering in focused factories that led to product cost improvements, improved response to changing customer demands, doubled plant throughput and reduced material movement by 50%.

Vice President of Manufacturing

ASAA Technologies

Company was sold to Lear Corporation.

Responsible for operations and supply chain in an automotive Tier One OEM manufacturer.Successfully held various prior supply chain and operation positions.

  • Improved business processes that led to improved customer response which drove growth in sales and introduced the company to “Just in Time” management techniques through a program that emphasized focused factories, zero inventory, elimination of waste, supplier certification and a “hands on” management style.This became the driving force for the business that led to increase in gross profits from 5.2% to 19.6% and operating income from 0% to 8.2%.Lead time to customers went from 5 days to less than 1 day and inventory turns increased to over 20.





Change Management
Business Consulting
General Management
Supply Chain Management
Operations Management


Driven executive with years of results in operations and risk management in financial service industry that can offer your company quick improvement with proven methods.Skilled at turning around underperforming organizations by and guiding companies through operational and supply chain challenges that they face.

Areas of Expertise

  • Strategic/Business Planning
  • P&L Management
  • Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • General/Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Systems Selection and Implementation
Continuous Improvement Practices (Lean Techniques, Business Process Improvement)

Key Competencies

Operational Assessment and Improvement

Change Management

Project Management

Lean Manufacturing

Supply Chain Management

Business Process Improvement

Cost Management

Operation Start-ups