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Dedicated individual with a passion for the field of recreation & a long-standing and diverse experience throughout multiple departments in the recreation field. Outstanding organizational and multitasking skills; fast learner with a strong ability to work independently. Committed to providing superior services to all individuals by continuing to develop as a recreation employee. Dedicated to providing a positive, trusting, and respectful atmosphere for all in the recreation community. 

Work History

University of Denver Ritchie Center

July 2016June 2017

Ritchie Center Facilities Intern

  • Facility supervision and management of a 440,000 square foot recreation facility.
  • Conduct safety inspections of three athletic fields, tennis courts, basketball gymnasium, Olympic size pool, and two hockey arenas. 
  • Supervise employees & manage day to day tasks within several departments of the Ritchie Center. 
  • Attend weekly/monthly department meetings with department directors & managers to address issues within the Ritchie Center and develop solutions. 
  • Create training manuals for new and current employees that describe step-by-step procedures of daily operations such as membership transactions, scheduling reservations, troubleshooting membership information, and etc. 
  • Assist in the interviewing, hiring, training, and scheduling of front desk service associates. 
  • Serve as the point of contact for questions within memberships, inventory, locker rentals, and facility scheduling. 
  • Handle  transactions including membership sales, training sessions, daily passes, apparel, and food/beverage sales.
  • Complete facility shift reports, counts, work orders, and incident/accident reports.
  • Collaborate with the Director of Fitness and Aquatics in reaching target goal of 1000 new membership sales. 
  • Stay updated on all membership promotions and serve as a extension of the Director of Fitness and Aquatics and Facilities Coordinator in processing membership sales, personal training sales, and activity programming sales. 

Joy Burns Arena Front Desk Associate 

  • Process daily visit passes such as public skate, stick & puck, and drop-in hockey. 
  • Properly check-in patrons and assist in providing correct locker room information and location of hockey programming. 
  • Complete daily tasks such as safety checks, drawer counts, and uphold all policies of Joy Burns & Magness Arena. 

Weight Room Attendant

  • Uphold all polices within Coors Fitness Center such as proper attire & safety regulations. 
  • Clean and provide minor maintenance to facility equipment.

University of Denver Ritchie Center

Nov 2016January 2017

Joy Burns Arena Intern Coordinator

  • Assist in the interim absence of the Director of Joy Burns Arena.
  • Directly manage approximately 20 employees including front desk associates & skate-guard employees. 
  • Create and oversee monthly staff schedules using SubItUp scheduling software. 
  • Maintain reports of daily tasks completed by front desk associates. 
  • Organize staff personnel files and assist with the recruiting, hiring, training, scheduling and  payroll approvals of employees. 
  • Create monthly public programming schedules & weekly parking lot schedules.
  • Maintain and uphold the standards set forth in the departmental handbook. 
  • Attend weekly meetings with Associate Director of Internal Operations and address issues regarding Joy Burns Arena facility and programming. 

Associated Students, Inc.-Cal State Fullerton

Jan 2016June 2016

Clerical Assistant, Business Operations Services

  • Assisted Memberships Coordinator in supervisory tasks for 26 employees.
  • Scheduled recreation services desk & front desk employees. 
  • Scheduled all monthly staff meetings for front desk/membership desk/ & business operations team.
  • Oversaw communications log for front desk & membership services staff & addressed any questions or concerns staff mentioned. 
  • Developed & presented training presentations for front desk & membership services staff.
  • Managed all inventory at front desk,membership services, & business offices. 
  • Kept weekly & monthly inventory reports for annual budgeting.
  • Audited all program registration & waiver forms and placed accounts on hold when discrepancies were present. 
  • Updated all program registration forms based on future semester offerings. 
  • Logged & audited all daily guest & visitor passes.
  • Sent daily online sale reports to account department & checked Titan Recreation financial banking statements.
  • Created check requests and cross-referenced with monthly reports.
  • Provided excellent customer service to guests (in-person and phone calls).
  • Collaborated with other departments regarding programs and memberships offered.

Associated Students, Inc.-Cal State Fullerton

Aug 2015Dec 2015

Clerical Assistant, Facility Reservations Services 

  • Managed facility reservations and logistics coordination for scheduled users of the Titan Recreation facilities.
  • Fully managed all incoming and ongoing facility reservations at the Student Recreation Center in terms of bookings, intake meetings, payments processes, insurance certifications, staffing, and directing.
  • Reviewed and approved booking requests within the Student Recreation Center. 
  • Individually met with student and non-student clientele to discuss reservation requests.
  • Provided staffing and equipment through collaboration with other departments.
  • Point of contact regarding all events hosted at the Student Recreation Center. 

Associated Students, Inc.-Cal State Fullerton

Jun 2015Aug 2015

Clerical Assistant, Learn to Swim Summer Program

  • Managed all applications and waivers for learn to swim summer participants.
  • Effectively filed and archived payment information/applications/waivers.
  • Managed on-deck promotions and demotions for children.
  • Effectively communicated with aquatics director and swim instructors.
  • Point of contact for all administration questions for learn to swim summer program. 

Associated Students, Inc.-Cal State Fullerton

Jan 2015Aug 2015

Student Recreation Building Manager

  • Represented the professional staff in their absence and in so doing, operated with the full authority of a full time staff member
  • Completed visual inspections of facility, equipment, and personnel.
  • Took immediate corrective action when appropriate within the recreation facility.
  • Conducted safety audits of facility, equipment and personnel.
  • Remained alert to building security including offices, unlocked doors, computer hardware, weight rooms, pool, and other high risk areas as well as perimeter security including mechanical rooms, gates, etc.
  • Executed opening and closing procedures for the facility, including but not limited to reporting any security or maintenance issues to the proper department. 
  • Executed emergency procedures when necessary.

Associated Students, Inc.-Cal State Fullerton

Apr 2013Dec 2014

Cardio/Weight Room Facility Attendant

  • Monitored the activities of the patrons in both the free weight area and cardio floor; provided First Aid as needed to those who may be showing signs of physical distress.
  • Educated patrons regarding exercise room policies(such as appropriate clothing and footwear, bag storage, workout etiquette, etc) and enforced said policies.
  • Maintained the cleanliness and integrity of all exercise equipment in the weight room and cardio floor area, including re-racking weights.
  • Educated patrons regarding accepted standards for cardiovascular conditioning, resistance training, proper equipment use, and safe lifting techniques per patron request.
  • Interacted with patrons and provided excellent customer service at the Student Recreation Center's weight room and cardio floor.

Volunteer Experience 

Girls on the Run

Jan 2016May 2016

Head Coach - Orange County 

  • Understand, believe, and exhibit characteristics in line with the mission of the organization.
  • Attended program session twice a week on a consistent basis.
  • Adhered to program curriculum.
  • Organized, supervised, and implemented the weekly lessons, twice weekly.
  • Coached the girls on proper stretching, running form, hydration and sports nutrition.
  • Served as a role model and mentor to the girls by being on time, organized, listening attentively, having a positive demeanor and outlook, and leading a healthy lifestyle.
  • Mediated disputes among participants in a prompt and respectful manner.

Latino Health Access 

Jan 2015May 2015

Healthy Weight Intern

  • Prepared materials for fitness and nutrition classes.
  • Supported promoter in outreach opportunities  and community activities.
  • Connected with children and parents during fitness and nutritional classes.
  • Filed data, made copies, created folders, created booklet, entered data in excel, and helped organize the data office.

 Cal State Fullerton Athletics  

Aug 2012May 2013

Team Manager- NCAA Division I Softball

  • Right View Pro Analysis Coordinator. 
  • Oversaw Cal State Fullerton's Softball's RVP video analysis system.
  • Collected game-day or practice video footage and extracted to coaches and athletes.
  • Organized team scouting sessions & team video analysis sessions.
  • Communicated with head and assistant coaches for specific requests.
  • Demonstrated a passionate work ethic with all coaches and athletes.


Cal State University, Fullerton

Aug 2012May 2016

Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology

Concentration in Fitness & Health Promotion 

Minor: Business Administration

Mount San Antonio College

Aug 2009Jun 2012

Associate of Arts in Kinesiology & Wellness 


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