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A native of Orinda, California, Dianna Bonny received a Bachelor of Science in Social Sciences from the University of California, Berkeley in 1985. During her time as an undergraduate student, Bonny held responsibilities as Treasurer of the Delta Gamma sorority for two years. After graduating, she spent time traveling through Europe before returning to the United States and settling in the North County area of San Diego. During an interval in London, Dianna Bonny worked as a writer and research assistant for Euromoney Magazine, a periodical devoted to analysis of companies in the mainstream capital markets. In this role, Bonny organized benchmark polls to rate the prominent institutions in international investment, foreign exchange, and treasury markets. An active participant in community service projects and organizations, Dianna Bonny started working as a candy striper with Children’s Hospital at the age of 13. Many years later, she joined the North Coast Auxiliary Unit of the Hospital in San Diego, where she served as President.

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