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 A vastly skilled  a employee  looking to return to work after taking some time away from career to stay at home with my three children and four grand-children.  My skills and abilities can't be all listed but, some include interpersonal communication, multitasking abilities, dependability and prioritizing. These skills have been reinforced throughout my lifetime with interactions among fellow officers, citizens, children, doctors, school teachers, students, or other parents. 

Work experience

May 2000May 2002

South Carolina Highway Patrol Officer

South Carolina Department of Public Safety

As member of the 3% female demographic as a SCHP officer, I was responsible for investigating and disposing of car accidents, debris, dead animals and other impediments to the free flow of traffic. Impediments in the flow of traffic generally include the writing of warnings or ticket citations. Additionally, as a SCHP officer you're often the first government official at the scene of an accident and in turn may summon the EMS or Fire Department.

Jun 2002Feb 2008

Seamstress Supervisor


Designed and created seat covers with solid craftsmanship for Bentley Pontoon boats.



Associate's in Criminology and Forensic Technology w/ Honors

ITT Technical Institute- School of Criminal Justice

The Criminology and Forensic Technology field includes a wide range of processes to prevent and control crime. These professionals work both in the public eye and behind the scenes, in private companies, including workplace security firms, safety firms and security patrol firms; local law enforcement, including sheriffs' departments and juvenile justice centers.


Associate's in Social Science in Computers

University of South Carolina- Rutledge College

A Social Science discipline that focuses on instructional and research applications of computing, as well as societal impacts of information technology.


Dec 2015

OSHA Hazard Recognition Training for the Construction Industry Course

OSHA Education Center and American Safety Council Inc.

Recognition course that covers OSHA policies, standards and requirements, including safety and health principles for the construction industry. This certification also emphasis on hazard identification, avoidance, control and prevention. 



The ability to lead effectively is based on a number of key skills and to motivate, enthuse and foster respect among others


Timeliness work that is highly productive with attention to detail that doesn't require supervision.


The ability to arrange work in an order of priority and deal with something according to its importance.


The ability to work well within a team and be able to communicate effectively with colleagues, customers and clients.


The ability to perform multiple task or activities simultaneously. 

Problem Solving Abilities

Can solve any assignment or task using multiple available resources while still being able to "think outside the box."


The ability to convey information to another effectively and efficiently.